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Whilst you may be correct in theory, imagine how many vets you’d lose by doing it. I can’t imagine there’d be many who’d be willing to rebuild and then rebuild again a few months later.

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Thought tbh if people wanted to test the release, they could do that with a dry run a few weeks before hand. Put the planets into stasis, set everyone to start on the new worlds and then wipe the start two weeks afterwards for the proper one. That is if people wanted that approach to see if anything needed tweaking but again vet players are not the same as new players.

We know to go get silver as soon as poss and head to a high tier world, dig down and beacon. Now there is the concern of atmosphere so leveling for it is a stepping stone but that’s it. Once you are beaconed underground, get the mats for a portal setup and then it begins.

I predict a makeshift portal network (nothing pretty) of some core planets 2 weeks after release, tops.

No point in wipes before all the core features are in.

EDIT: That is kinda what testing is there for too.

I agree… I think many things are done around here to not ■■■■ of the “fan boys”. If people had the best interest in the game they would be willing to restart over because they want the game to be successful.

Well we have had a lot of “new players” come in and talk about things and get beaten up by the fanboys. But in fairness to the fanboys they are coming from a mindset of the game like they play it.

If we give everyone a wipe then we can reset everyone’s mindset in the best way possible. Not perfect but certainly gives everyone the ability to at least look at the game with a fresh set of eyes. Or the possibility to.


Part of the draw, for me personally, is knowing what I build now is going in permanent stasis. I am all for starting again, but losing the 300 hours and that is relatively low compared to a lot of folks, isn’t appealing. I’d be willing but wipe, then wipe again a few months later seems unnecessary.

I would totally be willing to be put on a private server cluster with some portal builders and see how long it takes us to build a portal network however, i’d consider that challenge fun and a test run.

Oh yeah I would want that saved.

I no way mean it needs to happen NOW. I just mean we MUST have one way before 1.0 so we can balance it correctly. They could easily save the current world as the “one we keep” and make the next one be saved too or just let it go.


I honestly think a wipe would be a travesty at this point… how do you wipe:
Therka Market
Pixel Gate
City of Steam
Black Light

Man the magnificent and beautiful builds that have taken months to make… And you think it should just be wiped off the map because why???

Even at release for what reason does a wipe make sense??? To me Release is this bad word, its the word that threatens a total wipe of everything for no really good reason at all…

I wish the game would just continue on as it is now because there is nothing wrong with the game the way it is right now its awesome!!! As far as I am concerned its already released, and why do you need to do a wipe for release what good does that do???

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Because for me the success of the game is much more important than a build I did. Plus I want new players to have the best experience possible and there are too many people that don’t have the experience on how the game will be played from scratch in an empty universe of cities, portals, gleam reservations, etc.

The worlds are being saved anyway before the wipe so what does it matter.


Haha, I’m the opposite. I’ve been building any old rubbish to test out colour and lighting combinations, assuming I could avoid a boring hammer session because it’ll be wiped. I’m going to have to tear a load of stuff down or be embarrassed for years. :slight_smile:

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@schasm :smiley: I am aiming for several large building projects with hiding places for people that explore in later years. I have two half way done. Though tbh I enjoy large projects, I couldn’t design a house very well, in intricate detail, but I can design a landmark so to speak. - I do want to know if I’ll have to unlock everything though or if it’ll automatically unlock, else people will be getting stuck.

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so wiping would hurt the success more then help it… How does wiping bring any kind of balance you claim is needed how is the game out of balance please make some sort of logical arguement beyond saying… We need a wipe for balance…

As far as I see this game is a small community of niche gamers, a community that has a history that you can look at and see everytime you travel thru a gate and walk into another town like Black Light former berlyn capital you look around and you see a story there a story that doesnt need to wiped away… How does wiping this story from existence improve the game how does it fix balance…

I can tell you for sure a wipe will anger and upset many people in the playerbase to include me… I dread the day of wipe and I can tell myself I am going to continue to play but will I? Will I really be able to walk into the empty world that no longer has the history and story of boundless that was carved into it bye the community?!?

I still dont understand how you think a wipe would be healthy??? Again why is it needed?? What does it fix???


Though you could always just buy a load of bombs and call it a warzone :smiley:

  • Fancy a good ol’wipe before release?
  • MY STUFF! No wipe, kkthx.

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Quick random poll :stuck_out_tongue: voters hidden from view :slight_smile:

Ah I love the idea of secrets, mazes and whatnot. Now I know this I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a dungeon in a mountain to leave in stasis. The freeze eliminates the need to log in to beacon fuel too so it’s a nice rare opportunity.

I really wish I hadn’t built endless cube buildings full of random tut now. :slight_smile:

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Haha! I’m not clear on what the bombs do from the descriptions - is it only the ones that aren’t described as “healing” or “cleansing” or whatever that do block damage? As it happens I made my first 100 charges last night and I was dithering over what to do with them. This might be ideal!

We think alike. My second project is cutting right through a mountain to make a metal gorge, it started off as an excuse to use up all my excess copper. Then inside that I plan to stick a load of secret passages etc.

Bombs blow blocks up. If you wanted rid of an area fast. Some of them anyway, I have not tried all varieties. Useful for mining, or clearing a tunnel.

Thank you! I’ll do some testing tonight. Sounds interesting, be sure to post some co-oortinates when you’re done!

I tend to agree with this.
Imagine if the current planets and builds remained in place upon launch of 1.0. If tons of new clean planets were introduced as has been mentioned by devs, surely there’s room for old players and new.

Welcome. Essential for strip mining runs imho, with persistent pies of course.

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@Xaldafax evokes quite a few negative reactions when he posts, I think partially from the way you state your opinion followed by “things MUST be like this or else”.

With this post however I have to agree that a full wipe should be strongly considered. Maybe “wipe” is the wrong term, but a fresh start for everyone keeping our knowledge but without the infrastructure we depend on - most of which spans over several different releases / versions. There is a huge difference between changing your crafting space to accommodate coils and working up to coils from scratch as a community.

Agreed this would undoubtedly only have real value once all the planned 1.0 content is in, but it would be a valuable exercise to confirm balance before the big bang (well it’s the launch of a universe aint it :wink: )I find that a problem with test servers is that the people on it are usually the ones who have established infrastructure on the test world and so some of the starter issues aren’t always caught in tests. (looking at you, fibrous leaves…)

I think stating opinions an the forums are extremely useful not only as a source of ideas but also an insight into the way community members think about things; I just also think that opinions (especially very strong / passionate ones) should not be taken or given as all or nothing facts.

As always looking forward to the new planets in the coming “weeks rather than months” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: