What turns you off playing Boundless?


This is where a centralized data system that told you who was selling what the location and the price would save a lot of frustration.


Add to that a list of all open portal connections and the ability to set your current waypoint from a 3rd party program/website. Use that data to resolve a route to your wanted item and have waypoints auto-navigate you to it.

That’s if the playerbase wants to keep shopping 100% physical, there are some open attack vectors to it, like burying the shop stand etc, but I can’t think of a way to make sure it’s reachable. Imo basic resources could be delivered via an auction house mailbox too.


Personally I am fine with an auction house system. Maybe you exclude forged items as they are the one thing that is not always exactly the same as another forged item due to quirks and such.


this thats why i went nomad after launch in EA it was not so bad cuz you had big name shops that where always in stock but now its spend 3 or 4 hours hunting for the thing that you could have just farmed in the first place the boundless trade site helps alot in that respect now but sadly that came in long after i quit.


Tbh boundlesstrade is nearly un-usable for anything else than price checking so you’re not losing out on much.


I became ill, sickness and the resulting anxiety kept me away for a while. I didn’t mind losing my builds and land, but losing all the material that took 100’s of hours to gather was a game changer, I really have no desire to return to grinding out all that gathering. Another player said “Oh it’s no big deal to log in every week, grab some leaves and refuel”, but when you suffer a real crisis in life, logging into a game easily escapes your mind, even for months if it’s serious enough. I don’t see players who lose everything, purposely or not, ever returning. It seems like this will have a real impact on population over time if players have no desire to come back and check out new updates if it means re-grinding to gather everything for a new build. A Vault system seems needed to me.

What Should Happen When A Beacon Expires

The constant rain is really beginning to annoy me.


I just realized why this is a huge feature that is missing.

I played guild wars 2 at launch then didn’t play again for five years. Came back to everything! Including my bank, mail, and stuff waiting to collect on the trading post. It was like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes.

If my wife and I ever let our stuff lapse, it will be for good. Coming back to nothing just isn’t viable.

Retaining the build would be nice, but isn’t ideal. No sense letting worlds fill up with ghost cities. But when a beacon expires the contents should be vaulted. That functionality is going to play a key role in longevity.


@Narkulus, @LyndaFromHR From reading what you’re saying, I think you two should come endorse this suggestion I made. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably wont change ya mind on the subject, but i’m happy to give you all the coils and tools you likely lost if you did want to play again - I value people playing more than the value of the items.


As much as I would commend you for your generosity, you must agree that this is not a viable thing to do, right? Giving out things to people who lost their houses, because of a very punitive system.


Oh yes definitely, but in the meantime offering stuff is about the only thing I can do. Any kind of locker system would need to be stored independently of the sanctum because the sanctum is offline, and would also need to detect what is considered “valuable”.

Is it just stuff in storage blocks? Is it also placed coils? Is it literally every block in a build? And then there’s the other aspect of people finding regenerating builds being a part of the game that would be taken away from this.

While I agree a system is needed, the best way to approach it is a difficult task for sure.

What Should Happen When A Beacon Expires

That’s a great offer, but I have to decline. I don’t feel comfortable putting hours into a game that I know will allow my inventory to expire if I have to leave for a while for what ever reason. It’s a terrible idea and only benefits those that are somehow addicted to the point that they’ll never stop playing, but for the more casual player, it’s a huge game breaker. Losing a build and the land is bad, but understandable, but an entire loss of inventory is reason to stop playing permanently. The game has bled off players since shortly after launch and unlike most other games that players eventually come back to, they are unlikely to return once they see they have practically nothing.


It’s not really a game gripe, I enjoy boundless, I’ve enjoyed all the way through still finding things to do, ideas to try, but plots going dormant is grinding my gears, I know that’s linked in with players no longer playing but ya try and make a nice town etc and more than 50% of the contributors are no longer there, you end up with unfinished roads, random holes and when beacons run out there snapped half way thru regen and nothing gets done with them. I don’t care how people build, I like random stylings, makes a place unique but when your trying to make a place hospitable and everything’s in disrepair I’m kinda feeling why bother. Consider moving, already done that once early on and it would be a much bigger job this time. The snapping up of plots and never doing anything with them is a big peevee


I just wanted to share the answer I got when I asked a friend why she left Boundless.

Here’s her answer :

I wanted to share this because I think my friend made a very legit point when talking about how the game is advertized. The trailer that got me into the game does say “but whatever path you take, be bold, be remarkable, be boundless”. The “path” thing, and the name of the game does kinda implying that you are free to do as you please, doesn’t it?

And in many ways, you are.
But if you wanna go further than a mud house, if you want to have a portal up, if you want to have those nice marble blocks everybody has, or if you want to mine fast like the others, there aren’t 36 ways to go about it. You will need to go on hunts. You will need to farm. You will need to grind.
Anyway, I don’t know, it just made me think a bit.


Curious…is she referring to meteors? I solo almost everything & I know some others do as well. I can’t think of an MMO that doesn’t have grind :thinking: & lots of it. Even in Farmville & phone app games you have to grind to get to higher levels & higher tier supplies.
Thank you for taking the time to post her feedback :+1:


I think what she meant is that she is very casual in her approach to gaming and Boundless is pretty hardcore compared to many other games of the genre.


I see. :+1: I play numerous MMOs & I hit max level in Boundless faster than any other game I play. I would say it’s one of the easiest MMOs to level up in, but that’s just my take on it. Everyone is different.

(ie: it’s been almost a year since I have hit a new mastery level in Trove - I just hit 2 new levels yesterday because of the new items they added)


I have to admit, my only other real MMO experience would be WoW, and it does take ages to level-up from 1 to 120, but that’s… kinda unavoidable, at this point. The game is old and has so many expansions…
But I mean, if you compare WoW’s leveling from say 90 to 120 (the more ‘recent and modern’ expansions), I’d say it’s waaaaay better than Boundless.
Leveling is a grind, but WoW’s is structured with quests, events, cinematics, sometimes you get in vehicules that give you a different set of abilities… point is, WoW’s modern leveling is overall enjoyable.
I’d say Boundless is 95% grinding, and 5% structured with the journal’s objectives.


I totally see what you guys are talking about. I haven’t hit a new level in OSRS in like 2 years lol, but I don’t mind the grind there either. I love fishing, questing, etc. Lots to do - never gets boring.