What turns you off playing Boundless?


That is what I was trying to say I explained poorly.


The farming update


Forging. Only thing I dislike about the game.


Having to gather 10 things just to make one thing is a bit to much sometimes


Communication with other players can sometimes feel a bit difficult - especially if the player might be new and not have a mailbox.

I wish the game had an actual mail system, like what mmorpgs tend to have. It allows sending items and such to players, who then gets a notification when they log in next, and can pick it up freely.

I don’t think it’d discourage meeting up for trades, since said games tend to have a delay of an hour or-so before the mail arrives at its target, provided it contains items and not just text.

It’s definitely be a convenience thing I’d love to have.

Hell, maybe delivery time could be based on the Blinksec distance between the sender and recipients? That’s be interesting.


I know guild wars 2 had the system you mention about.
It worked pretty nice if my memory is correct XD


Absolutely. I really love the system that game has in terms of mail.

It made it all the more fun for my science gremlins to get a letter, when it’s delivered by a Christmas gift dropping from orbit, and then exploding into confetti with a silly sound effect.

Blessed gem store content that was worth every cent to buy. :joy:


I’m with you on that one.


The frequent rain, hail and snow.


I build a skyshield against the snow at my home, works pretty good^^ but I do live on Houchus so no complaints about the constant snow.

Took two breaks since I started playing back on PS4 release and I must say that the game improved a lot and grinding has decreased significantly since I started, which is a big plus so thank you for that!

Farming is a lot of fun and well implemented, I’ve seen though that the energy return values on the new fuels is not where I would expect them to be. A little increase here would be nice (5%-10% on energy return value).

Also on the matter of goo farming (it’s a blast I love it, thank you!) still the return is a bit too low, considering even a perfect primary color kernel has the chance to mutate to some useless tertiary color when I go for the crop. Maybe a smallish percentage boost on the seed return during the mutation phase, 2%-5% more?

On the other hand it would also help if the yield was inceased a bit. On the current system I think that it will take me about 2-3 months to gather enough colors for an artwork (about 5k blocks of non natural colors).

Note: I have an average sized farm not a behemoth^^ but even a bigger setup will have an abscence of the gleam colors (gleambow drops) needed for primary/secondary color mutation.

TL;DR; The hard grind which used to turn me off has been fixed. Energy return values on new fuel and farming goo both could use a small boost.


I’ve been gone for a good long while from the game, mainly because I do not find it fun anymore. I wanted to make a little post here to maybe bring up some insight into why it was not fun for me anymore. I keep asking myself what was it that burnt me out, and what was it that was not fun anymore? The basic answer to those 2 question came down to, it was much more fun in Alpha when things were much simpler. So, I break it down below so maybe the devs would have more insight.

  1. The survival aspect. The constant need to eat. That was one of them. But, I understand that the design of the game needed the survival aspect as it was advertised as such. What I dislike about the survival aspect? I use an extreme example from the acursed Dark and Light game. You are trying to run away or fight a panther; half way thru a fight you armour gave, then you become hungry and can’t fight or run anymore. Given, Boundless doesn’t have armour, but it does bring back that feeling of frustration at the survival aspect.

  2. The grindiness compared to Alpha. Yes, I know we are not in Alpha anymore but this is feedback, AND it really was less grindy and more fun then. I am a builder, mostly, I had such a hard time looking for blocks of the right colors to build with to get a certain feel to my builds. It was down right frustrating and agonizing. But, now you have the painting feature in, it might elevate that part.

  3. The RPG point spending aspect to help pigeon hole a character. I love RPG games, the current system just takes it to another level of “pigeon holing” and adds very little to the enjoyment of the game. I feel that the system needs some drastic modifications to simplify it more to make it easier for everyone to grasp. There is no dice rolling here to see if you can hit the mob and how much dmg did you do with that hit, or if you dodged the aoe blast or a direct hit from a mob. Instead the stats decided to control some things most takes it for granted as being automatic. Maybe time to have a look at how DnD or some other RPG system to see how they managed to simplify it, but yet its deep enough for customization. The current system has some, but mostly too complicated to be fun and interesting.

Those are mostly what I can think of for the moment. Before I end this post, I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to the devs for being responsive and listening to the player base alot. Really, thank you very much. And, thanks to all the players for being such a great community.

And with that, I will be taking a long break from the game. When I do return, I have plans to start a new project somewhere that would bring back the feel of Ynys Afallon in Alpha.


Looking at the big picture it would be great to have more content and things to do.

-Add armour slots and armour with stats acquired via crafting and/or loot
-Some way to buy and sell real estate that doesn’t have negative unintended consequences
-Something like redstone/machines
-More to do with the animals (pets, farming)
-Contracts system so you can put money in escrow to be claimed by another party when they have completed a build for you, for example
-More game modes, leader boards, seasons, hardcore mode where characters have one life and their beacons either die with them or stay until expired and can be used by new HC characters on same account as character that placed them

just a few thoughts


So I do love the game and keep playing because it’s fun and unique. Also because of the community, which I think is second to none, especially the the interactions between players and devs. But there are somethings that do turn me off from time to time.

I think it’s mostly a content issue. For one, some of the roadmap content is really far behind and seems to be lost in the shuffle and skipped over. It also seems that there’s a tendency to increase the grind and make things more complicated than adding or continuing with content. I find the lack of an aquatic life to be a huge missed opportunity in this game. The mobs are essentially the same on every planet, it’s just the appearance and difficulty that changes, there’s not much diversity there. Overall I’m happy with the game and where I think it’s going to go, but I do believe there is an expiration date for it if the content doesn’t improve. Now that’s not to take anything away from the devs, I do appreciate their work and think they’re very talented, it’s just to imply that I believe there’s quite a ways to go to retain and attract new players and get this game to its potential.


Ok, my turn. ( english understanding, bad )

Ive been playing for a bit and could say game lacks of building content, even so you have the current one, while trying to farm it, you slowly lose intrest in building or forget what you wanted to build.

Right now I see boudless more of a market simulator rather than a building game I was expecting, sh1ty roads, builds left and right to get more prestige rather than nice build. There is not much player that builds some intresting stuff to get inspired by.

game is designed so that kids could play it but even so, we need all that math and spreed sheets to cauculate how much of number I need in order to whack a stone block with one shot.

Lots of skills looks more like a they should be as passive skills.

Meaning of ultra rare is not so rare at all.

no weekend events like " increased drop from gold nodes by % for period of time"

Community based game and yet need alts ( how can ya develop a trust torwards players) , Can’t see level beyond 50+, I wish there was a level number near health bar so I know that is expierienced player or low level so I dont have to open interact menu and see just a 50+ or less.

Forums - Every damn day I check it and it feeels like ppl are just presuring devs. Gota feeling that they will soon hate what they do. Be happy its not BETHESDA.

let the hate rain over me begins.


There are a lot … they are just scattered across 50 planets…

It was easier to notice great stuff when there were only 12.


You should come and visit Sochaltin, I think it’s called The Gate now, used to be Sunken City. There are some amazing builds there, I’m very lucky to have some really creative and artistic neighbour’s.


I was looking at your wonderful waterfall cascade rice farm the other day Grey, looks amazing, we have to get that road organised at some stage :slight_smile:


Thanks Bone, it’s just a small one, more of a hobby farm really although I am thinking of branching a couple of extra waterfalls off of it to increase the yield a little.


Just general burnout…

I have really enjoyed Boundless and have met some nice people. I have most definitely gotten my money’s worth from the game. No regrets!!! The most fun for me was exploring all the planets.

However, I have reached a point where I just want to build. I don’t have much interest in owning a shop and am burned out on hunting meteors. Am I crazy to think I should probably just be playing Minecraft?


MC is okay, but it gets boring real quick.