Footfall question

hi i only gain footfall on a small section off my hub with moebius but i think i friended every player using it and nerfed my income
my question is if i remove players from my friend list will there footfall come back to the beacon?

Friends list players still generate footfall, it is guild members that do not generate footfall.

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so if my alt who has no guilds gets the plots it should be fixed? very odd so me making a guild and running it all with guildsystems deletes all footfall guildmembers make like
the entire town that uses the hub
hm :thinking:
how am i gonna get payed for my work then :frowning:

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I do find it an odd decision for guild members to not generate footfall on guild aligned beacons.

I’m considering removing some of my guild mines/farms from the guild so that they start to get some income, but I’d rather not have to do so.

I think rather than changing owner, you have to unalign the beacon from the guild (I’m not sure if there is a difference with aligned and controlled when it comes to footfall).

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that beacon is private cause it has some storage on it and no advanced locks yet
all the people run over it to go to the ultima network and i only get 4k a day been working my butt off rebuilding the entire hub and boosted activity alot was hoping to yield some reward for my work i never really installed beacons to get coin to busy lol
but def want one beacon to make some coin

Make your guild members pay tribute to your awesomeness, or kick them out lol

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I’d rather you didn’t :wink:

I also would like to see a confirmation by someone else that it is indeed true that guild members do not generate footfall and if it’s only for the primary guild or for all the guilds you are a member of…

weird people say friends generate footfall beside being in guild i always had in my mind since beta that friends did not make footfall

What I read is that people who have permissions on your beacon do not generate footfall, all your friends still do in any other case…

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Me too, I’m gonna build a couple up to settlement level and see what happens in terms footfall.

If they generate nothing over next couple of weeks, will look at them again, or maybe keep then aligned but move entrance out of guild area and into public!

It’s been tested by 2 guilds. THere was a forum post on it. You dont get FF from guild members.

@james please help me out here im clueless been poor since the nerf ive been putting loads off work into the game but i cant even afford heluxes for my machines all the stuff i managed to do so far has all been build on donations not that i need cash but 5k for mainportal on our hub seems low to me especially with all the foottraffic ive seen going in and out is there a change to get a nice write up on all these questions we have
our a link to that

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hey so this beacon i talk about is private do guildmembers dont make coin on it cuase i own the aqua guild
so putting it on a alt should solve it wright?
beacon is not guild linked

You don’t generate footfall if you and the beacon owner share a guild, regardless of primary or not and regardless of if the beacon is not aligned, aligned or assigned. Guilds are useless.

Yes if you put that beacon on an alt that has 0 guilds, you’ll recieve footfall from it like you did before.

You dont recieve ff from any guildmate of any guild youre part of.

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It’s a stupid system. Friends and guildies should generate FF.

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And you know this, how exactly?

got feeling to make footfall we need to mess with the system doesnt seem the right way though
in beta i did all the same work got payed
well that paycheck has been gone for longtime now i can still do all usually do
but dont think lot others can be compared to me and struggle
bring back the beta good live
i dont have time to invent all these crazy footfall system sceme’s just wonna play game like ive always done

Doesnt matter if its aligned or not it has to do with the characters alignment to the guild not the beacon… which sucks even more, I wish the quick fix was unnaligning but nope… gotta use a character NOT in the guilds…

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