What turns you off playing Boundless?


I concur on this point. My MMO experience is extremely deep. I think I may have played almost every major AAA mmo to date, and most of them to max level or raid-level.

Boundless without the economy is mind-bendingly hard. Like, you cannot believe how hard it is to get enough gems to get your first coil. I stumbled into a decaying build and found roughly, 3 advanced coils of each type and that was the best day of my life in the game. But I never took advantage of them until I had money, resources and knowledge. Just having the resources isn’t enough.

Once you have the economy, ie, other players, the game is super super easy. I think i’m on my 4th or 5th skill page on HR. Bismuth is brand new and on their 2nd or 3rd skill page. Its crazy! Bismuth hasn’t even left Grovidias Te!

So yes, the game levels super super fast when you are not solo - but the disparate experience is challenging for players. The game also doesn’t even remotely begin until you hit 50. There isn’t a story, or journey. So its “grind until you hit 50, then have fun”.


I hit level 50 on my own in less than two months & figured out how to make coils really quick, but it doesn’t seem like that’s very common. :woman_shrugging: I also did not participate in the economy for quite awhile.


Y’know, I just had a crazy thought (and I’d be surprised if nobody had ever thought about it before) but what if you could get other things than cubits, coins and skill points in the coffers you collect in the Exchange?
What if you could get… I dunno, some random building mats like bounding agent, oortshards, sap, metals, gems? Maybe some unforged tools? Of course, depending on the thing, there would be various levels of rarity and maybe they could be thematically tied to some activities like a coffer awarded for mining could yield some minerals/gems.
I mean, currently, I couldn’t care less about the coffers I don’t get by leveling-up. I press the “quick-collect all” button and done. But what if they could yield actual cool things?

Point is, WoW does that. When you’re 120, you do world quests, you get rewards for each individual world quest. Once you did 4 world quests tied to a zone, bam, special super reward.
Not saying that it’s the best system ever, but it’s better than nothing.


true that i just got back into it my self and they gave me a level 110 “token” if i could i would toss it in the vitual trash or sell it leveling in WoW is someting i really enjoy cuz with the levels comes the story and lore of the game someting boundless is lacking

this ^ its worse then overwatch form the context of the game (pretending the forums dont exist) we dont know who we are what we are doing who the guy in that odd room we start of is how we are able to power light tech without the need for energy or even why we are building on what appears to be uninhabited worlds in the first place.

i get story is not eveything and minecraft being the grandfather of the genre has 0 story has well but its also alot more simplistic and did not really need a story. boundless just really feels lacking without one


I’ve never played MC, but I always assumed it had some level of ‘hidden’ Lore.
I mean, there are games that were made around it.


it kind of did once “the end” released you got a cut scene with some text after killing the ender dragon but that was a good 3+ years after “launch”


Amen. :innocent:


probably because minecraft has gazillion other mechanics that Boundless lacks: farming, breeding animals, trading with villagers, redstone, nether, end, flying, and with newly released updates even more, aquatic and illagers brought tonne of fun stuff to do. Also you don’t have to devote entire life to grinding to achieve something reasonable.


If you still care James (because the original post is from 2017,) I am 1 “getting screwed out of the loot for my meteor” away from letting this game die. For whatever reason, Boundless ignoring the fact that I have the armor as buffed as I can short of the epic on the LAST 2 spawns, is a very very common occurrence. It got old really fast. It has not been fixed, or even addressed. I just spent over half an hour fighting additional waves of enemies on a Level 3 meteorite due to some player passing by, that’s all they did, run by, only to have a regular Strong cuttletrunk blow me up whilst shooting it down. The armor worked just fine through all the waves, and all the elemental foes, but a final non-elemental cuttletrunk blew right through 3750 health like I was a naked level 1. Usually it’s a stout cuttleftrunk that pulls off this miraculous feat with its bomb and 3 homing shots that can’t be dodged, and are fired with it’s health gone but before Boundless allows it to die. As a consolation I get a loss of 50% xp for the foreseeable future,and oh yeah, 1 oort and 1 common ancient tech. Somehow that is what Wonderstruck thinks my playtime is worth.
That is what turns me off the most about Boundless. That’s what is going to turn this into a forgotten lump of coal.


Why is this needed? It is just beyond rude. I completely understand your are frustrated. I myself can get that way when the cuttle’s last shot seems to be a nuke! But, I’m sorry it is unacceptable and borders on being totally childish to put things like what you said into a post.

James doesn’t need to be defended but some of us players just will not accept community members that can’t provide feedback without direct attacks.

If he didn’t care he would shut down the game. I just had a PM with him where it clearly showed how much he cared.

Provide the spec you use and a screen shot or something of your health before that nuke attack. Give some other data and put it into a post so other people can provide their feedback about this game mechanic. Then we can work to see if we can influence them to adjust it…


but its ok to attack the attacker? if you think hes post is that bad then you could just hit the report button.


No need to attack the devs they are the most flexible dev team I have been in a a community with. They def learned from the bomb mining fiasco as proved by the excellent rock xp compromise. They also pay alot of attention to player ideas as proven by meteors, the minter, rock xp etc.


Let’s not take this way off topic arguing with each other. This thread isn’t for us to fight its for people to talk about what is above. If you have an issue, take it to PMs.


There was a difference in how I communicated and the words I chose. Yes some could contextualize it as an attack while others would see it as a challenge especially since I asked why it was needed. Sure I will agree it wasn’t the best attempt at calling the poster out. But I showed humility and tried to express it in a connective way.

People could easily say - James it feels like the you and the developers don’t care… or a million other ways to communicate frustration without the attack, saying wonderstruck doesn’t care about a person’s time and then calling it a lump of coal.

It isn’t just what you say, it is how you say it and how you try to connect and move the conversation forward. I’m not perfect either but I certainly try… I could have flagged but most of my recent posts have been to try to get people to change how they approach the problems we are facing with this game in the most fundamental way - better communication.


Not worth it.

Gonna go play some awesome Boundless & check out all of the wonderful new farming things.



I know everyone is still quickly typing up their witty retorts, I just want to put this one on pause a moment… and say is it worth it? I’ll open this one back up in 30 minutes. Take that time to cool off, or dm me if ya need to vent.

This threads been far too useful for far to long to get wrecked today.



A lot of good reasons, but a very important one left out. I present you with a revised version.


Reviver brews are your friend…

Don’t wait too long after reviving yourself tho then the game will count it as a loss.

And reviver brews work besides any other brew buff…