What turns you off playing Boundless?


3rd day where I’ve had horrid RNG on forging, after that I have no desire to play. Today is another one of those days.


I agree I have mines myself but I never plot it out that no one can get to it…there is one place I found that they plotted all way around and you cannot even access the area at all…to me it’s so selfish and not needed in a community based game. But what do u do…they can just say it’s there base. They are allowed to do it. But it is rude …anyway


Wow…did u just read my mind…spot on


Not a major turn off but repairing the coils. Oh man. Sometimes i delay cooking stuff that i need just because i cant get myself to repair them.


Oh repairing the coils…I’d rather attend an orrian speech. That’s brutal in it’s own.


Tony hawk 2 - trekken 3😁


Lack of an embedded build planner and being unable to pin recipes (bad memory here). Also multi colored glass and fencing would be nice to see.


And you won’t find them because portals are to expensive. Why have a portal to your interesting build? That just costs money and requires constant upkeep. Portals are only used for shops, which is boring,


Can I ask, do you strictly use decon resin or do you use solvents when you do not get the boon you want?

Vansten’s method is nice but at a certain point you will want to change it and using decon resin exclusively means you will have a bad time way more often than necessary.

Also which boon compounds are you using?


I know this is a very old post but as a new player the thing that puts me off a little, and it’s only a minor issue, is the durability my character. I feel they are 2 easily killed by mobs unless I put loads of skill points into armour etc and early game that’s not easy to do.


Not sure how effective they are but you could try find somewhere that sells sheilding loaves/pies?
I remember gathering on Lamblis early level and not daring to stop for fear of attack haha, early level oortians really are rather vulnerable


I’ll have a look cos that’s what I’m doing, jump through a portal and then run as fast as I can to where I’m going to mine :joy:


I kind of miss that fear :rofl:


Oh, right, the other thing that turns me off of Boundless is my framerate with particle effect-heavy areas. Doing a meteor while it’s raining in a grassy area is JUST the worst.


Just want to start out by saying I have put around 1000 hours into this game since 2016, and I still do care about this game.

That said, I have decided to take an extended (and quite possibly permanent) break from the game. The main reason for this is the grinding that the game requires. It’s not the resource grind that I’m referring to though, it’s the time required to do much of anything in the game. Getting basic resources, even with AoE tools, take a long time for the quantities you end up needing. Crafting timers, while I have never been against them, can take ridiculously long times depending on what you’re crafting. Now add in farming timers, secondary and tertiary crafting ingredients…and the time adds up.

I’ve taken a step back from gaming and become a much more casual gamer, only playing an hour or two a day. Progress outside of one round of crafting became quite literally impossible for me. I found I had to choose solely between getting resources and crafting resources most of the time. Anybody who knows how much I crafted knows that I would have entire meshes maxed out with machines doing mass crafts. So if I was crafting, it took up my entire time just setting everything up.

I think the only thing that might bring me back to the game at this point would be if the game became friendly to casual players instead of just hardcore ones. I’m not lucky like @the-moebius where everyone gives me blocks to build with all the time, though granted he has his own little empire to run :stuck_out_tongue:.

The farming update was the final straw for me in all honesty. I was really looking forward to it, but after testing it out and realizing how it was going to work, it was a total turn off for me. I know it has been made a bit easier to manage since I last played, but I frankly don’t feel encouraged to spend my free time looking for plants on exoworlds. The time that even base crops take to grow didn’t line up very well with the community polls either, though I don’t and won’t claim to know any reasoning behind that.

In the end, all I can really offer is my viewpoint, and hope that updates in the future make the game more friendly for players with fairly limited time to play. The devs I’m sure will continue trying to do their best, even if some of the decision they make don’t seem to line up with their players wishes. Sorry for rambling, but I feel like some of what I’m saying really does need to be addressed for the playerbase to grow.


I strictly use the decon resin.

I’m pretty solidly in what I would consider mid game. I forge using the cheapest method that I could come up with, considering I’m mostly a solo player and provide all my own items. On tools I really only need AOE and Devastating Damage, so I put up 2 special gums/ 2 effect gums, protection paste, fate paste and then Draining Boon Compound 1 or Pure Boon compound 1. Since I only need 2 of the 4 boons generally I’ll just deconstruct anything that doesn’t come out correctly the first couple of rolls, but lately I’m having to deconstruct everything and it’s very frustrating. At the end of a 30 minute forging session and I have nothing to show for it except lost time, lost materials and a whole heck of a lot of frustration with Boundless.

And thanks for asking! I’m not sure there is any advice for my forging, except to start making the higher end forging ingredients, but I’m not quite there yet.


Yep, and that is very, very frustrating and that’s why I never use decon resin and if you go look at Original Forgeries, my shop, you can see that I’m not doing all that bad :wink:

Try replacing decon resin with boon removal solvent 1, it’s really cheap to make and not really high end at all and it will make sure you can do 2 to 3 batches that are nice after 30 minutes!

Especially since you only aim for 2 boons you will have plenty of stability and vigour to play with even when you have to use the solvents more than once!

Heck I showed someone once a forge where quite a few things went wrong rng wise, I still managed to get a quirk/defect free 3x3 diamond, lvl 8 dmg and lvl 8 durability tool out of it :slight_smile:

Thing is, and here’s something that I myself find very important. Using decon resin means you DO rely on luck, nothing more, nothing less, it’s also rather boring to do and when the luck seems especially bad it’s frustrating as heck.
Using boon removal 1 a bad boon roll can be changed and yes, even then you can get really, really unlucky and keep getting magnet over and over but the fun for me with forging is trying to handle those situation, it lets me think, if I do this, can I still get to do that and if I do that will I be able to, etc., etc.
It turns it from a frustrating boring thing to do into a more puzzle like thing that needs solving.

Fun fact: I see forging as a deck building card game. The compounds, gums, solvents, pastes etc. are the cards with which you construct a deck and you need to play the right cards at the right moments and react to what the game throws you.

Using decon resin 1 you’re not really reacting, you just start over when something is not going your way.

Granted it is a cheap method, it’s also a method where you can end up having the most stability and vigour to play with (without using a rather mats expensive method), which means you can get all 3 boons higher but it comes at a cost of lots of frustration.

If you want to talk more about this in PM’s shoot me a msg!


That’s interesting I use deconstruct and I am achieving rank 320 hammers etc… I actually put 3 of each boon as I need them…example 1 stablization paste 3 effect boon plus 1 fate paste then draining boon and using this method i get what i want. But i am open to any ideas…


Thing is, if you forge a lot having to start over and over is frustrating. I can usually still manage to get a sellable item even when things go terribly wrong.

Only items where that’s not the case are low effectiveness items like totems. But there I still do not use decon resin, I just take the hit in forging mats, when stuff goes terribly wrong and know I can’t possibly save it anymore I set it and then cancel it from the queue. I lost the forging mats but not the items I was trying to forge…


That’s exactly what it is, I think! It’s just a new spin on the premise. My favorite method to hate is where you build your vig up and stability up way above base line, like 4-8k vig/stab instead, by chasing various buffs and using catalyst on those buffs or using the stab paste to boost the stab…and then you just throw pure boon at it until you until you have the perfect ranks you want. It’s tedious, guaranteed, and super expensive forging. I’ve done it a few times and my patience to do that rivals the patience I have to sit in a regen farm. I absolutely hate doing and only do it for things like grapples that I’ll see an ROI on time / use out of them. A perfect pair of grapples are worth that work… not much else is , for me.