Emoji List

Is anyone out there able to help me with showing a list of all possible emojis you can use in the game and what the code is for the sign?
I have searched but can not find anything, but I could be missing it.
I know we have had new emojis added recently.

here’s a list I use. some look different, and it doesn’t have the boundless specific ones, but it is good enough

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I made this one when the big batch was added

When the list loads press the Boundless tab at the top.

It does not include the newest ones on testing server that are not on live yet though.

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There is also this in game for the actual Emoji’s

Thank you both. I will check those out.

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I went to Gyosha Mall, just didn’t see any there I was looking for and thought there was more than that in the game lol

These are on testing as of testing 245 but not on live yet as far as I know.

Yeah, those emojis are so cool, looking forward to them!

Here are the 2 current Boundless Emoji JSON files, one from live and one from testing.


There are def way more than what I put up :stuck_out_tongue: even more now with the new ones :roughamethyst: :roughblink: :roughdiamond: :roughemerald: :roughoort: :roughrift: :roughruby: :roughsapphire: :roughtopaz: :roughumbris: :wildstock: :spitter: :slingbow: :wayfarertotem: :tiller: :shovel:

@Soju-VB thank you so much, you have been a big help! that list is exactly what I was looking for!

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I know it has been a while since this question was asked, but incase people are searching the forums for the Emoji List I figured this would be a good place to add the one @Angellus created, as it is great!

When you click on the Emoji on the site it copies the code to the clipboard for easy pasting into the game for PC users.


The site is still very WIP so use at your own risk!