Forging has been changed?

Anyone else notice that forging RNG has been total ■■■■ the past couple weeks, or is it just me??

@whitelet, @KArios, have either of y’all noticed anything weird going on?

I’m seeing like 20+ decons for a dang T5 Speed Hammer… like wtf!?



4 gums for Effect, should NEVER give me a boon from a Special Gum. It’s happened 70% of the time recently it seems like!


Just on the dark side of forging :wink:


Law of Large numbers, You will have very bad spots and good spots, but it will all level out in the end.

It is the nature of RNG and why i don’t do forging anymore.


Oooooh them feels

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Man you ain’t wrong!!

TBH, there are days I just want to uninstall this game, not even going to lie…

The people who don’t forge, always wanting the best of the best, but have no clue what it takes mentally to provide all of those thing…


Amen brotha!

^^ This.

Congratulations! You have spent so much time at the forge that you are now a fully fledged member of the “Borderline Insane, Massively Superstious Forging Conspiracy Theorist Club”. Your official inducted club member tinfoil hat will arrive by courier duck sometime in the next few weeks.

To soothe your broken nerves and dispel that uneasy feeling that a dev is watching you forge and laughing at you I suggest listening to this song on repeat while you sleep.


I was LITERALLY just sitting here thinking that @james and @Leahlemoncakes were sitting here watching me forge and just poking buttons to watch me rage, not even going to lie! xD

RNG=Really Not Good

but still, Boundless>Everything <3


Back when I used to forge my own stuff, i didnt even have it in me to try to forge the “best of the best” I just forged what I considered to be my minimum requirements for function and left it at that. And even that was too much and wore me out by the time I was done.


Yeah, that comment speaks volumes!

I’m such a calculated person, and forging realllllllllllly drives me nuts.
I LOVE making great things for the community, but my goodness, hours worth of forging for just a good couple SS of high end tools is so mentally draining at times!


This is essentially how my prices ended up as high as they were. I kept having to add more and more “price of my deteriorating sanity” tax to everything I forged. :joy:


But then people think that you overcharge because you “are money hungry and want to control the world” like ugh, I charge way less than I should for high level forging…

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You’ll never take control of the world by selling forged tools this way Nick!!


I just assume my heart is too big, and try to bring people good tools for as cheap as I can…

Honestly, I’m kind of shocked I broke down and made a forum post about it, 'cus I never do that…

But! Perhaps, I feel reinvigorated now. I got this!


I kinda have a bad habit when forging…

My motto in forging is ‘cheap enough, good enough’, so I try to figure out cheaper ways to forge with similar end results. This alone is already draining my sanity enough at times (ever considered pasteless forging cause with pastes you get a mere 2 more rounds with compounds & much higher prices? Not to mention defects :joy:)

Then my bad habit tends to kick in… I see boon levels that came out as ‘good enough’ as I originally targeted… but then I go thinking ‘but if I risk another round, I can get that HIGHER!’.
BOOM! Defect. Low boon roll so no extra boon level.
‘Just… Once… MORE…’

I’m even doing that with tight enough profit margins :rofl:


I Don t sell any forged Tools or weapons but i understand you Just want to make the best because i Forge for 4 Other Friends and thats nearly the Same with you for selling them i dont want to give them ■■■■…

Forged Yesterday 20 SS of Tools and this took me so much time because of getting boons which we’re ridiculous and Had to rebuild them fealt 500 Times…

Thats why i personally say every forger should sell there Tools and Equipment for more coins !!!
In this Case do not be the cheapest !!! All Other should do the Same you Spend so much time in IT and nerves the people must pay that !!!

Its easy to come buy Take an T6 hammer for example for let me say 8k , i think this the price These days, and goes mining getting 100-200k Out of IT in No Time…
And your benefit in the Same time at the Forge IS nearly Zero…

Forgot to say If every forger sells IT Higher the people will still buy IT because they Need IT forgers have the Control of the price !!!

Greetings Turrican2006


I always push for that NEXT level… I can’t help it!

Something about a 350 rank T5 hammer just makes me smile from ear to ear :ear::corn::ear::corn: lol


Yeah, I agree a bit. But, that’s what keeps boundless a free market, where anyone can charge what they want!

I agree, there should be a higher standard for pricing, but I also believe that I should make it affordable for newer players to afford.

This is my struggle, because I refuse to set anything in the forge that is sub par, at all!