Difference between North/South and West/East when placing brick


I wonder why when I place the brick the same way on all sides it is orientated differently see video

any info on this?

could it be a world issue? because when I’m walking away from the build any gleam is not shown correctly (disappears) east/west, but when walking away from the build north and west it is shown correctly


Yea the brick orientation changes based on the direction you face. If you want them all to look the same you would need to place a block when you’re East/West and then face North/South to fill them all in.

You can also get a different orientation by placing them on the level below you vs on the side of another block. As far as the gleam showing im not sure


kinda silly though, same goes for portals this does show that there is something wrong but yeah that’s what I do now, placing one above and then place the next one right under it.
but it should be looked at and be fixed and some point in the future (see what I did there)


Yea its annoying for sure. I’ve got to the point where i get most going the same way but if i have to cover a large area with nothing below they start going a different orientation at some point.


This happens with refined stone also. As stated above you have to place the block in the same manner to have them go in the same direction. It can be done but it takes a lot of time and thought to get them all the same way.

I hate when I build something and I step back to admire it and ONE block is off.


This is why I like sedimentary brick. Don’t have that issue lol


Rotation is also affected by the side you place. Down or on the side of the adjacent block, etc.


i know…


You’re welcome.

Maybe someone else that is looking at the thread didn’t know.


I admit placement can be frustrating. There was a whole topic on it and I did a poll when we tried to push for some adjustments.

You might want to look at this thread - Block Positioning And Rotation

I also list specific posts from Luca explaining the challenges around placement and patterns.


what we need is a rotation chisel
that also works on small portals :grin: