Fog "flash" - motion sickness - could also cause seizures

I know this has been discussed in many other threads, and I know some adjustments are being made currently on testing, but this really needs fixed. For me it causes a bit of dizziness to the point where I usually stop playing for a bit. It could also warrant a “possible seizure warning” for those really sensitive to flashing lights on screens.

I understand it is caused by the lightsource reflecting off the fog, but its the abrupt on / off flash that is terrible for me. it is much worse at full screen like when playing the game, the small video doesnt really show how bad it is. Something really needs to be done.


It gives me a headache too.

Maybe just turn the opacity of the effect to 25%?


My daughter is very sensitive to this, sometimes makes her feel like vomiting… which is horrible when you think about it.

Reducing it would be good, or giving us an option to turn it off would help those that are very sensitive to it.


I don’t think anyone would mind an option to disable [edit] “weather particle effects :wink: (aka fog)

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Yes please, do something about this, tone it down by a lot or give us option to remove it.

Have to say that toning it down a lot so when running it doesn’t flash so much and handle this weather system particle effect the same as snow where in build mode you just don’t see it would be best. Better than turning it off completely…


one note: this isnt fog, its a weather system particle effect. (i dont like it either btw).


Edited my post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry, it appears like fog so that’s what I thought it was. Either way, the problem is the same.


I think an option to remove it would be nice. Remove lag!

Same for bomb particle effects. I don’t need to see those, and they make me lag.

It’s not fog you fool it’s a particle weather effect (jkjk) (edited my post)

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Meteor particles when it’s active kill my fps so bad. I’m pretty sure some day I will hit negative fps and the world will instantly collapse

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That’s OK if two new worlds will spawn! :joy:

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Similar thing happens to me when i equip a tool with a quirk on it or if too many healing bombs are thrown, both create insane lag.

An option to turn down all particles (as well as specific ones) would both be nice.


Please oort gods hear our prayers

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This effect in particular is pretty bad (it also seems worse on the test server). It makes it nigh on impossible to do anything where movement is involved. It also made me feel like my character was on fire :grimacing:


I second this motion to remove the effect.
Try holding a diamond torch as well.
The glow from the torch would make it even worse

Please share a list or some screenshots of the weather effects that are visually challenging then we can look at improving them. (I also suffer from motion sickness so am v. sympathetic to others suffering from this.)


Could there be way that this fog/smoke would just not shown on certain radius around player based for example player speed and light amount player is emitting?

Here are some:


Yup, that’s them! Those two middle pics are the worst for me.

Overall, I do like the effect of it, but what if it was more gravitized (is that even a word? Haha) to the ground? Like at tall grass height being max height. As if cool rain hit warm blacktop.