Constant Connection time outs on Ropagitta


I am not running it right now. All the screenshots I’ve provided to James in this thread are with the scammer disabled and closed out completely. I did that the moment you mentioned not running it.


@james @Fallon So I tried for the first time after disabling that shop scanner thing that Simyod and someone else made. Turns out I can now get to Ropagitta…

Since it was updated recently, I think it was conflicting with connecting to exo worlds. I don’t really understand that since I am not a programmer. At least now I can get to them and at least attempt to get a little bit of exo resources.


It’s actually published that this will cause you to be unable to connect to the exoplanets.


I don’t remember seeing that anywhere.


I was going to edit this in but since you responded already:


I do want to thank everyone for the help. Means a lot.


We don’t have any plans to move off AWS.

Epic uses AWS for Fortnite:

There can be client-server routing issues. But I don’t think these are within AWS’s infrastructure. The reason it stands out more with Boundless is that you’re genuinely connecting to geo-graphically remote servers. The majority of online games will always connect you to local servers to minimise the potential for Internet weather. But with Boundless we connect you to servers all over the world, which is required to have a single sandbox that everyone plays in together.

I also think there is a certain amount of false-positive-validation going on here. One player posts that they’re having connection issues, another person says “me too”, and the conclusion is that everyone is having issues, hence it must be the servers. But this is rarely so. When the servers have issues, we report it and we fix the issues.


I don’t think it’s a large problem that goes on, it just seems to be a certain subset of population that routinely has connection errors. I don’t see it as positive validation, just a group looking for answers as the problem is intermittent but I can see how it could appear as false positives. I don’t have the issues on the PC that I have on the PS4 though those issues are no where as common as they used to be with the progress the team has made on that end. No way to test latency on the PS4 either that I know of?

Didn’t know about the fortnite setup, thanks for pointing that out. I played it back when it was a tower defense game way back, not this battle royals thing.

Thanks for responding. I just know the PS4 suffers a lot more connection problems, at least on my end than the PC does and I even have the PS4 hard wired now and a second one on WiFi. The issues are the same regardless of connection.

The more we post about the PS4 issues the more you guys seem to be able to fix certain problems. I’m not the best at getting specifics on the PS4. I just know when there’s a problem, so I’m going to ask questions if it looks like a pattern and then you guys can ignore saying Jesus that dude’s craZy or respond with hey there might be something to this. End of the day all I’m trying to do is share information, it’s up to y’all to determine if it’s relevant to a problem.


Sorry about this guys :frowning: I have a plan to get the scanner to support exo worlds, should be in later this week.

Also, the solution for laggy connections is below (in my opinion). I think there are many ways AWS can be used. I wonder if fortnite’s usage patters are similar to boundless.