Crafting Items 'n Stats

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this post is an extension to this Post. You may want to skim over it at first.

As we talked about Items and Stats i mentioned it would be good if every Tier has it’s unique stats. In this way no material will lose it’s value in the end-game because, if you like to have soome specific stats, you need to use this material (it can’t be 100% replaced by an other or only with other side-effects).

Let me show you an example of a “one-handed-sword”.

if you craft the “one-handed-sword” you see, that every Tier has it’s unique stat at the “epic” stage. You can also see, the higher the tier and the meterial quality / stage is, the more rune slots you gain (black squares). Also runes have the unique stats as “epic” like shown in the next example (i’ve ommited a few values …).

So if you like too have Mana-Regeneration + Life-Steal you need to craft a Mythrilium-One-Handed-Sword and equip it with a “epic-copper-rune”. In this example, demanding on your personal game-play, every Tier is used for some sort of weapon, rune or helpfull item (even in the end-game).

this could prevent the econemy from becoming totally fissured in high-price and low-price materials (like seen in guild wars 2 befor ascened items).

what do you guys think about it ?


I think they scale to much up but else it is a cool idea.

Numbers are only placeholders :smiley: in the end the devs need to balance this.

It sounds good and I know what you mean but isn’t an oortium sword strictly better than a copper sword?

I think it would also be good if increased durability was a factor for better quality materials.

So if you use better quality materials, you are able to make a more durable item. It would take longer to deteriorate (or offer better protection if armour), but will inevitably cost more in either materials or currency (if that will be a thing) to repair it.


Just an FYI for this conversation:

Meaning that some things probably will give better abilities.

I’m guessing “better” here is going to be more subjective, or at least that’s the aim. Instead of objective like weapon damage boosts or enhancing other player stats like in @Heurazio’s mockup.

This doesnt involve weapons though, they kinda has to get better, or atleast i’d think so.

I’m sure there are ways to make wearables unique, but still progressive (albeit with more work for the devs) - for example, just mix with different gleam colours when crafting to get a more unique colour scheme and have various patterns which grant the same stats but look wildly different. Each culture or race would have it’s own unique way of crafting both weapon and wearables anyway surely…

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I wanted to show a possibility how materials keep there value in the end-game (long run) and not that there are diffrent tiers of items. that was only an example … but thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I like it,it looks really good.

Which I definitely appreciate. Like I wrote in the thread I linked from, I am really interested to see how they’ll handle an “end-game” with the whole all-wearables-are-equal thing.

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I don’t know… I like the specific effects for material combos, and the variance it gives weapons/wearables etc. It also would lend itself to relatively easy implementation.

However, the “material quality” used in this way seems arbitrary. I rather like @Havok40k’s [idea of recipe effects][1] instead, though I think material quality may also add a nice flavour if used differently.

I also think a skill system is more beneficial to fighting: damage, agility, power. The weapon may give certain attributes: flame damage, sharpness, life steal, but again I think it arbitrary to put the increased damage in the weapon. “the most effective weapon is the hand” (that wields it). Even Excalibur in the hands of a child is just a long sharp knife; but in the hands of a trained warrior…

I think it is a mistake to invest so much of the “fight” in the weapon rather than the character.

Though I haven’t thought through how any of this would fit in with “End Game”… Not even certain how “end-game” fits into an open-world MMO.

EDIT: Figured out how to add a link to Havok’s post for reference.
[1]: Sandbox Crafting Concept