What turns you off playing Boundless?


So far lack of intetesting rewards at the end of grinds. I often feel like I am grinding just so I can grimd some more. Recently I got pretty turned off by being told that I should be testing systems and not balance on the test server.


Crafting times


Going out to farm one material or another that I need, only to find that all of the high density resource spots are all Beaconed and inaccessible. Based on another thread I read it sounds like you are encouraging this type of behavior. If the plan is for players to lock off all resource nodes, then I would prefer you let me know now so I don’t bother wasting anymore time playing the game.

I enjoy playing games like boundless, but when you can’t progress because players have been given the ability to literally wall off key resource nodes, that seems like a pretty poor game design to me. If resources fluctuated and moved regularly, this would be less of an issue. But considering key resources basically always spawn in the same general area, this is really a problem and its become worse and worse as we progress.

This is especially bad when mining. In particular if you go out and farm diamonds for example, you pull out your trusty atlas and pick a nice looking spot. You then eat your persisting pie and speed brew to dig down to low altitudes only to find that the entire section of gems you are after has been walled off. Not only have you now wasted roughly 1k in foods, but you’ve taken a chunk out of your expensive hammer in order to reach the spot, only to find out after wasting all of these resources that you can’t even access it.

Again, poorly thought out gameplay mechanics. If you disagree with me and believe those are great gameplay mechanics by all means let me know so I can quit playing now, because if you can’t understand why those are bad gameplay mechanics these are only the start of many more poor decisions to come down the road and I might as well get out now rather than waste time on a doomed game because no one can seem to understand how their decisions impact the gameplay.


I mine for metals and gems. A lot.
My recipe for success was to first find a few unplotted hotspots (there are plenty…) on each planet I want to mine. I’ll then find a nice cavern (or someone else’s beacon) near these hotspots, save location (I don’t have any beacons on these world’s) and beam in there when ready to mine. If I see other peeps or resources have already been tapped I’ll beam to the next saved location.
I’ve never had an issue with mining but does need a little intial footwork to get things set up.