Elemental protection on hostile worlds changed?

Hi i’m A new PS4 player so there’s a lot I don’t know. Before today’s patch however I used to mine on Till for metals but with the new update for some reason I can no longer go to Till. I’ve always had caustic protection 3 I simply can mine there any more. Does anyone know if that’s a bug or something been changed.

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earlier the patch tier 4 just used your highest resistence, now they also are split into caustic and the other 2. The new rules are different now, but more transparent and user friendly … I give you a link for the thread about it :wink:

there also a dev answered and explained it in more detail. Just read the first ~20 posts there to get the whole picture :wink:

basically each world tier that has dangerous atmosphere deals certain damage and atmospheric protection needs to be at level giving you more protection than the damage:

lvl 4 world (inhospitable) - level 1 protection needed
lvl 5 world (turbulent) - level 2 protection needed
etc. up to lvl 8 worlds requiring you to have lvl 5 protection

so, no more timer on your atmospheric protection

turbulent needs 3 :wink: … tier 6 then 5 (which is gained with skill lvl 4), tier 7 will need 7 (which is gained with skill 5) and tier 8 then 10 (lvl 5 skill + max tier protection food)

… here the post of a dev: …

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Yes, when you speak in terms of life and protection stats.

I was referring to levels of skills (5 of them).

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