Constant Connection time outs on Ropagitta



I am mostly posting this as feedback as I won’t have any time for the remainder for this EXO World’s duration to even get on it cause of work.

This is a US East server. I can’t even connect to it and I am in the same region of the US as it. Tried warping to friend, tried warp conduit, tried warp augment.

Nothing works.

I don’t know if others have had this problem but I was planning on doing some mining on the world on my day off (the 12th) and can’t. I won’t have another opportunity to really play until later this week and that’s after the world de-spawns.

I burned 3400c from using the warp conduit attempt too. The part that irritates me is I completely am losing out on the opportunity to even go to the world in the first place.

Could I at least get my coin back? Would be nice since I dropped coin on new hammers just to mine on those T7 Exo worlds.



I tried connecting to Milaerega as well and I get the same thing. Timeout on the connection.

I really would like to know what in the world is going on. Last wave of exo worlds I was able to connect to but this wave I am not.


It’s possible we will have more in the next update.

This is only one issue, hopefully a minor one. But the more dev time they spend, and the more steps the software has to go through to do basic things, the less performance and improvements we can see at the front end.


Hopefully it is a minor one that can be fixed easily. But if there are players who can’t even connect to them then it needs to be looked at.

Pretty irritating that I can’t even enjoy an entire piece of content during this wave of exo world spawns.


I’ve checked the server metrics and everything is running fine. The Exoworlds are not under any significant load.

The servers are running fine and I can connect to them ok.

(You’re not going to like this, but) this would suggest that the congestion or issue is somewhere between your PC / PS4 and the servers.

Are there some worlds you can play on ok? If so, where do you get good performance, and where do you get bad performance?

This has nothing to do with the performance of connections to the game servers.

~tl;dr~ the client has a high performance connection to the current game server which sends the player’s inputs. This is the only time critical data. You need the tell the server what you’re doing. The server will then respond with what everyone else is doing and validate the clients predictions. The APIs that have been protected here are completely different and are not even on the game servers. These APIs are on the Universe / Discovery server and are for a range of universe related queries.


Is there any time line where you guys move off of amazon servers or is that going to be for the life of Boundless?

Or is that a secondary goal you are trying to prove out with Boundless, having this sort of information travel on AWS like you do? To my knowledge there aren’t many(any? Outside of mobile type) games that do this.

I only ask because it always seems to be the problem at the end of the day, the way the info gets routed to these servers, which seems to change given the day.


I have to be honest it’s obvious my ISP is giving me low QoS and I blame a lot of issues on that. I keep discord open most of the time now and some other apps and so it’s clear to me (several apps lagging out or losing connection at once) that a lot of my issues aren’t boundless-specific.

Thanks James the clarification is great. I have some questions but it’s really not important and security can only be discussed so much, I’m sure.

I do wonder if you guys have considered creating some web API’s, REST or websocket type, and allowing those with a range of development skills to create add-ons,tools, or sites that add value or extend the boundless experience?

In any case, thanks again for clarifying what type of data/connection you guys are securing at this time. One less thing to wonder about :slight_smile:

EDIT: After thinking about this,it’s a (possible) move in that direction. I don’t dissect the app at all but it doesn’t seem like this is a major barrier to someone that has already supplanted the application security, as it can just pass along whatever token or key the app is using.


James. I can play on any of the other 50 worlds just fine. I just can’t connect to these exo worlds.


Yes we have thought about this extensively.

The game servers and universe/discovery servers already do offer HTTP and websocket (and UDP) APIs. This is exactly how all the clients talk to the game.

But these servers can’t be queried by non-blessed external applications. These servers are simulating the game. We can’t allow them to respond to any 3rd party requests without risking the performance-stability of the game.

If we published a 3rd party API it would need to be against a different set of services that were disconnected from the realtime simulation. We’d love to do this. And have plans and designs in place. But the development priority remains gameplay for now.



It’s basically a tech-security arms race. As the clients ultimately need to learn about the state of the worlds and universe it can never be perfectly secure.

There are more aggressive counter measure that can be implemented.


Then we should attempt to determine why not. Because from a server perspective there is nothing special about them.

  1. As you’re on PC, could you share screenshots of your Latency Graph when you’re on a normal US East world? And when you’re on the US East Exoworld?

  2. Likewise the Latency Histogram on a normal US East world versus an Exoworld?

  3. What do you have your Chunk Download Limit set to? Please try setting this to “Min”. It will make the worlds load more slowly but will make sure we’re not saturating your connection.


Are you running the shop scanner client? Make sure you aren’t



Compared to what we have I don’t think anyone would mind if shopstand and basket data was on a cache or mirror DB refreshing every XX minutes.

The same for prestige/settlement data and even resource information (just what’s available in the ‘worlds’ tab).

Location services might be slightly more time sensitive but it would be nice if a player could select a setting allowing this to be revealed or not revealed publicly.

I’m not sure what other data people are using (besides block locations) but I would love to see this sort of thing develop.


First of all. I don’t have any latency histogram to show you since I can’t get on a exo world at all.

I honestly don’t really know what you’re asking for here James. Here’s a screenshot of what I think you’re asking for.

The latency isn’t much different when I am running the Shop Scanner mod either.

EDIT: I’ll be honest too… by the time this is troubleshot, I most likely won’t have the time to even get on those worlds to begin with. Even if I am able to get on them they are already picked clean of the stuff I want. So what’s the point of going to them then?


You still can get resource son them, might be Rift a bit harder to get right now. And like Fallon said are you playing boundless using the shop scanner, because Exoworlds servers aren’t set in it ?


That makes absolutely no sense. Last wave of exo worlds I ran the shop scanner while running around on them getting blink. So I extremely doubt that’s the cause of it.


That’s great - can you please expand the Latency Histogram and the Chunk Data sections.

Also confirm the Chunk Download Limit.


James I don’t know where the chuck download limit is… but here’s a couple more screenshots.


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The exoplanets aren’t added to the list of hosts in the host file edit process, so I actually doubt you ran the client properly and still accessed an exo last round. Can you verify if you are or are not running the scanner client?