Forge Beginner

I’m a forge beginner. I have no idea how to use it. How do you find out from stuff in the game?

I’ve read tool tips to various ingredients and it talks about Defect Points and Quirk Points and Boon Points and I’ve seen these things on forged items. But er … how do I get from A to B?

I did the tutorial where it told me to put some things in and press some buttons but it didn’t say why. And I ended up with a wooden hammer with +30 dmg iirc.

How do you learn forging? What I’d like to start with is a loot stick, maybe?



I don’t do much forging, but I do understand the concepts.

Items are broken into one of six types. Effects you forge onto an item come from one of the six categories.

For instance, you want Drop Collector, or Magnetic Collector Boon. That can only be forged onto Tools, Spanners, or Chisels. Tools are axes, hammers, and shovels. This boon is in the Special category.

Here’s the full list of categories, types, etc.

Now, I’m going to assume you know about skills, which skills to put points into to make a character an effective forger, so I’ll skip those.

The more power your centraforge has, the more efficiency it will have. Efficiency maxes at 200%, and varies based on the material you are forging. Power seems to max at 7,200, from what I’ve seen.

Defects are negatives. These can reduce durability, damage, speed, etc. For a loot magnet, you might not care about these.

Quirks are annoyances. They have various effects, like constantly draining your energy while equipped, or making you unable to swim to the surface, or randomly jumping.

Boons, Defects, and Quirks have ranks. The more points that go into each one, the stronger they are. In the case of Loot Magnet, for instance, the range will increase. The higher the rank, the more points it costs to get to the next rank.

Gums are used to prefer an item to draw a specific category.

For starting on forging, especially to get a loot magnet, I would use Imperfect Boon 2, Special Gum, and Glow Gum on a Stone Chisel.

This will give you a Stone Chisel that will likely have Loot Magnet, Glow, and may be able to reach high ranks of each. You can forge other stone items to get used to forging, before exploring the more expensive forge materials and higher rank items.


You’re a star. I’ll have a play :slight_smile:

I’m doing my second skill set as pure forger so he’s building up the points.

What’s a “Fate Buff”? Something that alters the RNG chances of something? Fate Paste 2 says it improves the chances for 5 rounds. Fate Reversal Paste just made me LOL wtf.

What’s Vigour?
What’s Stability?
What’s Effectiveness?

Or more importantly - how do I find out from what I’m looking at?

Fate buffs, and timed buffs in general, are a bit more advanced. I’ll tackle them in another post.

Effectiveness is the efficiency I was talking about before. Let’s say you are using Pure Boon 1, which gives 100 Boon Points, based on effectiveness. If you have 90% effectiveness, it will give 90 Boon Points. 110% gives 110 points. This number varies.

Vigour is your ability to use certain effects on the forge, such as Gums. If you run out of vigour, you won’t be able to use these effects.

Stability is how well your item is holding up. If your stability hits 0, the item breaks. Using Boons and certain other items reduces your stability.


Does it explain this somewhere and I missed it?

Pastes can provide various buffs/effects for your gear.

Fate paste affects the sliders, making them land more favorably for you.

To explain this better…
When you are forging an item, and you add points, whether they are boon, quirk, or defect points, there’s a slider for each of these. The slider will then bounce back and forth for each effect. If it lands on the filled area, you’ll gain that many points, into an existing, or new, effect. Max of three effects for boon, quirk, or defect.

So for Boon, you’d want the slider to land as high as possible, in the filled area. For Quirk/Defect, you’d want the slider to land in the empty area. Fate buff improves your chances of this.

There’s several pastes. A favorite of mine is Gambling Paste 2 and Invigoration Paste 2. The first gives you a chance to not lose stability. This means you can do more forging. The second regains you 50 Vigour. This can allow you to use more effects on the item you are forging.

As to explaining this somewhere and you missing it, I don’t think so. The first forge you do, with the wood hammer, doesn’t do a good job explaining.

Jiivita’s guide on youtube helped me with the basics. Anyone wondering about basic stuff might benefit from it as well.


Just keep in mind that video is a little old. We’re currently on v 211. Quirks have undergone major changes since the video was made, along with other various forge changes.

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I put in 2 x Special Gum, then about 7 x Imperfect Boon Compound 2 and then a Setting Resin. I got the Energy Drain early and it kept “hitting”, unfortunately.

Anyway. A result! Thank you @PsychoIntent. I think I was getting too bogged down in the catalysts and stuff.

Edit: might be the Autoloot bit is another special? But i can experiment now.
Edit Edit: nope Attraction is Autoloot :slight_smile:

Mind specifying what’s changed so ppl know what to adapt? The basics seem to be the same.

Normal concept for Autoloot is you just hold it in offhand, not actually use it, so Energy Drain shouldn’t matter. Light radius and attraction is what you want on a loot wand. Looking good!

@Mayumichi Can’t watch the video tonight, but like I said, Quirks underwent major changes in patch 209. Some Compounds were also adjusted. The full patches notes are at Release 209: LED Blocks, Forge++, and Oortmas!

I’m wondering if what the tool or weapons is made of can be a factor. The OP mentioned using a wooden tool. I would think that with such a weak tool there would be no chance of making it better.
The higher the quality of the tool, from wood to stone to iron to sliver to gold to titanium to gems; wouldn’t that help to have a better chance of getting what you want?.
As expensive as some of these pastes, oils and whatever is needed, I personally wouldn’t want to use it on anything less than a gold tool, but I know very little about any of this; I haven’t started to forge yet either.

A stone chisel and an iron chisel both give me the same Vigour, Stability and Effectiveness.

There’s a chance you lose the item.

It appears it takes the same ingredients to forge a stone tool as a titan one, and as the forge ingredients can cost a lot, maybe it’s all down to cost/benefit?

Thanks for the reply, that is what I want to do, see all aspects of it, with my going is silver tools and weapons better than iron, is good better than silver and so I should skip the silver tools as they wear out faster? They do the job faster, but does the wearing out make them equal so go with just cost?
Those are the same type of questions I will be having with forging; which way is best.

Wooden tools have high flexibility, meaning they get higher effectiveness in the forge.

Practice on iron & silver tools for now, just using low end forging mats. This is how I learnt to forge, and I was in exactly the same position as you a couple of months ago. I now have an alt with max forge abilities and max power on my forge. I can now create 320+ (item rating) hammers, slingbows, fists etc almost every time.

More than happy to chat to you on a headset this weekend and talk you through how to do it.

Just to add though, the mats for high end forging start to get quite expensive. The way I sustain this is to solo meteors on T6 world’s (I can handle up to L3 on my own).
So having a solid hunter skillset is also needed.

Thanks. Mats aren’t too much of a problem. A few organised hunts helps there.
In fact the main reason I looked at forging was:

  1. I’d like to save money by forging my own stuff
  2. I’ve 40 Hopper Cores and over a 100 of other trophies (no feathers) that don’t sell. So may as well try them out :slight_smile:

I was seeing 71 Effectiveness for both stone and iron chisels. Could be different as I get more points; or, maybe certain tiers of tools are treated similar; or, most likely, I missed something else :slight_smile:

You will get up to 200, as your skills + power increase