Forge output into smart stacks ...?

Hi… so… not sure what the heck was the answer to the previous support topic on this… where the user requested the topic closed…

But anyways… unless there is a good answer already I am missing…but when you forge etc 5 hammers they get stats of Y, then you forge another 5 hammers that gets a stat of Z… then the initial 5 hammers of Y stats are combined with 4 of the hammers of stat Z and a new stack slot is used for the spare 1 hammer of stat Z. is this working as intended? because without a better mouse-over tooltip per tool… then this feels infuriating when having to hunt (aka right click each one) for which item was it that had X stat… sure without the tooltip, then before at least the forge output was 1 queue = 1 output Slot, nothing getting mixed together… or which patch note described this change ? :-p I read the latest erh… self-inflamation patch-patch-notes … I may have missed the line that described this part though.

Adding a poll…

What do you think of the “fixed” Centraforge output slots, now that items can mix. In the sense of the same type of item with different forge effects on can now mix between smart stacks if space for it.

  • Let them mix as they do currently, and the lack of tooltip is fine ( I like right clicking! )
  • Let them mix as they do currently, but improve the mouse over tooltip info!
  • Revert it / Allow manual change to previously 1 queue = 1 output slot
  • Revert it / Allow manual change to previously 1 queue = 1 output slot & throw in an updated tooltip! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Don’t care about the forge output, but improve the mouse over tooltip info!

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Forge was bugged when it did not stack items at the output.

Now it’s working properly by mixing them

I did not sign up for a treasure hunt in forging… so if this is “working as intended” … then the reaction is “wtf” at least they should add some icon overlays to the the individual item or normal mouse-over (not the right click on each one…) that helps to identify what is what

I didn’t knew this was a problem since I always forget 9 at a time, I doubt it will be changed since not a lot of people seemed to be affected by the change :man_shrugging:
I’ve only seen you and some one else talk about it so far

:smiley: well when doing mixed sets of 5x forges… it starts to get hairpulling when your forge output bar fills up… glad I did not do the 3x forges planned also… excellent clean up later on…

thinking on it… normal mouse-over info really could use an improvement on forge information… which I do think once showed more… might have been back in the “early” days of forging


i solved it after i reworked vanstens recipe…
now i only use the half of expensive forging stuff… after that i reworked it again to forge 9er stags…

u need a lot of experience to get there, but its possible…

so dont hope they gonna change it…
dont hope that the community helps you, cause they dont matter about…

This is an unfair statement and you know it. What is the community gonna do about it? Learn to program and apply to become a dev, just to fix the issue?

Besides, there were dozens of people from this community who tried to help you when you posted about selling your forging ingredients. Offering you to teach you new ways to forge etc.

I understand you’re not happy with the change, but don’t be unfair to the people who offered to help you.


like my support thread who was ignored about 20 days???


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To be honest I always appreciated that it kept the ‘batches’ separate.


Which one? Can you link it?
I went through your last few support posts and i couldn’t find any ignored topics for 20 days. Maybe i didn’t look deep enough?

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If it was bugged before I wish they’d reintroduce that bug and call it a feature.

You must love the Madden NFL series then

But seriously, the game needs overlays for tools. At a very minimum show if a tool is AoE

The response to the last topic on this was where @vdragon was getting feedback as to what people would prefer out of having the stacks merge or having them not merge but you can run out of output prematurely.

I don’t believe any official word was made as to whether they were going to change it back or not.

@vdragon, any update?


I had commented on the (probably original?) post/complaint about the fix that it was a bug-fix and wont be reverted.

If it is reverted in any way, it would need to be something consistent, say through changes to allow stacking control per-inventory that can be applied in all cases, not a special case just for the forge.


Well I say add it to the features list! lol

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ehm, sry dont know how… to link a thread is out of my skills…

but here some pics

You got a response from a dev after 4 hours. The community also responded instantly trying to figure out the issue. You then ask the topic to be deleted after 3 days.

Clearly this is complete rubbish.

now im at this posotion that it dont matter to me
(like the others 9er stags forger)

but im stil screaming turn it back,

cause i know how it can ruin your main activities ingame…

and if they changed it back theres no disadvantage 4 us full stag forger…

but the feedback was zero, to this question…

Does that mean you would not be able to stack tools with different forge effects together even if you want to?

i dont care about what u thinking…

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