Crafting Crash Bug


Every time I click on titanium bombs in the workbench the game crashes.
Odd that it’s very specific to that item. other things work fine

Titanium hammer recipe causes game crash

Maybe they are blowing up??? kidding

that is odd


I have a similar bug, but for gem tools. Very frustrating.


Did you all submit crash dumps upon reloading the game?


I can do those okay but the titanium hammer, shovel or axe will crash me every single time.


Yes, several times


Thanks, we’ll take a look at them.


Seems to come from The 3 Bottom Epic skills that reduces Spark Cost. when id o not used them i can craft my weapons, if id o it crashes and shows on the workbench that i cant craft them even if i have the materials needed. It might be due to the fact that power coils now reduces spark cost too.


Happens to me when clicking on Raw Teaching Pie recipe as well.

Note: I have tried (remembering the beta furnace issues) dismantling and replacing the Mixer. Still happens. :frowning:


Confirming this. I unlearned the Efficiency Epic, and I can now open the recipe without crashing.

Mixer/Crafting Crashes

Confirming aswell. Everytime I try to click on a titanium tool with the tool crafting epic my game just crashes on PS4. I sent the report, not sure if that goes straight to Sony though instead of the devs.