CRAZY IDEA : Blueprint System or Moving Box

That’s a pretty great suggestion!

< cough > in CV, you can blueprint something and ‘buy’ the blueprint with the equivalent of cubits to get the blocks of the blueprint in a crate that you can only remove things from.

It could be neat to have something similar in Boundless, but you can press a button to “pack beacon in box”. Would require a “u sure, tho, dude?” promp-message after.


Are there any size limits on the blueprints in CV?

Looks like the maximum size if 63x63x63. So there isn’t an obvious translation to simply blueprint a beacon which can be any size. The clear issue is that the size in Boundless could be unlimited.

Does the CV blueprint also include all of the storage, machines, entities, etc - or just the building itself?

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How about a tool (like the beacon plotter) for Boundless that let’s you select 2 plots in a beacon and the cube between these 2 plots (inclusive) gets blueprinted.
That would allow you to move only parts of your build or chop up bigger builds.


Indeed, but you could make a system that allows the player to select plots one by one as long as they’re all touching, up to a maximum number of, say, 10? 20? Whatever the game can handle.
Then, worst case scenario, it’s a puzzle game. < shrug >

In CV, Blueprints do not include the content of chests and storage, but you do have ‘showcase’ blocks on which you can, well, expose items like weapons and blocks. For those, the blueprint will save a ‘ghost’ version of the items in display. As soon as you remove the ghost items of the showcase’s storage, they’re gone, you won’t find them in your inventory or anything. This would of course not apply to Boundless as the game doesn’t really have a similar feature (sadly, the shop stands are the closest thing we have), but I mention it just in case.
Also, yes, CV Blueprints include machines (but not the things that might have been left inside them).

CV Blueprints also includes a system that allows you (when selecting a blueprint that you’d like to buy the block-kit with in-game coins) to swap some blocks on the fly. Let’s say you wanna get the blueprint of that stone temple, you can replace all these stone blocks by metal blocks, and turn it into a metal temple.
This is relevant because in CV, you still have to build the blueprint (but the guidance system will automaticaly deal with the block rotations), it’s still not an instant copy. Although, they have a system they call the ‘Burst fill’ to quickly build blueprints (basically, AoE block placing), it might still take time for the biggest blueprints to be built.
Here’s some random Youtube video to show the process:

Blueprints allowed me on CV to build some super awesome builds. I’d be looking forward to expanding my Raxxian Sanctuary with that kind of thing.
Question is, how could blueprints work with PS4, which doesn’t have Steam, last I checked.


Steam is a store where you can buy digital content, good thing there’s such a thing as PSN store on PS4 that does the same :wink:

Then again I don’t think the blueprints for CV are normal digital content so there has to be made something for Boundless that does work on both platforms. The game already has an in-game store of sorts so it should just be expanded upon I suppose in order to support this…

What I meant is that the blueprints are available via the Steam Workshop. The whole uploading and sharing process is dealt by the Steam integration. I don’t thing the PSN has something similar to share mods (like, say, for a game like Skyrim). In CV, it has a UI in-game to facilitate the process and see previews of the builds.

Nope, there’s not such a thing on PSN. Therefor the devs need to create something themselves.

What I would prefer tho is that a blueprint is an in-game item that you can sell/buy with a shopstand and that then in the game there’s a preview mode…

Then there’s no need to add a user interface and it allows it to be just another item to be sold by people.

Only thing that needs adding UI wise is the preview…


That is the conclusion I also came to, yes.

Hadn’t thought about the possibility to sell builds, but that sounds actually really REALLY REALLY awesome and I want that in my life right now because I’d sell some neat things oh boy oh boy oh boy I’m drooling.

< Gob breathes in slowly, then out >

What were we saying?


And if the blueprint seller also sells blocks… Heck perhaps the blueprint item can contain the blocks themselves already too!

So you can sell 2 types, one just the blueprint, the other is the blueprint with ALL the blocks needed…

Or like CV, you sell the blueprint and the buyer can pay with cubits to get the blocks needed, and the cubits goes to the seller? Something like that? That way, incentive to buy cubits in the store, which ends-up helping Wonderstruck.
Just throwing that out there.

Hmm, not sure how I feel about that.

Say I’m a crappy builder but still love to build a lot (actually this is me, lol) then people surely would not want to buy any blueprint of mine which means I can’t earn extra, free, cubits that the great builders can get.

Not sure I would like that idea very much…

Unless there are plenty of other ways to get paid in cubits. Say I sell my forged tools for cubits?

So either it’s gonna be coin for the blocks too OR there should be more ways to get paid in cubits not just by being a good builder…

(or, of course, the cubits do not go to a player AT ALL)

Yeah, my message is confusing, sorry, I should’ve removed that “and the cubits goes to the seller” part.

My final thought was more along the lines of this :
• You buy the blueprint for coins, which goes to the seller (the usual tax applies, modified by the epic skill).
• You can buy the blockset for coins IF the seller provides them (the tax also applies, epic skill yadi-yada).
• You can buy the blockset for cubits and these go to Wonderstruck. The seller doesn’t have to provide anything, this option will always be available by default.

Okay that would be fine with me!


Potential abuse possible depending on where the blocks go for the blueprint…

Say I buy cubits on an alt (or different account even), buy my own blueprint with the blocks, the latter using cubits. This char gives the blocks to my main character which then my main character can sell for coin to other players…

Basically coin for cubits in a roundabout way…

Mmmmh, you’re right.
In CV, there is no economy thing, no blocks to buy between players, just trading blocks for blocks and such, so this isn’t a problem.

But in Boundless, I guess what I was proposing with cubits wouldn’t be possible. :confused:
Dang it!

We’d still be able to sell blueprints, and maybe the blocks for coins, though. That would still be awesome.

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To add my input on the size of blueprints i would suggest maybe a hard cap of 10x10x8 plots.(edited from 10 in height to 8 in height to allow an even segment from mantle to skybox) You could include the building as part of the blueprint making it single use or a ‘ghost’ blueprint that just gives an outline to work from that could be sold. As for the other contents of a beacon something else would have to be worked out to save those items.

EDIT: removed unnecessary text from before topic split.

Thanks @Stretchious


That’s a valid request, but maybe better ask @Stretchious or @Havok40k to do the split.
For the record, better do it after this message :

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Thanks @Stretchious !

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No worries - I’ll leave you to change the title as needed! :+1:


Eh, TBH, you already made a good call with the title.

Later, I will however rework the first message to turn it into an actual suggestion by highlighting some comments made after.


I’m fine selling blueprints and stuff but would not anything related to blueprints be linked to cubits. I don’t feel cubits should be in any part of the conversation. We have coin for buying and selling of stuff.