Forge tools for new players

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Thanks to @DKPuncherello 's idea, @whitelet and I started to forge titanium AOE tools (with dmg) to help new players. We found a way to control the cost, and therefore we can provide cheap AOE tools (around +200 rank) as low as 1000c while still covering the cost.
This method only uses gums, fate paste 2, decons resin 3, boon removal solvent 1, and drain 1 + pure 3. And we want to share the method here so that we can more easily help new players :partying_face: !

Since tools (hammers, axes, shovels) are being used the most, I made and post them first (and I’m still making the one for grapples and slingbows).

The first video shows two regular forging steps:

Since accidents always happen lol, this second video (long) shows the process of forging 6 batches of tools while tricking the odds :joy: :

I’m happy to answer any questions! And any suggestions/comments (on the method not the videos I know my video editing sucks lol) would be great!

ps: Notice that we use pure 3 to avoid getting bad quirks, but one can definitely use drain 1 only to further shrink the cost.

ps2: Lvl8 dmg can one hit T1 without any power bonus, tool mastery, dmg epic, and tool epic

ps3: All BGM played by @whitelet


I’ve been looking for some good titanium tools :ok_hand::ok_hand: this is great


Awesome job guys :blush:


Now the main problem is to make newbies find shops that sell them or to have newbies.

I made a shop at Maryx selling cheap forged iron tools and after a couple weeks I haven’t had to restock it. I’ve been giving away some of the tools manually when I find newbies near me lol.


Thank you all for the support!

You can find the forged titanium gears for 1k each at our EZPZ @ DK shop (A1) and EZPZ main shop (on Maryx), please leave some for the new players :wink:

DK Mall A1

EZPZ Main Shop

(Some of them are really good!)


We have them at DK mall and had to restock twice yesterday because DK led newbies to buy them :joy:

But yea the real problem is to get newbies lol


I think 1000c its really not cheap for new player.

Remember when you first launch the game you havent got a clue is X cheap or not.

Maybe adding some sort of info what you can achoeve woth those tools? Like how simple ot could sound to you… newer player cpuld get something out of it.


I remember my first 1000c. Oh man I felt like a king for about as long as it took me to type this :rofl:


As a new player who’s trying to level up through group play rather than buying things, thanks for the method video. Some day we may even have enough thermal sacs to try it! So hard to find enough sufficiently high level hoppers, since we can’t quite do meteors on T5 yet. I think we’ll probably need to get through a few more power coil types before we can attempt this anyway. Stuck with single target for now, I think, since AoE without power seems kind of lackluster.

It’s pretty hard to make out the ingredients being used in the video since the name only flashes up for a moment. It would be nice if you made sure to show the tooltip for each one.

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You dont need to do meteors… you just go t5 or i prefer t6 and then find hoppers… they are all over the place… i usually end up having 20+ cores etc in an hour.
Everything strong and above is worth to kill for me cause those have actually decent drop chance for parts

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Good point!

I will update a text version once I have time. And also, if you get full power on centraforge, don’t forge titanium as it doesn’t worth it. Try forge some diamond tools for T6 planets and here is a very stable method you can try: [Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - V2.2 - AoE Bombs added!


If it helps, the deck we had in the first video is:

Effect, Special, Lightness, Drain 1, Pure 3,
Boon Removal Solvent 1, Fate 2, Longevity, Decon 3, Setting

In the second video, the lightness and longevity gums swapped place

New Shops on NIIA ZED KA! Green Elvendoor / New Categories / New Items 350coins not forged

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Thats ok deal for new player as tita (i just assume its tita) has ok dura and power to kill low creeps.

You thought of making guide similar to @wakeNbake or even a collaboration with him to add it to the existing one.

I’m sure there are other players that are a bit more old-school like me (or just plain old like @AeneaGames) and prefer to have a step by step guide next go you rather than flicking back and forth with video. Hell I went as far as to print the guide so I didnt even need to unlock my phone


Someone is asking for a spanking I see! Tsk! :smiley:

Old, pfft… but yeah, I really do dislike the tendency of people lately to make a 10 minute video to explain something that could be written down in 8 sentences which I can then read in like 30 seconds! I’m old, time is precious now, haha :smiley:


I’m not ancient like @AeneaGames but completely agree with her



Videos help illustrate what to do, but with forging walk through just once is never enough, unlike a boss kill in an FPS. So i certainly think a written accompanying guide would help a ton.

I forge dozens of tools a week but still wouldn’t say I can forge. If it isn’t a T6+ tool i have no idea how to make it. I can just follow a set of instructions :rofl:

Although I made some bloody awesome blink heal bombs all on my own by pure luck lol


People are queuing up for spankings I see! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Took me a few months of forging before I felt confident enough to be able to sell them!