What turns you off playing Boundless?


Was contemplating the same thing a while ago, yet I want chisels and dont really care about making a complex redstone switch system atm. Plus graphics are way nicer and the plotting system is too. If you wanna build build build, its not that difficult and for me at least the gathering and making of stuff for building in between is a nice change of pace.

edit: i do use texture packs and other mods ofc on MC


True…good reminder…been down that road often

Might take an AC odyssey break and see if that recharges my brain…lol


Taking a break is always a good choice no ONE game can ever be so perfect that we wont stop playing at some point^^


The plot/beacon/guild system.


Had a pretty good MC addiction going until Boundless… :smile: I still kill time in it, but play it very weird, explore random seeds, dig endless tunnels, hoard stuff and build hardly anything… :sweat_smile:


When I first started playing MC, I literally had to remind myself to blink and to eat food :open_mouth:


I’ve gone back to MC and I’m quite happy with that choice. Tho I always missed the sticky pistons and red stone. Also as I’m mostly solo player leaving the mmo aspect behind is not an issue for me.


Having buffers


That is kind of what I do. I explore random seeds but build stuff a long ways apart and connect them with endless tunnels. No idea why I do that. Haha


+buffer system


What turns me off from playing Boundless?



when players feel entitled and show a lack of respect for other players


What kills me is the amount of resources it takes to craft things like tools marble etc it takes away from the building part of the game for me cause I’m constantly having to gather stuff


Also it’s more geared toward team work and having a guild but if your a solo player your kinda screwed. With that being said I feel like you guys are missing chunk of the market cause a lot of people that play games like Minecraft play it solo


While that’s true, this game is marketed as an MMO, and not a solo experience…at least not before we get private planets.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: MMO should change to fit the needs of every player who chooses to play. Only one person buys the game for their personal use. It’s a solo purchase. :wink: With that thought, maybe some might get to meet someone when they are ready, and others go in wanting to play with fellow users.

I didn’t go into MMOs to play with others persay, mainly because I am from the generations before online. I play them knowing they are alive with a community, and I can see others playing. :sunglasses:

Just my opinion on why I’d like to see more ease for the solo gamer. Maybe it’s an additional skill set with its own type of configuration. :heart_eyes:


i love the game i have over 1400 hours but the dislikes i have are

-everything takes so much upkeep/maintenance.need to have endgame stuff that helps upkeep.
-the trailer has diffrent species and clothing/armor…game dose not.
-im on east coast …i cant go to EU/AUS world for majority of the day latency is to high and get rubber banded.
-over 250 colors and u may have one new color on a exo ,one out of 3/4 exos …do the math,maybe lucky to get third of colors in a years time
-you cant, but would like to see u able to toggle a smart stack of blank atlas’s to all fill to desired planet with out having to fill out each individually.

  • would like to also see a mass craft all button instead of me speed clicking for minutes on end.
    -would like to also see a cancel all button also to stop all crafting.
    -your atlas’s of the past gone exo’s reset to blank me and alot of other players would like it to keep info to make a dead world library. or also use atlas to show what planet we would like, if u can choose yours when private world come out .
    -need better fuels for portals some of the biggest portals only last couple days…real life happens and not always able to get back to fuel them in time.
    -need a overhaul on forging equipment, its not even remotely easy at all .
    -the atmosphere color sometimes is really bad should be able to toggle it off.
    -NEED TO MAKE SO U CAN’T PUT PETOLIM AND RESIN IN ATLAS, make it last abit longer for people who cant make it to the exo within the first 30 mins to hour .
    -dont know if u know but resin and petrolim when made solid still makes a liquid noise when block is broken…its a solid now…needs new sound.

these are just some of the things i can think of PLEASE keep up with the good work and listen to ur players that have the hours put into the game


Cluttertrunks. It just feels like you either have to resort to cheesy tactics or simply out gear them. It seems like either I get one shot or they are no challenge at all, the point where it feels like skill comes into play is very narrow. The homing attacks simply don’t play well with the speed of the game.


Fueling portals.

In every other game I play (yeah yeah…“Boundless isn’t like other games…” lol), they are hard to make, then they stay open once you create them. They are lifelines in Boundless, yet so high maintenance.

I don’t think it’s hard to open & fuel portals in BL, just a total not-fun, annoying, P.I.T.A. high-maintenance thing. I have enough to remember to do during my irl day without worrying about everything in BL expiring (buffs, portals, beacons…). :woman_shrugging: A few permanent portals (that maybe stay open as long as your beacon is fueled) would be awesome. </end rant>

  1. Lag. Just, in general, can’t really go to exoworlds or do meteors without experiencing lag at the same time, and lag is very deadly in this game.
    1.5) also ice is annoying when you’re also lagging and trying to fight

  2. Poor NPE has left me feeling lost and mostly coasting now. Not really following intended progression because my friend’s already done it.