Compact Oort Shard Blocks

I was wondering if we could get the option to compact Oort Shards as we do Coal. That could really help with portal fuel. We could even keep it the same number, 360, to mass craft 50 in the compactor.


Suggested a few times, this would be a massive QoL improvement for large portals.


Looks like its coming.

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+1 ten charactaers

Hopefully it comes. I would be encouraged to make larger portals if it does.

I dont think we need it. Easier solution would be just adding oort slots to portal.

Hey thats not fair!

Im using all my alts to +1 as well! :wink:

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Nine of them?

Compact oortstone makes more sense…

Yes or change oort to have 900 per stack like it is with stones etc

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I’m pretty sure every state of oort is stackable to 900…


Lol ye it is sry my bad hahah

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But if we have compact Oort we would increase the portal time immensely per block. Thus, saving us time by not having to harvest for Oort often. And then there are the portal hubs who use like 6000 Oort a day.


Among other oort goodies (tools, bombs, deco block, refined, and chisel) it’s “compact oortstone” is in the game files. Doesn’t really mean much though. Think these have been in here for a good long while.

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Back when Boundless was called Oort Online, Oort used to be an ore to mine.

Maybe instead of compacting we refine it in the refinery for a more powerful shard

Fuzzy, do you have a mud farm on Alder? Someone named Fuzzy is connected inside my claimed area. If it is you could you please move. I can’t build.

My character is named Vyla. My settlement is called Kasai & Kori.

This would be a huge QoL improvement. Suggested many times.

This would be awesome, not only would it increase the demand for oort. It would also promote more portals to other places at the same time while making the existing portal network much more robust and less maintenance intensive

“I can’t build”. Hmm… there was nothing there when I plotted it (so not inside your claimed area) and there is still nothing there now.

For the record, I though I was building next to a protection barrier since there is another settlement nearby. I didn’t realize that you plotted like a 20x20 (or something massive like that) perimeter. Just because you plot a giant box doesn’t mean you’re reserving all the plots inside ;). Since you filled/plotted it in now, strictly speaking that could be perceived as boxing me in on all sides.

Anyway, no harm as I’ve removed it (and I was happy to accommodate). I just get annoyed at people’s sense of entitlement. But the thing that really gets me going is trying to use some type of public shaming on the forums. A PM would have been the better route to ask me.