What turns you off playing Boundless?


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The race for the new liquids is pretty stupid right now. I stopped trying after the first exos with new liquids came out.


I kind of wish that EXOs would follow normal world regen anyways. It would mean people would get more out of them. Also, all crops getting the ability to have 100% or higher seed chance would be nice.


So you are asking for non-special Exos. Basically us taking the unique rare parts of why Exo planets were created in the first place and remove that as a reason.

I’m not for or against just trying to really clarify.


No. That isn’t even remotely what I said. I said I wish they would regen like normal worlds. Them appearing and disappearing like they do is fine.


Sorry if it sounded like I was misquoting you. The “no regen” is part of the “Exo design.” So I guess I just meant that one reason of many on why Exo are the way they are is what you wanted removed.


Yes, I’d like them to just be worlds that you can only get exclusive stuff from but regen just the same as normal worlds while also them appearing and disappearing.

This whole no regen stuff I think is what’s physically time gating people. I know that I am not able to get on EXOs or even play the game enough each week to get where I want and that is a spiraling side effect of the line of work I have.

Ultimately what is more fun and enjoyable for the players is what needs to be done and not some “vision” that the developers have for something.

That’s all.


Well, personally, I’d enjoy them more if they weren’t disappearing.
Something like “wild worlds”, where you can’t build because of how nature is more perennial. But you could harvest resin and petrolum, use regen bombs, etc, but the creatures would be overwhelming?
I dunno, just spitballing.
I’m just not fond of exo-worlds in general.


Im getting very bored with the game. First, I really have nothing I want to build. I wont craft in this game even tho I love to craft in most all other games. The crafting is way to bulky. It takes 50 steps to make one simple item. By the time Ive made the first 2 components, Ive forgotten what Ive started crafting. Its also way way way way way too time consuming. I can understand a time sink but honestly…takes too long… For the average player, I feel forging is way too complex. When I have to go to several different players ingame and be “taught” how to forge…then its too complex. I shouldn’t have to watch videos, ask tons of players and go to college just to forge. Maybe one video or a few instructions but this is ridiculous. For this, I don’t forge. I never really enjoyed hunting in any game. Im usually a crafter/builder. In boundless, its even worse. Its the same creature over and over on every single planet. At this point, they are just a frustrating annoyance. I know exactly what loot to expect. There is no thrill of…if I kill this I might get something exciting from it. How about throwing some random loot on them whether it be bad or good. A hammer or bag of bombs or a piece of dirt…whatever …just something different for once. The inventory turns me off. Im so tired of sucking up every piece of junk and having to empty my inventory again and again. How about a trash can in our inventory or some way to get rid of stuff so Im not tossing it to the next guy standing next to me. These are my main pet peeves. :slight_smile:


Would more building focused assets (bookstand, desk, bed, etc) or already created blueprints or game quests or objectives to build something help solve the building part of your issues? If not what might help inspire that part of building? Or did I misunderstand and you don’t really have any interest any way in building?


The lack of endgame content has turned me off. I started playing early October taking my sweet time and enjoying the leveling process. By January I was forging my own gears and getting good at it. By March I’ve gotten really good at it and the only room for expansion in that area is perfect forges which I have no interest in doing because the benefit doesn’t out weigh the cost to make. Since I’m 50+++ with top level gears I have nothing to do but go hunting and slaughter everything that smiles at me. Nothing is a challenge it’s all just weak. I almost want to start taking non forged gold/titanium bows on hunts just for entertainment value. I don’t build unless it’s for function, I don’t see the need to design and build something that has no function, it does not compute. I’m a food crafter and I had zero interest in farming before the update and even less after. I really feel that the devs need to put end game content in. Something to kill…or attempt to kill with all my crazy forged gears. A reason to make the gears I made other than to make the game crazy easy.
I keep playing because of the community and my guild. Apart from interaction with them I usually do nothing. Fill a shop stand, collect a beacon que up a craft or 2 and that’s a usual day. Lately I’ve resorted to trying to entertain myself rather than having the game entertain me, and that is a scary state since games are meant to entertain.


Ive seen a lot of awesome builds out there but the majority of them that you go into are big huge empty voids. I like to build for a purpose. Ive built like 7 storage/machine rooms to date. I tear them down and build them again and its just getting old. More storage options so we don’t all have cubes sitting on our walls or shalves. How about some chests? Furniture would be awesome. How about lighting made from gleam other then lanterns…just something different. How about different windows other then just glass? Will it ever be possible to chisel smaller then 1/8 of a block (smaller pixel shapes?) Im honestly not sure what it will take to keep me occupied but those are some suggestions off the top of my head. As for Tamelcoe’s post about end game…this is why I still think random loot on mobs would help. Just my opinion :slight_smile:


That’s why I have zero interest in exos and have yet to set foot on one. For me Boundless is a building game. adding all this content in a no build zone isn’t what interests me and kinda devalues building, for me.

Building feels, to me, more and more like housing where you can just put down a trophy you brought back from your exo trip.


Exos are what keep me playing at this point. Its something new to see and something to see.


Instead of Regen, if you made them difficult to get instead of just rare, it would make it much more engaging and prevent them from being wiped out in the first hour of an exo spawn.


So just to start off I love this game it has great potential. As it is now it is now I would give it a average rating for content. I very rarely voice my opinions on games but I want this one to succeed. I see the love the dev team put into this game. The innovation of being able to shape blocks is awesome but that can only take you so far. When I am playing I dont feel a connection to the world or worlds there is no real story or interaction with the them only player interaction. In the time I have been playing I have only had maybe one or two people even talk to me. I feel some npc’s and maybe some quest lines with some lore can make this a little better. The skill tree in my opinion is horrible really need to flesh this out more and maybe make three separate skill trees hunter gatherer crafter. The five point skills should be broke down down so you feel like your consistently progressing. Right now you either put points into a single point skill or save and feel like you have made no progression for 3 levels when you finally have the points to get a five point skill. It is very slow to progress in levels especially after 25 you want to feel you accomplished something for that level. I have more that I will post later. Hope this helps some.


I have to agree here - I’ve seen it evolving from beginning and I’m used to it, but I bet it’s quite confusing and not very readable for new players.
Could use some re-work for sure.


I’d love more decoration, though something usable would be nice too, like a guestbook or notebook of sorts to use for large messages instead of signs.

Though to add to this thread, I have one thing that’s disappointed me recently;

My exoplanet atlas(es?) having wiped clean once the exoplanets vanished… :frowning:

Guest book & Tablet

I’d LOOOOOVE a guestbook where people can write and read comments. :3


yeaaaah. you log in and check guestbook and there is " you suck you suck you suck you suck" lol