Devs need new exo today plox tyvm. Also idea: Exo taxi service

Devs need new exo today plox tyvm

Ok but I may as well make this a serious topic. I’d love to see more posts on exo threads (and shouts) when new exos appear, offering free rides to exos. For example, posting “headed to the new exo ___ in 20 min from Fireborn Nomad Alder” etc.

Me myself I can afford to go to as many exos as I want, but I know some newer players have probably never visited even one exo. I’m going to start doing this from now on with exos, even though it will be a slight PITA


Another exo always = :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1::grin:

I walk the worlds with an eye to the sky… :wink:

The exos really are such an incredible addition, thank you devs!


I do wish they were cheaper / more accessible to others.


That is a really nice thing to do on the taxi. :slight_smile: I’ve thought about that too - I know it is a bit of a pain to arrange probably, I’m always bouncing all over so not big on committing to a time, but I should start doing that as well, at least sometimes.

I’m in favor of removing the warp distance skill myself, personally - I think the coin is enough cost, without having to respec maybe for it.


Yeah but this is a cycle.

“Everybody should have easy access to this content.”

“There’s no endgame content.”

Devs add harder to reach content …

“Everybody should have easier access to this content.”

“There’s no endgame content.”

Repeat, ad infinitum …


True. So maybe some exos could be closer, so lower levels can at least experience a few exos? I’d like to see one of the 3-4 exos available at any given time be 500c or under to get to, ideally from a non-t5t6 planet.

We’re also still waiting for t8’s.

New glass and new blocks provide some decent endgame content.


… Well, no time like the present to help. :slight_smile: I’m heading back to the Umbris exo to mine amethyst. I’ll open a warp to an Umbris spot though - well, what is left of one. :rofl:

I’m hanging out in the Norkyna TNT portal, I set up the warp outside already. I’ll wait here 10-15 min or so. :smiley:


Well I guess I will see you at this years cotillion ! lmao

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I’m going to be the prettiest girl at the ball :wink:


Great idea, I really should start offering rides to others also so I will endeavor to do so next time.

Most likely though I will forget to bring any conduits as I often do when I do offer to take someone along. And if I remember to bring conduits I will probably blow the only 2 that I brought along with me by accidentally opening the portal to my home beacon as my brain focuses on all the goodies I’m going to gather instead of what I’m actually doing, :crazy_face:

Moral of the story… if you ever see me offering rides I highly reccomend having portal conduits on you… just incase I have one of my moments… again… :blush:


Been there

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I’ll do this again for sure. :slight_smile:

I’ll use this thread if it is still going, or the appropriate exo thread. Just for any interested, on weekdays, I don’t know how much exact notice I can give (I don’t want to plan TOO far ahead as I don’t know what might come up) but figure that 5:30 - 6:00 pm EST is a pretty good bet on the rough time it will probably happen.

I might even head back to this one tonight after this run. If any are interested in that, just let me know. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I made the exo plaza at TNT specifically for hunts and gathering for taxis at them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Figured it’d be a very nice place for such a thing, as there’s portals to every t6

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An Exo just appeared in the sky

Samrik Major, lvl 1 Caustic

Once I find the closest planet I will be opening a portal. Will update in here when I find it,


OK closest planet is Delta Cancret so I am just putting my makeup on and making my way there via the TNT network.

Will be leaving in 10-15 minutes.

This is a T4 caustic planet, so only lvl 1 protection needed

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I am slowly losing interest in exo’s if I’m totally honest. Have not been to quite a few in the past weeks, tho it is probably my current mood that is causing this it’s still something that I didn’t before when my mood was a little low.

Am craving something new in the game, something really new! The coming update is nice and all and am looking forward to it, but it’s mainly because I wanna use concrete and probably that trellis stuff. Also like the simplification of some recipes so I can make more marble (if only the recipe allowed for any refined rock tho) and the coil repair stuff is amazeballs but most of the new blocks, meh, perhaps some use can be found when chiseling, both normal and lattice but still.

I would love something really groundbreaking, titans for instance would be fun but won’t keep me occupied all the time. Rental planets could actually, so much to do then suddenly!

But what I really, really would love are two categories of things, both I highly doubt we get since we haven’t heard the devs about it yet.

  1. items, logic blocks, scripting language with which we can make our own content
  1. way, way more textures on existing blocks, BUT even more so a way with which we can add more detail to our builds.

More detailed:

  • logic blocks, with conditionals, extended perms, etc.

  • even more advanced locks with more permissions, better would be if we could add things like “if player is member of guild xx AND player is holding object yy”. I just want to be able to create new content

  • normal looking blocks to which we can add conditionals like above and then suddenly open or disappear as if they are (trap)doors

  • switches to which we can hook up our lights, could even introduce more lantern type blocks for variation which we can all hook up to switches

  • as I said, more textures for existing blocks, but even better would be if we could create our own block types, a 16x16x16 pixels block, a sanctum editor like thing could be added for them, of course we can name them and add conditionals to them like above

  • even more so I would love what I hoped lattice chisels would do, where we can remove pixels from a block, say, again, that they are 16x16x16 and we can remove them all if we want to and they can be snug to other blocks, the little details we can add would be endless!

Of course there are many more things that one can think of, but these things would keep many people occupied for eons! Especially if we can pause with building, go to an exo that really feels unique (I mean, another Umbris planet with the samey colour palette, really?), T8 ones perhaps, go on hunts where the mobs don’t behave in a way we already seen a 1000 times, have titans to slay, other dungeon like things to do, etc.

And let’s not forget, rental planets, ahhhhh. Kinda thought those would have been released by now, the exo planet adding and removing works. Tho I think the issue is in the perms, settings and perhaps blueprinting stuff, I dunno.

I need a new spark !

Sorry for being very off-topic, just came to mind when I read your post, sorry about that

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I’ll also go via TNT’s portal, I’ll hang around for a couple minutes once I make my warp. :slight_smile:

I tried to open an exo taxi service for the first exos and got some pretty rude DM as a result. Then everyone started giving free portals anyway so the entire model fell apart :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the exo @james :wink:
Still, I’m sad they almost all seem to have blue-green spinebacks. Is this hard-coded?

If anyone unable to warp to an exo ever needs help, they are more than welcome to shout at the Hive. We are here to serve.