Hello my fellow Oortians!!

Got a concrete shop going on in Gyosha Mall (27 Avenue A). I didn’t really advertise it before but decided to take a shot at doing so to see where this project goes. I have about 148 different colors which include but limited (while color lasts) Exo exclusive colors. Pricing I believe is in fare range from 20c to 25c for perm and exo colors, 40c for white concrete… more colors will come as soon as I can get to it. Note: I don’t have huge amounts of each color since I do not know which will sell and which will not. I am trying out with about 1500pcs of each color then will increase the amount as they sell.

Even if not buying feel free to come check out the layout… Stay Safe my fellow Oortians :slight_smile:


Nice, I’ll pop by, later! :slight_smile:

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Just added 3 more colors to the list… Now I have just over 150 colors available…

Oxide Blue 20c
Night Green 20c
Weary Teal 20c

Happy building my fellow oortians!! :smiley:


we need vex banners and the concorp logo in here :pleading_face:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

maybe shopping here in the future. Not only does it look awesome but it’s a well-made functional build. Neat

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Freshly added the following colors of concrete to Con-Corp bringing the color selection to 159 colors

Bright Tan 20c
Ashen Turquoise 20c
Cool Violet 20c
Warm Cherry 20c
Weary Violet 20c
Dark Turquoise 20c
Silk Turquoise 20c
Warm Moss 20c

More to come in the near future… Happy building my fellow oortians!!

Edit: I’m not as fast to get certain colors but that is because I’m trying to get all the concrete made from sand to keep the cost down to 20c :slight_smile: cheaper building materials means more amazing builds from all of you!! :blush:

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IF I could add that logo to a sign it would sooo be in my shop @Lunai2 :blush:

Perhaps try Text Art. Use dots to make the concorp sign (or simply the vex banner)

@Lunai2 I may need to try it one when I have more time… :slight_smile:

wonder if I can get that bowtie in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Color Update:

Just added the following colors to Con-Corp!!

Rust Blue 20c
Yellow 20c
Cool Red 20c

Happy Building!!! :smiley:


Color Update:

Total of 181 colors to choose from!!!

Newest Editions…

Dark Orange 20c
Silk Mint 20c
Warm Orange 20c
Silk Cobalt 25c
Night Orange 25c
Silk Teal 25c
Warm Viridian 25c
Silk Lilac 25c
Warm Moss 25c
Hot Moss 25c
Silk Cerulean 25c
Dark Violet 25c
Dark Blue 25c
Luminous Slate 25c

Note: If a larger amount of a certain color is needed please feel free to PM me and I will get that order taken care of :slight_smile:

Happy Building… I want to see more build screenshots!!!


Am I the only one who’s sad he doesn’t have an inaccessible full shop stand at 1c with a sign “Welcome to Con-Corp. You’ve been conned!”

I don’t need a sign saying “Welcome to Con-Corp” since all know I always welcome all with open Oortian arms… sign or no sign… :blush:


You are an Oortian? I thought they all dissappeared before we arrived and the only left is the tech drops in the rock.

Edit: Men In Black theme song plays


Color Update:

Total of 183 colors to choose from!!!

Newest Editions

Hot Orange 20c
Light Lilac 25c

Happy Building my fellow Oortians!!! :smiley:

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Con-Corp Color Update:

Now with 195 colors to choose from for your creative ideas!!!

Newest Editions:

Cool Slate 25c
Cold Berry 25c
Light Turquoise 25c
Cool Grey 25c
Warm Blue 25c
Stale Cerulean 25c
Luminous Tan 25c
Crisp Lime 25c
Light Viridian 25c
Luminous Red 25c
Pale Cerulean 25c
Rust Violet 25c

Lets see what you Oortians can create with these new colors!!!

Note: Portal to Gyosha Mall is now located in the new Mall Portal section in the TNT Hub…

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Con-Corp Color Update Part 2:

Now with 197 colors to choose from for your creative ideas!!!

Newest Editions:

Bright Blue 25c
Shadow Yellow 20c

Forgot I had these two colors being nuked into concrete…

Happy building my fellow Oortians!!!


Con-Corp Small Color Update:

199 Colors to choose from!!!

Vivid Blue 25c
Bright Cerulean 25c

Big THANK YOU to @HOST for these two!! :smiley:


Con-Corp Small Color Update:

Just hit the 200 color mark with this fine color!!!

Shadow Fuchsia 25c

Let your imagination come alive with the 200 colors available!! :slight_smile:


Con-Corp Color Update:

Now serving 205 colors!!!

Latest Editions…

Shadow Red 25c!! (Exo exclusive color)
Stale Lilac 25c
Warm Violet 25c
Vivid Fuchsia 25c
Deep Mustard 20c


Guess someone REALLY wanted that Shadow Red… it’s GONE!!.. will need to make more :stuck_out_tongue: