@dev headquarters - can we, the players, help in any way?


Just thinking out loud, is there anything us, the players, could do to help with the game and future updates?



I too love this game and if there’s something we can do to help with development, I’d jump at it


The sad reality is that I don’t think they can accept our help. I’m guessing it would be something something something unpaid labor bad.


I actually sent James a PM a few of days ago & asked the same Q:

This community :blush: :hugs:


Uuuuuhhhhmmmm volunteers/interns don’t get compensated and that’s acceptable.

We are not being contracted as employees it would be more like volunteer work than anything.

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it would have to be made official and given a structure anyway; make someone responsible to communicate with community-based programmers/3D artists etc. and to collect their work (also to make some kind of roadmap for what’s defined as accepted community input); finally someone would have to implement community work;

the end of the chain here would have to be handled by their core team and on a few levels (adjusting and polishing submitted artwork, incorporating programmed bits into the larger Boundless logic network and such), meaning a few people would have to handle that

with the crew decimated I have a feeling there are not enough hands in their team to even push that idea through, as great as it seems


Boundmore basically completed my thought.
Look at the “recent” contest for body-paints we had, where even the super well-done designs of Georgegroeg (which he spent months working on and, as Todd Howard would say, “it just works” - except for real) had to be re-worked by Wonderstruck to be acceptable.


Well without input from @james we can all speculate about the team as per usual and what can and can’t happen. Calling the team decimated is probably a little overkill.

It wouldn’t be too hard to set up on Github, allow people to push changes and the team verify it and do a bit of QA. It would always need some form of check and balance … but I wouldn’t say it couldn’t be done.

It’s more appropriate to say they’re temporarily decimated.
Truth is, generally, Maintenance Mode is a definitive stage leading to Abandonware, but it seems very possible that in the case of Boundless, it’s just a phase tied to BG3, and once BG3 goes out (worst case scenario would include DLCs), the devs will be allowed to go back to work on Boundless.
But I find it also more likely that they won’t, and that Boundless’ development will stay in its current state of Maintenance Mode, and once free from BG3, the team will just go work on another game entirely.
I would ask people “what did you expect?”.
Boundless is going the way most crowd-funded games usually go.

But hey, if you wanna stay here patiently waiting for good ol’ James to confirm everything for you, go ahead. Enjoy the ride, but don’t cry when your hopes get crushed at the end.

Never understand why someone simply offering help turns into a negative thread, but it seems most posts when it comes to anything positive about Boundless turns into something like this.

I’m not patiently waiting on anything from development or James at this point. I just play the game and comment on the forums. Nothing wrong with offering help and it just goes to show how great the community is to be willing to step up and help.

I’ve come to accept a number of people on the forums that just focus on the negative. All of us on here are VERY aware of the issues as a number of people always point it out on a constant basis. Quite a few of those people have stated they QUIT too … even abandoned cities and then gave those cities to someone else who also abandoned them … yet they continually post on here.

I can only hope they continue to post here because they have some sliver of hope things will change… but when they constantly post things will never change and how bad things are I am unsure why they are even here.


I don’t see negativity here - just exchange of thoughts.
I pointed out to what I think would lead to the idea not being pursued, but I love the thought of it being possible.

Just know in reality it’s not that straight forward to pull things off.


Lol I was one of said winners.

I’m pretty sure if format requirements were disclosed then we would submit the assets so that it’s essentially plug and play.

If we know the wonderstruck requirements, we will submit them that way.


For the body-paints, we had the requirements. A few submissions like Georgegroeg’s or mine were plug-and-play. But the devs still had to make some changes to them.

You litterally wrote “without input from @james we can all speculate” meaning you were at some level waiting for James to come down from the sky to clarify things, which prompted my message. At some point, we gotta stop waiting for him to answer everything because he (and all of Wonderstruck) sadly has more important things to do than updating Boundless and its community.

I know you’re referring to me, no need to play the smart@$$.
And yeah, I’ve quit the game, haven’t booted it in 2 months (last time was to pay for the sovereign world where Malentir occasionally builds, and I might stop doing that soon too) for at least until we hear about an update 250. Never said I would simply disappear into the ether. Sorry to rain on your parade.


Discussing people isn’t constructive & won’t help solve anything. Discussing things & ideas is more helpful.


We had the submission requirements but not the wonderstruck standards for in game assets. One would be how they would accept the assets so they can work on it and the other is how it need to be for the game to properly do it’s thing. In my experiment with blender I got it the textures to work BUT it’s not 100% how it would translate into the game. So the tweaking was necessary. Illustrator can easily pick up the patterns with image trace if that’s what was used.

I’m sure the adjustments were made after the design feedback were given to Jess. This feedback would go in hand with how it would be coded which would be how it translated into the game. While we know how the game assets look, we don’t know the logic the game uses to render only how it looks when it goes in.


Off Topic: My parade route couldn’t be sunnier.

Back on topic: My many offers to @james still stands if any help is needed I’ll gladly help in any way possible. Be it development, web work, UI work …


I Can Be your Guinea Pig James-chan


Kurious if exos aren’t summoned for awhile will that allow more progression for updates

Things like events & Exos can interfere sometimes.

omg i played this on top of Strange Powers “Surfing The Zuvuya” and it sounded so good

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