Atmosphere Resistance

Hello since v.198 I no longer see my Resistance buff.

currently on Alcyon with 4/5 volatile protection skill.

cf screenshot.

not sure if you saw the patch notes (or this even has anything to do with it) but there was a change to resistances

Is it any food or did they introduce specific protection foods?

any food that grants protection resistance.

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Hey there,
We made some changes to radically change the atmosphere system to make it a lot easier to understand. So if your atmosphere protection meets the requirements of the world you are protected indefinitely (or as long as your food buff lasts if that’s giving you the protection). Meaning you will now only see a debuff if you do not meet the requirements for the planet.


I don’t understand, so I need food now to be protected? I have 2 in all protections and all I see is 1 protection in the hud and everything is foggy and i’m drowning or something.

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no,what ross means is say a planet needs 3 protection but you have the protection for that hazzard skill at 5 it now never wears off,but if you were using protection food to bump your resistance up enough to enter that planet it will only warn you once it starts wearing off.

Ok 3 is the minimum now

ok i see what you mean,the foggy/drowning is the game warning you your resistance isn’t high enough for that planets atmosphere hazard and the drowning part if your character suffocating to the planets atmosphere hazard due to low protection.

The debuff number now shows your protection difference (how far off you are from full protection)

So in your case, the one signifies that you are 1 protection level short of being able to survive on that planet.

The ranks of Atmosphere hazard are now 1, 3 , 5 and 7 to balance against being able to survive forever once the protection required is met


i’m honestly happy with the change,so thank you guys :slight_smile:


Im also pretty happy with the changes.:smile:

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Ok, so no icon means all is good.

How it’s related to world’s tier?

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Placid 0
Temperate 0
Rugged 0
Inhospitable 1
Turbulent 3
Fierce 5
Savage 7
Brutal 10


Holy ■■■■…

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Should probably mention that the 4th and 5th tier of the Atmosphere skills give you an additional 2 points of protection!


So it maxes out at 7, so you will need food always on t8 (once it exists?) But I thought food buffs only gave +2 to atmo level as best :confused:

I have 4 points in potent protection, I get that under the new system this will allow me to stay on planets like Atlantis (sorry can’t remember the real name) and Cardass indefinitely, but up until the update these points also allowed me to stay on planets like Delta Cancret for extended periods but now it’s just instant drowning. How come?

The Atmosphere protection Pies grant 3!

On the old system, Lush, Coal and Metal planets ended up in this strange Limbo “Neutral Hazard” atmosphere category which would take your highest protection skill. We thought just added an extra level of confusion in this already expansive system
We have since rolled them into one of the 3 existing categories;
Lush --> Caustic
Metal --> Potent
Coal --> Volatile