NL-Tim's suggestions, ideas and feedback

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Hi all,

Recently started playing Boundless and really likeing the game so far. The team/devs did a really great job and I am pretty sure the game will be even better when it gets released. Below my feedback and suggestions in an attempt to help in future development progress. I tried to categorize them to make it easier to read.


  • Allow chatting to friends/guilds directly, without having to be nearby. Also mentioned here by @T4LCOMX.
  • Option to add friends by name
  • Option to locate friends more easily (when on same planet)
  • In-game player friend suggestion based on Steam friends?
  • Display avatar of player in stead of a black box in the friends list
  • Display ‘last online’ when friend is offline in the friends list


  • Allow customization of plot name
  • Display owners and vilagers of claim when in claim
  • Easier way to plot when there are multiple beacons nearby (how to know to which beacon it connects? maybe something with coloring them?)
  • Add a ‘locate beacon’ option to find back the beacon in large plots
  • Maybe we need a solution for special plots in cities, since there are roads now that became unmanageable because the plot owner stopped playing. [Re-evaluate after new beacon system]


  • Allow others to manage the portal without having to give full claim access (can be in the portal itself or some kind of permission in the beacon like a ‘portal manager’ in stead of just ‘villagers’)
  • Display portal time remaining to all players using them (so that they can warn portal owners/manager to add Oort shards in time)


  • Display both values for player as seller/buyer (eg 10% rules visible)
  • Don’t allow other players to reorganize shop inventory
  • Why is the ‘Your inventory’ tab needed in a shop?

Player inventory:

  • Add item to hotbar from smartstack without having it to remove it from smartstack

Machine inventory:

  • Search option in the recipe list so that an available recipe can be found more easily (in stead of scrolling through the long list)

Decorative items:

  • Signs, with different sizes when placed on adjecent blocks. Also mentioned here by @knightsb
  • Ladders, fences
  • More glass, glass panes (multiple colors?). Also mentioned here by @boundmore.
  • Green gleam? Maybe combine yellow gleam with blue gleam in the mixer?


  • Add option to craft armor or decorative clothes to give players more a more distinctive look.

User interface:

  • Key shortcut to go to location list (press L)
  • Group locations by planet to prevent very long lists
  • Move 'Reset control to defaults to controls section
  • Bug: Scrolling lists (eg. game options) to the end does not fully display the last item in the list Fixed in Test 162
  • The locator/compass becomes a mess when there are a lot of beacons nearby. Is it possible to add a UI where you can enable/disable certain types in the locator/compass? For example disable beacons so that you can only see players and mobs?
  • Display coordinates in HUD. Also mentioned here by @Pandaclysm.


  • Provide more extensive logging (or point me in the right direction) for handling game crashes. Sometimes (after long playing) the game seems to crash and I can just debug with Visual Studio but (since I don’t have the debug symbols) but it just displays a non descriptive exception.


  • Add flowing water and lava. Also mentioned here by @Heurazio.
  • Lava as fuel source?
  • As a fellow software developer, keep up the good work and the regular updates :wink:

I will try to keep this post updated when game updates or when devs confirm certain items.


I believe your inventory has a tab in case you forget your Inventory is full or you spaced it out for some reason. It’s sonit can be organised relatively easily