Fluid system (again)

I’ve read these 2 topics:
Water, lava, and griefing by @Jeffrotheswell
Water, Fluid System, Farming and Weather by @Heurazio
with @james and @lucadeltodecso from developer side and with numerous ideas, each with their pros and cons. I dont know what are the current plans, but after reading the posts about it, I found some solutions, and all need to remove placeable liquid blocks from the game (those which ones the devs handing out to players).

First, my idea: ‘liquid fountain blocks’. So we can craft and place a block which will pump out liquid to the direction it faces (it can face upwards too, and then the liquid will go one block up from the ‘liquid fountain block’, then flow away in a direction). It works like the power core or like the portals, but its fuel are a liquid. If it runs out of liquid placed in it, then the flow will stop, so you need to constantly bring the desired liquid to it. Oh and of course they can be placed only inside your beacon!

We need craftable ‘liquid buckets’ for this idea, and it is a tool. You go to a natural liquid source block, use your empty ‘liquid bucket’ on it, and it will fill the bucket. The filled ‘liquid buckets’ are the actual fuel for the ‘liquid fountain block’, you place them in it, and it will empty them. Of course you cant fill your buckets with the ‘liquid fountain block’, because it doesnt create liquid source blocks, it just pours out liquid. Like when you place a liquid source block (like on Elop Portas aquaducts top), that can fill up the bucket, but what flows from that block cant. Of course in natural sources there are flowing liquids too, they cant fill up the buckets too, you need to find the source blocks! And in 1.0 (if the devs dont hand out liquid blocks like now) you can find liquid source blocks only in their natural places. From the ‘liquid fountain block’ you can get your empty ‘liquid buckets’. But as I said it is a tool, so every time you go and fill them (or die), they will lose durability like other tools!

There could be a ‘water fountain block’ made from base metal (copper or iron) and a ‘lava fountain block’ made from titanium (and other recipe components). This applies for buckets too, so ‘water bucket’ from base metal and ‘lava bucket’ from titanium. The filling mechanic would work like when you load your slingbows with damage crystals or the totem with the warp location picker upgrade.

Second, the pump system, which one were the idea of many people, but here is mine about it. It needs 3 craftable components: the ‘liquid pump’, the ‘liquid pipe’ and the ‘liquid tap’. You need to place the ‘liquid pump’ next to a natural liquid source block, the ‘liquid pipes’ would work like the ‘spark cords’, and you could place any ‘liquid tap’ next to a ‘liquid pipe’. You could place these only inside beacons too! The ‘liquid pump’ works like the ‘spark core’, you need to fuel it with the normal spark and furnace fuels (wood, compact peat, coal), and until it is fueled, and there are a natural liquid source block next to it, it will operate. The ‘liquid pipes’ connects the ‘liquid pump’ with the ‘liquid taps’. And if the ‘liquid pump’ works, and you place a ‘liquid tap’ next to a ‘liquid pipe’ connected to the pump, then after the placement from the tap the desired fluid will flow (downwards). Or we could use ‘E’ on the taps to open/close them. Again the water pump/pipe/tap could be made from base metal (copper or iron), and the lava pump/pipe/tap from titanium (and other parts of the recipe of course).

With these you will need to constanly maintain your own water/lava supply, just too much work for griefing (and if we will report the grief, the devs will anyway delete the ‘griefing station’, so the griefer must make all the things again, if he/she will be not banned anyway), but enough for normal players.


I thought about liquids these days too :slight_smile: I come up with a bit crazy idea :smiley: What if liquids weren’t liquid at all, I mean if they would not flow, they are just regular “block” filled with water, lava, lemonade :wink: So what you would do is just place water block where you want it and that would be it. Blocks would be obtained with liquid tool which “mines” liquids, so you find natural water, mine yourself some water blocks and place them where you want them. If you want to create larger bodies of water you would have to do quite a bit of mining.
Maybe extremely simplistic and boring but would solve griefing issues and also prevent bunch of people playing around with redirecting water kill server. We had some nice lag occur when redirecting water in Elop Portas. Also would be much easier to make player use them only inside beacon (no overflow etc)

I know this is least likely to be used, but just throwing it out there.

Well your idea would be very anti-grief and performance friendly, but I think a step backwards.


I thought some more about this bucket thing, and what if there could be several buckets, cause they are tools in my suggestion anyway. So like wood, copper, iron, etc buckets and they could contain only water, but better the bucket the more durability it has. And a bit unrealistic but the better buckets could contain more water, so better buckets could give more fuel for the ‘water fountain block’. And then we dont need lava buckets, but ‘lava spoons’. They are tools too (there could be copper, iron, etc versions from them), and you can “hit” the lava with them. With each hit you will get one ‘lava cube’ (so its like mining out lava), and this item would be the fuel for the ‘lava fountain block’ (of course one ‘lava cube’ couldnt last too long, maybe 1 sec?), and maybe a component for some item recipes.

Talking about water. @james can I ask, there will be a hunger/thirst system in the game? If yes, the @Heurazio mentioned farming would make even more sense and with my bucket-fountain-pump system the players could build up little farming-watering oasises on barren/hostile planets. And even better, the different buckets would make more sense, cause you could make wood buckets from the start (in a crafting table) so you can bring water with yourself at your first steps too! Here the “better buckets holds more water” option (still unrealistic) would work as they could extinquish more thirst. To drink filled buckets could be used in hands like food. And characters could automatically drink if they are in any water, so if you dont have buckets, you can still drink, if you stand into any water (let it be natural, or flowing from a ‘water fountain block’ or ‘water tap’).

Any thoughts?

Hi @Kawwak, thanks for mentioning me in this post. My original idea is “stone cold” at the current time and I’m not even sure the devs plan to implement a liquid system (at last, there is no known information [at least I don’t read any]).

Never the less I like to add some ideas to your system.

I’m not a fan of a “bucket system” where you need to mine your liquids. Let’s make an example where one likes to maintain a garden with water … if he needs to mine all the liquids it’s most unlikely he will keep up his garden because he constantly needs to mine liquids. I would (as I did already) suggest a system of pipes (you need to place an origin and a target [and in between a pump or something similar]) where you can keep up your system with sparks (e.g.). This would be more generic in my opinion because you already need to produce the spark and now there would be a “spark sink”. As long as you produce the spark, you can upkeep your pump and you can upkeep your garden …

Currently, there is no information about automation in B< (it’s a shame) and I really hope there will be some kind of automation. I really like to set up a garden/beacon (or something else) and provide it with all needed resources through a self-sustainable system of machines.

just some ideas I got … I don’t think any of them will find their way into this game :frowning:


They may not make it into 1.0, but might be more reasonable for post-launch changes! I certainly hope so, at least; liquids/automation would empower players to make some pretty cool things

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I really hope (and I appreciate your patients) but I don’t longer belive in it as I did in the past. There have been too many delays, promises and “we find a way (maybe)” statements and I can only believe in what’s in the game. Not more, not less. Of course, this would be cool but there has been no answer to my original post in over 1 year (at least nothing with content) … no explanation, no ideas, no concepts … this is a dead way. Sorry if I’m pessimistic (every honest word more would be vicious) …

Well I suggested a pump system too based on your ideas but a little simpler than those. So why not both the bucket/fountain and pump system? So players can choose which one they prefer. :wink:

I tried to suggest the most simple, yet game friendly solution I could think of, maybe if its easy enough to implement and they made every other part to launch 1.0, we will see some of our ideas appear in the game (2018? :blush: ).