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Wipe is winning at the moment, so that’s telling :wink:


There needed to be a third option. As a freeze is planned already, all the characters are already going to be wiped. tbh I don’t know which poll option that is?


Yeah, but we mean a wipe before 1.0, as well as** at 1.0 right?


So this is a poll for two wipes? Or rather one wipe or two.


I think 2, unless I misinterpreted it


I am confused :D. I thought it meant no wipe at all or wipe.


Pretty sure a wipe at release is guarenteed, as if it didn’t happen, we would all have an advantage.
This poll (I think) is asking whether people think another wipe before this would be useful.


I am also certain if someone put a poll up saying do people want 1 wipe, 2 wipes or no wipes before release, 1 would win.


Well, this one is between 1 or 2, and 2 is winning rn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope its between a wipe and no wipe, at least that’s what it says on it.


Wipe and no wipe before the guarenteed wipe… I think


lol you can say it all you like mate but its not what the poll says.


This conversation is going nowhere… :zipper_mouth_face:


This sounds like a toilet tissue commercial.


I seriously don’t understand this mentality that

Release <---- Just a word

Has some Magical ability to completely change the game?!?
The game is currently released whether the dev’s call it the released state is irrelavent…

Its being Sold and people are forming opinions about said game.

When release happens there is going to be no special Influx of people, it just going to be another day in Boundless except this time it comes with a wipe of everything…

And my question is why?

Some people seem to think its because all of us playing now will have some special advantage!

I am far newer then most of the people playing currently. And I can tell you right now I see no special advantage that anyone who has been playing longer then me has! I mean advantage typically means there is something to win?!?
What are we winning here???

The advantage the vets have over me is going to exist with or without a wipe and that is they have built up a network of I know you and you and you and you… That is the only real advantage in this game is who you know! How many plots you have or how old your building is really has no merit, it doesn’t allow you to win the game…

Someone else said we need to test the game after a wipe to ensure its in balance?!?
How will it be differently balanced after this wipe?!? Why will balance change???

what does a building in the world or a road or a statue have to do with anything that requires balancing???

And then there are those who have said, I think we should wipe only the world and not the skills and lvl’s etc…

And I find that to be the exact opposite, if there is any kind of wipe needed its for the levels and the skills because if there were some sort of imbalance that is where it would be… but I am yet to hear a logical arguement as to how you can’t currently figure out if things are currently in balance now without a wipe? How does a wipe discover this mythical imbalance?!?


A wipe, possibly 2, will happen… 'nuff said


I’ve had a portal from munteen to therka for the past six months and it’s always only needed 6.


Nothing will have changed. We haven’t purchased a finished product though, we are product testers. Further down my previous post i explained exactly what i feel a “pre-release wipe” (:rofl:) lwould change - it will put all the current players (testers) through the game from the start at the then final iteration of the game. This will significantly increase the number of players finding bugs and EXISTING IMBALANCES (if any) AT THAT POINT. It would be a sort of double check playthrough getting everyone to try everything from the start, as opposed to the current situation where most players are quite deep into the game with large stockpiles of materials that may not necessarily represent the current balance. I am confident that as a new player you have struggled with things that some of the older testers never did.


If this wipe doesn’t happen and they go into 1.0 with out that then so be it. The game will just balance afterward and they will lose a huge amount of people and get bad reviews because of the problems. I do appreciate that you did see through the “communication style” of my response and into the underlying issues and put that above everything else.

Please going forward, though, before you try to shame me or demonize me or make me sound like some bad person that just states opinion without facts, you should probably get a few facts yourself about who I am and how many posts I have done. You talk down to me in your response yet do the same thing in being critical of me instead of just focusing on the overall point I was making. I don’t call people out like that ever and the only time I have come close to that was when people were calling others literally stupid.

The context I put messages in is done for an exact reason and whatever you thought it was based on your post is incorrect. In fact you take my context and cut it in half to try to prove the point that I am a problem in the community. I NEVER post a “things MUST be like this or else” unless the ELSE actually have a reason after it with explanation and examples to prove the point. Most of what I am talking about isn’t an opinion. It is based on facts – my examples keep it that way. Yes it is a view of what will happen but the logic shows the sequence of events. So you could define it as theory but certainly not a generic opinion like you tried to contextualize it as.

My posts over the past few days have been the way they are because of the lack of diplomacy in this community overall. Way too many times when I attempted to be all nice and sweet people shut things down because they are fanboys, think the developers can’t do anything wrong, or just refuse to consider any real view beyond what they see. They didn’t want a discussion.

So I will be softer in tone with the people that act the same way back. Those that refuse to see other views or just shoot you down because of whatever reasons they have get a very solid and clear response. People that actually READ the response and try to understand my context clearly see where I am coming from and respect it. They respect it even more because they have seen the posts where I am nicer or they have played with me in game and seen all the things I have done for people and how much I care. They understand that fairness in this game is important and don’t shoot someone down because they aren’t always “politically correct” in their statements and instead are focused on solving the actual issues.

In the case of the wipe people have way too much invested in their builds. Hell, so do I. That is fine and understandable and I would support that 100% if the game didn’t need something else. But, people need to mature their view and look at this from a development perspective and put the game above their needs. Way too many people don’t put the game and fairness in front of their needs/values/etc. (e.g. the P2W plot discussion, etc). The like the unfair advantage because they hold it in this game and in so many others they cannot. So they think it is just fine to allow it here.


@Simoyd those segments between the planets represent the amount of blinksecs? Or is that just for show? Not sure if you explain that somewhere but that makes sense to me. :thinking: