What turns you off playing Boundless?


Sure, there’s that risk. I personally wouldn’t want such a feature to not exist because of possible trolls.
The owner could possibly report & hide some comments and only leave what he finds nice, like how it works on the forums.


Hey guys, if yall want to discuss an idea further then please make a new topic and continue there, thanks!


So here goes my second post I am not hating on higher levels or people that have put more time in than me however i do feel limits should be put on plots owned on at least the beginning planets. I just got my son started on this game and was trying to get him started near me when I noticed this gigantic portion of the planet on the heat map lit up like Christmas tree. You really dont stand a chance in gaining titles for the planet when someone can just swoop in and buy up large masses of land and have stuff that is not even obtainable for beginning players. I do understand the multiple counter arguments to this but there has to be a middle ground somewhere. I am also not trying to delagitamize the work and time people have put into this but maybe put bonuses for buildings on higher tier worlds and penalties for higher levels building on lower tier worlds and maybe cap plots on lower tier worlds. Next more variety in stuff you can build and this would also flesh out skill tree split as I mentioned above. More furniture, maybe some wall hangings, statues in which you could find this stuff in the world while your hunting. Some good examples would be portal knights was really cool you could go in a dungeon and harvest the gargoyles or statues to put into your base. Next randomized dungeons and buildings throughout the worlds. Something to explore something to see, and maybe a little lore that can be discovered in game.


Recipies in machines that dont have recipies such as the foundry or smelter or what ever it’s called. There are a lot of recipies in game that I just am not going to remember. It does take away from the game when you have to go out of game to look it up. I kind of want to see recipies in the centraforge but I dont know how that would work with rng on it. I hope you take my feedback as feedback not hating on the game.


I would vote no to this because some people enjoy the beauty & serenity of the lower lush planets. They have no desire to fight meteors, deal with enemies, and use up their tools at a higher rate on a higher tier planet. You can level up really fast by just mining and placing blocks - those folks shouldn’t be relegated to building on only high tier planets.

There are 50 planets, so there can only be so many great cities and wardens. Not everyone will achieve those titles. Honestly I wish those titles/achievements didn’t exist, but it’s how BL wants it.

There are tons of planets and plots. You might want to explore a bit and see if you can find an area/planet that you prefer. I know there are still some nice big pieces available on Angel 1.

Edit to add: you have some good ideas in your 1st post that I do agree with :+1:. You might consider posting those things in the suggestion category instead of on this post.


I am on Angel 1 I am not saying there is not plots. Just felt discouraged when I finally got my son in game our plans of ruling it were dashed by the great pyramid of gleam.


Oh and my settlement is Anevmial over by green acres.


That happened to me once or twice also so I totally understand. I built next to a lake that I was looking forward to building docks on, etc…only to discover later that it was entirely plotted lol. All I can suggest is for you two to explore and maybe find an area that has a little more room, if you need it. :slightly_smiling_face:


The furnace has a recipe list these days.

Also penalties for high level players on low level worlds, really?

Can’t believe there isn’t a planet out there which has lots of space left for you so I don’t see the point of this at all.

Besides once those low level planets get fuller with plotted land a new one will spawn which will be completely empty…


he was not talking about space more the fact that a level 500+ can go to a starter world drop 2K plots and build “gleam city” and become a warden that no player naturely on that world would ever have a chance of competing with. the devs implanted a form of competitive gameplay to BL that is heavily favored towards vet players


Which machine doesn’t have a recipe list? (I thought they all did now.)

Do you mean the Forge?


A lack of no real feeling of progression really turns me off in the long run. I’d love for a “mastery” system to be implemented, rather than just pointlessly gathering levels.

I feel like a “mastery” system would bring a whole new life also to crafting, grinding and gathering too. Like craftable costumes, weapon skins or even mounts (everyone loves rideable mounts, especially dragons :sweat_smile::grimacing:)


I have to agree. In the long run, level gathering is actually all it really is now. Although, I love Boundless and not yet reached my boredom level, but I can fully see why no real objective/progression incentive could turn people off. Me personally? I want to be able to farm animals, tame them and bounce my way into the horizon aloft a chunky hopper. Your suggestions, however, are less…immature. lol. I have to remember that Boundless is still a canvass of potential and am optimistic that, in time, we’ll see much of what you and others are suggesting. :hugs:


the emphasis on grind instead of fun has caused me to log in less and less you just plateau and everything becomes a calculation of how much does adding this cost me in grind. The game shouldn’t feel like a second job its a game. Also I feel like forging was kinda ruined with the venerable update I used to enjoy forging now I loathe it.


A smelter is a furnace. I’m thinking he is referring too. Like “how to” make glass for one example. :slight_smile:


I also just want to throw in here. I love this game. The developers I think have great intentions and are trying their best to give us a great experience. There has never been a game where feedback from the community was so desired by the creators I’ve played. Love all you guys!


But the furnace has a recipe list.


Nice, yeah I didn’t post that but I’m sure he will see it. I never looked at recipes in the furnaces. Thanks :slight_smile:


Yup can confirm - furnace/foundry/smelter does indeed have a recipe list now


So scratch that I didn’t even notice because its backwards from the other machines. Recipe list pops first.