DKPoll: do you want color rarity on survival sovereigns?

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Should people have free choice of all colors (get rid of color rarity) for sovereigns?

  • Get rid of color rarity
  • Rarity only for gleam
  • Keep it as is

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If color rarity were eliminated, would you:

  • Play more
  • Play less
  • Resume/start playing
  • Quit playing
  • No change

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I think a large part of the issue is that a basic/common building color (black) ended up on the far side of the color spectrum, with the CIE color format that they chose to go with. I believe luminous yellow is the other one. To me, it seems logical that something like luminous turquoise or shadow blue would be a bit rare - not basic black, white, red, etc. Maybe it’s just an achromatic thing. Dunno.

Maybe they could allow survival builders the ability to make black glass/panes/signs out of a recipe that includes dark glass? Maybe make it a new level 4 refinery craft that also needs burn shards, charcoal, and some other things? Black gleam could remain “rare” and builders would have the glass they need.


Dark glass for glass panes/glass blocks recipes could work

I also wish there were more shades of grey.


Imo they should add a way to get the basics colors via recipes or planet with said colors and let the variation be the sacracity.

Recipes would be a better option thought.

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Like mixing two colors of rock to get concrete in the middle?

Titles would be cool too. For different objectives.

I spent a lot of time in fishing groups on ESO to get master fisherman.

I’m aware the game has titles somewhere, but I mean ones that display in game under your floating name. People love that sh*t

And I know @james loves puns. Prime pinning opportunity.

Agreed. You should be able to obtain the basic colors, then mix them to achieve the more rare colors.

ie: Everyone should be able to easily access black, white, red, blue, yellow (or design-wise…magenta, yellow, slate/cyan) and mix them with other colors they find to get secondary colors like light red, shadow green, etc.

This is one of those things that is really ingrained in the game though. Not sure it could be changed at this point without people having to re-build or greatly adjust things.


I will not vote in the poll. To me the solution to the color rarity situation is more diversity in the exoworlds’ colors.
James made it clear that according to him he wanted things to be pretty (according to what criterias we don’t really know, beauty being a totally subjective principle) and according to him the exoworlds spawning and color chosing thing is working exactly as he wants it to.


I think those basic colors should be obtainable by some kind of basic recipes. Like having an alternative to create paint cans for these colors.

For the mixing we already have the goo system for this even though i think it should be made easier to play with.

I agree with @Gorillastomp .
Atm only way to get some colors is basically via goo farm… thats honestly too much work for some players… including myself.

Goo farming is a nice on paper, but many builds demands more than few stacks of certain color and if you are casual player as many are
. Me included… you dont have a chance to get even a 100 of some paint.


That’s ok you don’t have to vote if you don’t want. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :blush:

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I think paint didn’t really take into account large builds.

Maybe they could change it so each can has a durability of 50, or 100.

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Or make new cans, harder to make cans, that have the durability increase. So for small builds you use the basic cans. But for large builds you can use the upgraded cans

Well yes and no.
Thats the easy “fix”.

But honestly this game has become more of a grind than joy.

Im a builder and i would like to building game (cause cmon thats what this really is atm)
To be more open… what i mean by that is that we could get some easier way to obtain colors… not on same volume maybe as goo farming but something like it… alternative way.
I get that people who have put time to goo farming would be pissed and i get it, but the fact is that obtaining goo is just so hard… cause you gotta be like 24/7 watching some exo pop ups… then you gotta spend like 3hours in a exo where you maybe get enough some color…

That is just TOO grindy
… at least for me anyways.

Maybe changing goo farm values or something would help that prices would get lower

. I dunno.


What I’d you could get 100% seed output with goo farming? So you could build an ACTUALLY sustainable goo farm?


Just take the existing spray paint machine and modify it. Let goo be used to dye blocks in the machine any color without worrying about trying to change the goo color using rocks it grows on Let the machine dye 100 or more blocks per goo. And finally make goo a sustainable crop even if it has a low harvest rate.


Sustainable goo farms would be pretty sweet

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Yeap kinda boring approach…but hey its gotta look pretty…:grin::v:


:roll_eyes: someone voted multiple times for “keep it as is”

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Agreed it is boring and repetitive. How many planets have black rocks? Or the same shade of grey and blue? The color pallet could be so much more interesting if each planet at least had different colors.