Craftable armor

Still looking forward to craftable armor in this game. Uhg why is there no word on when it’s coming since clearly the polls show people want it.

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I really am just asking, did the developers ever mention craftable armor? I know it is something a lot of players have asked about and want, but I cannot find or recall a developer mentioning it. Maybe some concept artwork?


There is also this too.


I knew there had to be something.

If the armor in this game turns out to be just cosmetic I will host a giant drop party then quit the game.

I guess since the furniture is just a prop and cannot be used that is an unfortunate possibility.

Yea I’m thinking that it Might be a possibility and I’m just wasting my time playing this game but I won’t know till I know.

Well one would hope we eventually get armor because if we are eventually going to be Titan fights and stuff then I bet the shielding skills and food won’t be enough haha.