What turns you off playing Boundless?


So far lack of intetesting rewards at the end of grinds. I often feel like I am grinding just so I can grimd some more. Recently I got pretty turned off by being told that I should be testing systems and not balance on the test server.


Crafting times


Going out to farm one material or another that I need, only to find that all of the high density resource spots are all Beaconed and inaccessible. Based on another thread I read it sounds like you are encouraging this type of behavior. If the plan is for players to lock off all resource nodes, then I would prefer you let me know now so I don’t bother wasting anymore time playing the game.

I enjoy playing games like boundless, but when you can’t progress because players have been given the ability to literally wall off key resource nodes, that seems like a pretty poor game design to me. If resources fluctuated and moved regularly, this would be less of an issue. But considering key resources basically always spawn in the same general area, this is really a problem and its become worse and worse as we progress.

This is especially bad when mining. In particular if you go out and farm diamonds for example, you pull out your trusty atlas and pick a nice looking spot. You then eat your persisting pie and speed brew to dig down to low altitudes only to find that the entire section of gems you are after has been walled off. Not only have you now wasted roughly 1k in foods, but you’ve taken a chunk out of your expensive hammer in order to reach the spot, only to find out after wasting all of these resources that you can’t even access it.

Again, poorly thought out gameplay mechanics. If you disagree with me and believe those are great gameplay mechanics by all means let me know so I can quit playing now, because if you can’t understand why those are bad gameplay mechanics these are only the start of many more poor decisions to come down the road and I might as well get out now rather than waste time on a doomed game because no one can seem to understand how their decisions impact the gameplay.


I mine for metals and gems. A lot.
My recipe for success was to first find a few unplotted hotspots (there are plenty…) on each planet I want to mine. I’ll then find a nice cavern (or someone else’s beacon) near these hotspots, save location (I don’t have any beacons on these world’s) and beam in there when ready to mine. If I see other peeps or resources have already been tapped I’ll beam to the next saved location.
I’ve never had an issue with mining but does need a little intial footwork to get things set up.


For me, the main thing that turn me off at times is how small the player-base is, it’s not a bad thing at all, in fact I very much enjoy games with small playerbases, but I don’t know why, there is always this damned fear or investing yourself into a game and then, seemingly out of the blue learning that the game is about to be shut down… I know it’s a dumb fear to have especially with the post I posted earlier today, but it is an ever present fear… I fell in love with a game called survived by a while back and it got advertised at the game awards and went into early access, and then a month later the devs announced that they would cease the development of it… and mind you I voiced my concerns on the forum a week prior to this announcement and the community manager told me that they would not shut down the game… ever since that day, I have HUGE trust issues when it comes to developer statement when it comes to this topic… I want to play this game without that fear, but as long as the game still has less than 300 active players in most cases, which is pretty small for an actual MMO, this fear won’t go away and I’ll always have trouble actually investing myself into it. I know this game is not ready for a big influx of players but I sincerely hope Boundless gets a good amount of advertisement soon, this game has WAY too much potential for it to be wasted and forgotten…


These fears are one of the reasons i just threw the towel in.

Financially its a difficult thing to balance. 1000 players (being generous) paying GC a month plus a bit of cubit buying wont generate a lot of income. Then all the staff costs, utilities, premises and such all get paid. Even averaging £5 a player a month only gives 5k. Thats 1 or maybe 2 people paid. Just doesnt stack up.

Not to mention in time farming is just going to make everyone else self sufficient and kill any food and ingredient shops.


We have no idea what their deal is with Square. What square covers and doesn’t. I don’t know why people like to jump to conclusions without all the details. And those are details we will never know.


example: when I watch a movie or original series on netflix, I don’t spend my time worrying about how netflix is funded etc…I just watch the movie.
this applies to any provider of entertainment that I use…I enjoy the content, while it lasts, and leave the worrying for the financial stability of that provider to those who know best.
Yeah, things could go belly up but things could also just get better. and better.


just so you know, these fears are mostly unjustified on my end, because there is plenty of other factor that comes into play and goes against those fears, like the deal with square enix and the fact that they invested in the project “at least I’ve seen this from articles and interviews”, the fact that even when they were at their lowest during early access they still kept the game updated despite the very VERY small population composed of double digits only and the complete lack of MTX, the fact that it has been almost a year and the updates are just getting bigger and bigger instead of getting smaller and smaller.

see what I mean ? There are factors that goes against all of that doomsaying BS, but as human being we tend to look at the worst case scenario instead of looking at the best case scenario, negative stuff just tend to stick out and stay engraved way more easily in our heads. while there are games that failed in the past, plenty of others succeeded, despite them being almost completely unknown to the general public “Villagers & Heroes being one of these examples”

it’s just a matter of mindset I feel, seeing the positive more than the negative is key to stop worrying about that stuff, but sometimes the urge to do the opposite is just too strong for me and I start worrying for almost nothing


a legit what turns me off and one of the reasons why i quit all the timegateing…put something in a machine log out wait x hours log back in get that thing put it in the next machine and repeat. even the farming update looking at some of the times i have seen people say it takes to grow crops is just insane.

even back in EA when i was looking 5-6 Hrs a day in the game at points i found it really hard to keep playing with all the waiting and the times where alot more tame back then you did not have the whole day lost just to make the tool you need to do whatever.

i get that without timegateing people would be hiting endgame even faster then they are now and the game would be in a worse shape but some of them are just extrame i mean come on 2 days to craft guild power coils? and i have seen threads of some crazy wait times for farming (one of the big factors why i did not even bother to re install the game to give the update a look)


You can feel however you want but it isn’t that hard to plan ahead. Make a few mass crafts of tools and hold on to them, when you get low craft some more and they will be done while you are busy building, mining, hunting…


My family and friends started playing boundless a little while after its PS4 release, largely because we were tired of older low res blocky sandbox titles and were impressed by this games design and planned content expansion. Unfortunately we all stopped playing shortly before exoworlds were released as the content advertised on the official gamepage seems to have been bypassed for development, ie custom planet rentals, titans, etc which is largely what convinced us to purchase and invest in the game after seeing those plans on the games website and other videos. We have logged in after each patch just to see what has been added but so far none of the original advertised release content has been added. We appreciate the work that has been done to improve the game and we would like to return to playing and investing time and money to Boundless, but until at least some of that content is honored - particularly the custom planets, we do not feel safe continuing to invest time or money. We hope to see this content at some point hopefully sooner than later and hope you’ll consider this when planning additional content in the near future. Thank you for all your work so far.


That’s not a very good comparison. In any RPG style gameplay you spend massive amounts of time and energy in order to level up your character so you can participate in the big events.

Watching a movie there is no such commitment for continued use, you have a 2 hour block. If netflix added a requirement that in order to watch the “good” shows, you first had to watch 50x crappy shows you have no interest in before you could start watching the shows you were really interested in, then you’d have something to compare. But trying to compare an activity that has absolutely zero build up and is only served in 2 hour chunks, and pretending its the same thing is kinda crazy.

This “build-up” of your character is an investment in your future enjoyment. Every time a player has to find a new game they have to start that investment over again. If you know the game is just going to shut down next month, even if it looks like a good game that you would enjoy, most people wouldn’t bother getting into it because they will only get to experience the early levels (usually the crappy grindy part), and won’t be able to truly experience the full game in that time.

A more apt comparison to what you’re talking about (ie a movie), would be a trial account for wow. You can’t really get into the game, its just barely a taste, you’re capped at level 20, and could be maxed out in less than a day. How many days would you play the wow trial account if that is all of the content you could explore? I’m fairly confident in saying that it wouldn’t be long.


Good break down of my off the cuff analogy :+1:
Still going to just enjoy playing the game (and that’s the game, Boundless, not the Boundless forums :kissing_heart:) and not worry about hypothetical situations.


Guess the comparison would work better if you talked about a Netflix series which could have about 10 seasons, and you’re only going to invest time watching this show IF you know it will get to season 10 for sure and not get cancelled after season 1 or 2.
If by season 2, you start to notice that it’s not as good, you’re gonna wonder why, and you’ll try to learn about the difficulties the team might have behind the scenes, if they don’t have enough funding and stuff…


Is it needed then?

Well, yes there are things that can be better. But that doesn’t mean that i am bored or hardcore annoyed about those things.
The rubber banding for example not a huge problem with it most of the time.
There are problems along the way. Not a big deal. Have had worse.
Love all the things that are added so far.

But what annoys me a little for example is the water. That it isn’t clear when it’s higher or lower than the planets sea lvl.

What i would like to see…

-plot assignments, in the same beacon. For example if you go up or down floor 1,2,3,4,5 so you can rename the next layer of plots.
-splitting up beacons, and rejoining them.


A way to set a non owned beacon as a home beacon. (If you have interactive right on that beacon).

Can’t think of any thing els atm

Keep on doing the good work^^


New fluids are putting me off, the fact that they are gone within the first hour of an exo appearing. I know there meant to be rare etc but come on we can’t be online 24hr incase one appears and can rush too it straight away. Yeh ok I could just buy them but the price is going to be artificially high for a long time so kind of feeling gated off from them cos I have a family and a full time job


I agree its ridiculous
I think you should be able to regen
I seriously dislike it
The stuffs gone in an hour


Even though I’ve managed to get some of the new liquids myself, it was only by chance that I was in-game when the Exos spawned and that I noticed them or someone told me about them; there have been Resin and Petrolim Exos that I missed for one reason or another, too.

The amounts really are tiny compared to how quickly players go through them. I really don’t believe that the system is fair to players who can’t be online when these Exos appear, but I also can’t think of a way that it could be fair without allowing the resource to be regenerated. :confused:

I’ve been thinking I’d like to use Amber for building, but like Oortstone, it has a use and is quite scarce anyway, so that probably won’t be happening too much for a while…


I am not sure unless they do change it to be able to regen that it is even possible to really build with. Can you imagine finding 5 smart stacks to use for roads in a settlement? It is a shame, it is really a great texture to use in a build.