What turns you off playing Boundless?


I am constantly out of money and scratching things together to be able to do what I love doing in this game. Exo cost are way too high.

Spending most my time in the crooked economy is not my idea of fun btw so don’t make any suggestions in that regard :slight_smile:


It’s only like 95% crooked lol. There’s those few sellers that aren’t crooked. :sweat_smile:


Super frustrated today…building a tower and have fallen to my death about 7x



Have you tried doing a couple of mass crafts of trampolines and putting them all around underneath the area you’re working? They will break your fall from any height without killing you. You can then just remove them when you’re finished.


that is a great idea…I think I already have some in storage.

what is wrong with me??? lol


Don’t they changed it so they damage you now?


It’s what I’ve been using recently, they’ve saved me plenty of times :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I have to admit I haven’t tried from max height but they help from pretty high with no damage.


I just wasted 2 hours of my life for nothing, trying to find a shop that sells the stuff i’m looking for.
I went trough countless hubs and malls. Without success.
That can’t be the way trading is supposed to work in this game. It’s not fun, it’s not even a game, it’s just wasting huge amounts of time.
There are probably hundreds of thousends of shop stands in this universe scattered across 50 planets and 1.061.683.200‬ (1 BILLION) square blocks how are we ■■■■■■■ supposed to find the one we need? By pure chance? No thank you, my life is too short for that.
And it gets worse and worse the more the universe grows and the more items are added.

Why can’t we get something like this ingame?

My suggestion is not meant to be an auction house, you can’t directly buy or sell anything.
It is just a universe wide (or planet wide) overview, You still have to go there and pick the stuff up yourself.

I don’t mind traveling to shop stands to pick stuff. It’s actually exciting and satisfies the explorer needs. Trying to locate the shop that sells the stuff that you want, based on planet name and coordinates, it’s like a scavenger hunt and far more fun and exciting the running in circles through the same shop portals aimlessly.
The boundless trade website showed me a lot of nice builds and locations this way that I would have never visited otherwise.
It gives exposure to small shops. Without an overview like that you always revert back to the big shops/malls with the big portals.
Spending 2+ hours looking for stuff and comparing prices sounds like fun at first but is not viable for years to come.
Esp with stuff that only very few shops offer and Esp after using the boundless trade website for the past months it’s now impossible for me revert back to wasting time on epic proportions like that.

So unless we get an overview like this again I’m afraid that the boundless economy is dead to me and I have to revert to soloing everything. (Which I don’t really want, since it’s supposed to be an MMO.)

I just noticed that the image i posted says “regional market”, so maybe it doesn’t even have to be universe wide, maybe just planet wide or current planet + the ones visiable in the sky.
Heck, even render distance wide would be a huge help.


You made a very great summation of what I have been going on about regards to new players the last few weeks. This is the exact reason my friends have quit. Just trying to find anything takes a long time and it is not fun at all.


Off the topic…

… but may I ask what it is that you are trying to buy, on the off chance that I have it for sale?


Another option is to eat floating food maybe? Can’t say I’ve tried it myself but I have the falling armour skill on my builder and that allows him to fall from quite a height without taking damage and the builders safety guild buff increases this even more so.

I think I’ve just convinced myself to make some floating pies and see just how durable my builder is by jumping from extreme heights, haha


This is slightly incorrect, You can indeed buy and sell things from that list, however it is correct you will have to fly over to the station you bought it in and pick it up if you want to move it somewhere else, or contract someone else to do so.

There is no universe market in EVE online, you have to enter the region to see the buy and sell orders for systems and stations in that region.


I know how it works in Eve Online, but it’s more then obvious that the devs don’t want that in Boundless, let alone an Auction House type of UI mini game.
That’s why I narrowed down my suggestion to something that doesn’t change the core gameplay and is merely a quality of life feature. A big and important one though.


The forging by 100 times. I spend so much time gathering forging mats then have to deconstruct most of my tries cause they I get junk I don’t want. Slowly and surely all my mats go away and end up with very little to nothing. When I do finally get the combo of boons I am going for then I get a defect lvl 3 that drops the durability down to 100. So once I again I have to deconstruct. It has been a mini game of how much cussing can it cause me to do. I don’t have the money to spend to buy a lot forged stuff. I don’t like selling well enough to spend time to get the money that way as it too hard to figure out what to charge price wise on stuff.

Something really needs to change. Either more gums so they don’t have multi boons on them. Or a couple more slots so I can have both deconstruct and removal solution and maybe something to remove the stupid defect. This game can be really good but the forging is a PITA.

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Another idea is to rework the santcum to show other players to make it feel more like a mmo


Another idea is to add more weapons and tools like sword or sometime type of melee weapon and please add some short of automatic system like auto smelter or hoppers would be a huge step foward


Hey there :blush: a friendly reminder that we have a suggestion category for great ideas like these :+1:


What annoys me are these far too expensive recipes. When you look at how many sweet beans you need for the teaching pie, you wonder what the developers thought.

Part of the game feels like a simmulation of communism. Bad equipment, low resources, no money to buy on the market, no demanded goods to sell. There has been so much effort here to force the players to cooperate that the majority of the players have left the country. What’s left are a few elite party bigwigs and the rest of farmers who are somehow trying to survive after Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Finally, revise the recipes, remove useless products (no one needs and buys food or potions that are expensive to make and will do almost nothing). Revised the skill tree, so players on T6 + worlds without expensive buffs do not feel like they’re unskilled.

Grind is not a game content! Players can not be forced to play with other players, but you can promote it by making a game in the group more fun. But that does not work if 80% have already left in annoyance.