Forging methods (continued from "What turns you off playing Boundless" post)

I will tell you what I told someone else above you:

Start using boon removal solvent 1 instead of decon resin. it will make your forging live sooo much easier!

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I have tried that and I end up running out of stability and getting a lesser item that I just don’t want to use. Maybe someone needs to do a guide that shows the way you are talking about cause I either have bad luck or am just doing it wrong.

Or they could just fix forging so it isn’t such a PITA,

This is not meant to be harsh in any way: but you’re doing it wrong!

Use draining boon 1 or corrupted 1, vigour catalyst 2, boon removal 1, some gums, stability paste 2, fate paste 2

I rarely get defects or quirks and I get 3x3, dmg level 8/9 (depending on gem type) and third boon level 8 or higher…

Play around with it, don’t just follow guides…

I agree that improvements could be made here or there but many complaints I hear and see are from people who use decon resins exclusively when they do not get a boon they want. This is very, very, very luck dependent and is absolutely not the way to go about things, the trick is knowing bad rolls will happen and using different things to handle them. That is also the fun for me with it.

Also, any ideas how you feel they could improve forging?

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You know I’ve been a long time advocate of using Decon resin… but I’m going to have to give this a go after seeing you recommend it a couple of times now. The last time you recommended it and mentioned how it makes it more engaging/challenging to get the right forge sometimes rather than just pure RNG kind of sold me.

However, I’ve always marketed my shop as a high end forged goods store though, and I deconstruct anything even slightly sub-optimal (quirks excluded because I like them, but that’s a whole other discussion, haha). And as a result I feel I would have to change my entire forging philosophy to make the boon removal method work for me.

But hey I can’t knock something until I’ve tried it, so I will try it.

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Same :slight_smile:

I did add lower end stuff too but I have to explicitly make them so!

Also depends what you mean with hi end of course.

For me that is 3x3, and 2 boons at level 8+

If you want to only sell max dura/max speed items, then yeah decon resin kinda works, but I can also get those with either boon removal (kinda more luck needed than usual) and also easier with boon transmute. But I do those mainly for special orders only, anything with 1600 dura or more has the same price in my shop…

I forge mostly the same way aenea does. It’s just a differently play style. Every forge is a good forge, certain forges are just better suited to different jobs. There are those who will only buy a specific product though so your ‘high end’ shop definitely has its place. I look at it as a boutique style shop.

For example I just cemented a forge on some sap hammers that dmg 8, 3x3, busy bee 7 and on my last boon application I went from 0 defect to a level 3 durability (-600) defect. I know a ton of people would have deconned that but that’s still 1600 hits (before epic skill and pie) of machine gun mining. I’ll make more back from those 3 hammers than what I ‘lost’ in the durability.

Definitely just different ways of viewing and playing the game.

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Yeah I solely sell durability or speed and I forge with quirks, ideally to the beneficial ones, I’m afraid that without the decon resin I could end up making some tools that would be very hazardous to the owners health, haha. And for slingbows, again I only make very select few varieties of and I rely on getting the maximum points into every boon to increase the value of them.

Still as I say I will give it a try. I have about 4 or 5 different forging methods that I use, depending on what I am forging and perhaps I can squeeze the boon removal into some method somehow. I flat out refuse to use boon transmute, my RR feathers are for forging lucient gear alone.


That is exactly what I used when I I did the removal method. I would keep using the removal and getting the wrong boon back. Either the one that was shared on the gum that I had 2 applied or it would it would give me a totally different boon that wasn’t even from the gum I used. I would barely get any of the boons leveled up before i would have to set it and forget it. For example it would be like 3, 4, and 4 for the boons I had if I was lucky and I would run out of vigor (sorry said stability before but I think it was vigor I was running out of) from having to use the removal stuff so much.

I suggested in the last post how they fix it. Either add couple more slots so I can have both deconstruct and removal both. And/or fix it so the gums don’t share the boons. I would rather have more gums added. Or another option would be make it not give me boons for a gum I don’t have applied.

Maybe I am just having terrible luck but forging the last couple of weeks has been a nightmare and nearly ready to drive me away from the game again.

I have multiple methods as well, added a few more with the cheaper gear now as well. I try not to use transmute too often on non-special orders but sometimes I’m lazy :smiley:

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Absolutely I agree with this. It’s just the way I have marketed myself and it is what my store has become successful for, people know that there will always be high quality tools and weapons available there, but it is definitely not the place to shop if you’re on a tight budget.

And that’s the way I have always regarded boon transmute, it’s a comfort item that comes at a cost both in money and to the quality of the final product. On lucient though it is the only way to forge them right so it’s a must have.

One thing I did notice though is that you recommend Stability 2? Have you tried Protection Paste 2 instead? By my reckoning stability 2 is far more vigor hungry than protection paste, but I could be wrong. I use Stability 1 in my slingbow setup as I have room for a third paste and it allows me to max forge my slingbows except for topaz/amethyst as long as the boon bar slider goes in my favour, but I found stabilization 2 just far too vigor hungry.

Stab 2 has the side benefit of also being able to give stability back when using items that do not use it in the round. Like gums.

When I’m low on stability or better, I can tell I will be low later on, I use it before I add some gums and stability goes up.

Also I’ve just been to your shop as I was curious. Those are indeed some nice forges!

But, some people, like me for instance, can’t stand quirks. I really wish the constant sound and animations on screen would be lessened a bit since that’s what makes them annoying to me.

Therefor my hi end tools have no quirks nor defects and the stats equal yours :wink:

So I’d say it might be worth investivating?

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First try on doing that removal method again and had to use 3 removals that really hurt vigor and then it gave me that stupid fragile gear defect. So am just scrapping it. I saw you said you could cancel a queue and get the gear back so at least there is that. I would have wasted the gear in the past.

Fragile gear defect?

What boon compound are you using? Do you also use Fate Paste 2?

I’m not too familiar with all the defect names, is that lower durability?

I can’t stand quirks or defects. I honestly feel like forging is hurting the game. It needs dumbed down. I think runs people off and there are only a handful of people that actually use or like it.

I use my fate paste after I get my boons since I have to vigor cat. off the gums. I use corrupted 1. And that is the second time I have got that defect today. the first time I had fate paste 2 active and it still managed to give it to me even though it was very low on the defect bar. I use skip so I didn’t see the rolls.

As I said before some minor changes I would be OK with, dumbing down would mean I will run off :wink:

It can be done, I do it all the time, sure I have some bad runs too now and then, but that doesn’t happen all that often.

Also when I’m tired or my head is just not in the right mindset and I need to forge that is when stuff goes wro g for me, a lot! Then I can cuss a lot too, haha

Use gums, then fate paste 2, then boon compounds… Chances are less hi to get activated quirks or defects when using it.

Edit, missed it, corrupted one

My head was in a good place till I had 2 hours of this BS. LOL

Tip, do two gums, say special, then corrupted 1, if not right boon, removal 1, if no boon at all risk it again with corrupted 1 (only now you will get defect points, not after the first roll). Once you have the first boon, vigour catalyst 2. Then two gums, Effect, Corrupted 1, etc. Once you have the first two. Stability 2, two gums, Fate Paste 2, boon compound…