Elop Portas


from what I can see… if he can already detect something needs saving from that far why does he even need glasses?

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hey are you in game jeffrotheswell?

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@sam-27 What do you need, maybe I can help?


got a hold of jeffro , now im lookin for a hand with figuring something out spoygg. my cords are -2290N -255E alt 90 in Elop Portas.


This is too good not to share in the Elop Portas thread;

And like @Scratchnwiff mentioned - if anyone would like to setup their own stall in the Parish, go ahead. Put up a wooden frame like the rest and your own awning on-top. The roads leading off are all free for player market stalls.


Now days everybody’s got a shop like they’ve got somthing to sell but nothings on top. When they load there plinth it’s just a bunch of miss matched shiz. Mother munchkins like to act like they forgot about … traders parish!?


I’m starting to build my house in Elop Portas. Does anyone by chance have large quantities of stone they would be willing to part with?

I have some to get you started. Will you be on for the next hour?

Sedimentary or metamorphic?

Oh hello there! I’m on right now south of the hopperdrome! Probs sedimentary, I accidently started with metamorphic but I see sedimentary is the better match so im switching

Cool I will hop on within the next half hour and hook you up :smile_cat:

I would also trade some metals for wood if you have extra!

I think my stock of wood is about depleted :scream:

No worries :slight_smile: Ill go get some haha I went to make a hammer and I had no wood

I’m at the south side of the hopperdrome

                    New Community Challenge Build Your Own Aqueduct

Try your hand at aqueduct building! This new duct stands 4 plots high and is able to extend in all four directions.
Grab a few friends or go it alone. Add roads below with your own stylized flair.
Each direction presents its own feel and challenges. When you claim your side claim all the spots you will need to ensure that you get them!

Located south west of the hopperdrome.


  1. stick to the theme mystic, ancient, and lost gardens.
  2. Commit to finishing your build within 2 months.
  3. have fun and get along with other competitors.
  4. Aqueducts can be plot heavy so come prepared with lots of plots
  5. your duct and street must be 1 plot wide and extend in your chosen direction north, south, east, or west.

When two months is up or when all contestants say that they are done a community vote will take place to decide witch street and duct they like the best. The winner will receive a water and lava bucket! all contestants will keep any footfall received as intensive to keep there builds up after the competition.

I hope you all have fun and may the ort be with you :boundless:


Is this challenge still going?

it is indeed! world regen has made the water stop flowing but I will jump on some time today and get it flowing again.

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and currently as the only competitor you are bound to win! :smile_cat: