What turns you off playing Boundless?

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… but may I ask what it is that you are trying to buy, on the off chance that I have it for sale?

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Another option is to eat floating food maybe? Can’t say I’ve tried it myself but I have the falling armour skill on my builder and that allows him to fall from quite a height without taking damage and the builders safety guild buff increases this even more so.

I think I’ve just convinced myself to make some floating pies and see just how durable my builder is by jumping from extreme heights, haha


This is slightly incorrect, You can indeed buy and sell things from that list, however it is correct you will have to fly over to the station you bought it in and pick it up if you want to move it somewhere else, or contract someone else to do so.

There is no universe market in EVE online, you have to enter the region to see the buy and sell orders for systems and stations in that region.

I know how it works in Eve Online, but it’s more then obvious that the devs don’t want that in Boundless, let alone an Auction House type of UI mini game.
That’s why I narrowed down my suggestion to something that doesn’t change the core gameplay and is merely a quality of life feature. A big and important one though.


The forging by 100 times. I spend so much time gathering forging mats then have to deconstruct most of my tries cause they I get junk I don’t want. Slowly and surely all my mats go away and end up with very little to nothing. When I do finally get the combo of boons I am going for then I get a defect lvl 3 that drops the durability down to 100. So once I again I have to deconstruct. It has been a mini game of how much cussing can it cause me to do. I don’t have the money to spend to buy a lot forged stuff. I don’t like selling well enough to spend time to get the money that way as it too hard to figure out what to charge price wise on stuff.

Something really needs to change. Either more gums so they don’t have multi boons on them. Or a couple more slots so I can have both deconstruct and removal solution and maybe something to remove the stupid defect. This game can be really good but the forging is a PITA.


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Another idea is to rework the santcum to show other players to make it feel more like a mmo

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Another idea is to add more weapons and tools like sword or sometime type of melee weapon and please add some short of automatic system like auto smelter or hoppers would be a huge step foward


Hey there :blush: a friendly reminder that we have a suggestion category for great ideas like these :+1:

What annoys me are these far too expensive recipes. When you look at how many sweet beans you need for the teaching pie, you wonder what the developers thought.

Part of the game feels like a simmulation of communism. Bad equipment, low resources, no money to buy on the market, no demanded goods to sell. There has been so much effort here to force the players to cooperate that the majority of the players have left the country. What’s left are a few elite party bigwigs and the rest of farmers who are somehow trying to survive after Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Finally, revise the recipes, remove useless products (no one needs and buys food or potions that are expensive to make and will do almost nothing). Revised the skill tree, so players on T6 + worlds without expensive buffs do not feel like they’re unskilled.

Grind is not a game content! Players can not be forced to play with other players, but you can promote it by making a game in the group more fun. But that does not work if 80% have already left in annoyance.


What are you talking about…scratching my head.
What crooked sellers…I don’t get it. U put a price on what u want to sell…if they like what they see. They buy…how can it be crooked.i am interested what u mean…not to change it mind

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I meant the whole economy in this game isn’t working as it should. Sometimes my use of the English languages isn’t accurate. :smiley:

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cuz its a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom the game relies so heavily on the economy but then puts all the work on the playerbase to make the economy work so you end up with a crooked system that the vast majority don’t want to participate in making it even worse for the people that do.

I rely 0 % on the economy and have played since PS release tho~
You can get all mats you want if you put in the effort, without any help from others.


yea i never said the player relies on the economy.

the game in my opinion and what prevents me from coming back is being built in a way to keep trying to push newer players to use the shop system by arbitrarily makeing things needless complicated or expensive…look at the last update and the current one in testing. farming to get water and lava you don’t collect it with a bucket no that would make sense. you need to forge a boon on a tool to magicly pick up the water (even more odd if you do it to a hammer or chisel)

and the lattice frames update again rather then just make a new type of chisel so that mid game players can access the content its another end-game forge thing so if someone wanted to access that content they would need to wait and hope they can understand the forge(and have the time to farm the the mats to try and fail donzens of times cuz rng is everything in boundless) or just buy it with coin they dont have.


If you or any other player need help with some stuff there is a lot of very helpful and friendly endgamers around to help out if you want to access content early.
At the end of the day the game is a block builder, if you could simply acess everything right of the bat it would be pretty boring imo. And if you want to jump its a simple matter of asking nicely ^^

but, we do need a shop list of some kind its impossible to find anything good priced without a tool to acess all shops and locations they are at.


I think his overall point is the way the game is currently set up , it’s only ever going to have a small player base. If that’s the case we will never see the thousands of planets in the sky that the developers told us we’d see .


Ah I understand, yes the game is currently set up to be on a slow burn. But I think this has to do with the “game plan” so it is intentional, I ll just wait and see how it goes from here.

Only a couple of things on my wish list for this game, otherwise I absolutely adore it. 1630 hours and still can hardly wait to log on everyday.

  1. It turns me off when I repeatedly try for resin and find ZERO.

  2. Wish there were a couple more community events in addition to group hunts. Maybe a fall community event with exchanging pumpkins or special fall leaves…maybe changing of the seasons celebration. Really enjoyed the Valentine Special Event, snowball meteor event, Spooky Seeds…great fun and brought the community together.

  3. Wish we had the option for Auto Run.

Thank you to the devs, you are doing an amazing job…keep on rockin! :blush::metal:


Double tap walk key twice and hold :smiley:

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