Do something about glass, pretty please:)

I don’t know, maybe there are plans already in place to change things, but I will suggest anyway. As a relatively new player (I started a year ago but only came back to the game recently and a lot of things are new to me), I reserve right to be ignorant and unaware that these points 2 and 3 below are already in game :blush:

Please change a few things about glass:

  1. Using 20 blocks of soil for one block of ice is too much in my opinion, its just a killer really. Don’t know if others will agree but digging out that much of good soil for a bit of glass is too much trouble, especially for people who use same soil to create lawns and gardens (like me :wink: )
  2. Make it possible to craft sheet of glass blocks so they fit structures (have half a block of thickness, like walls and slabs).
  3. Add window frame to timber crafts so combined with sheet of glass and glue it creates a window piece.

These 3 things come to mind first when a player tries to build a nice house.
What d’you think lads?


it all comes to balancing and things definitely gets balanced at some point, i would say that boundless up coming skill tree is one of those things that balance and change all crafting and mining to a new “era”. some things you think needs to be easier at the moment might not be the case anymore after skill tree is patched. maybe things needs to be made slightly harder after all that.

i’m not concern about the balance of the game because all the missing features, more like how things make sense or how things works.

I’m actually happy with glass costs, i’d just like more uses for sand.

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I could not agree more. In fact I also created a post about this very subject awhile back. It is completely ridiculous to have to collect 20 pieces of soil for one piece of glass. To complete the glass in my house, I had to dig up almost four thousand blocks of silty soil. Absurd!

I think the cost is fine for making single blocks of glass, but if you’re making a bulk batch it should be 5-10x more efficient. Possibly make one of the advanced machines required for efficient glass crafting? As it is right now it took me and a friend several days of digging to make a large window for one house. I would also love to see glass slabs and chiseled glass, along with a texture that is borderless, or at least has the border only around the edges and not the middle.

I don’t think there’s a problem with the cost of glass. However, I think it looks hideous. The blocks should be able to come together to make a nice see-through pane, like you were saying. I know that, as has been said, we’ll see a lot of stuff “worked out” when the skills come into play. Then we can talk about balancing.

I agree with alexanderyou that the price is fine for 1 glass, however given that glass is only made in the furnace right now there is no way to mass bulk produce without actually collecting the amount of material you need. So maybe just increase yield as oppose to reduce cost?

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