What turns you off playing Boundless?


Most reasons I hear for people dropping boundless are:

  • too slow to gain exp/cubits and unsatisfied with using alts as a workaround
  • ‘reserved’ plots, limits on roads ‘bridging settlements’, and mesh limits impeding building in a building game
  • resistance/protection stats being unclear and leading to unexpected deaths
  • early backers being able to craft exclusive items that they can then hold a market with
  • extremely cryptic/confusing feature roadmap and updates
  • fall damage scales with HP, but fall resist doesn’t
  • bombs are way broken

None of this stuff has kept me from sticking around, but is what I’ve heard from players who either decided not to buy or tried the game and then left. Hopefully this helps :+1:


I compared plotted and diamond areas on Malurialakrib. Pretty much anywhere there is a nice area to mine diamonds, it is fully plotted. A few of these areas are reserved by players making public mines, but I noticed a LOT of plotting warfare going on with people totally monopolizing areas at elevation 0-24. Many of these 0-24 elevation mines are mined and being prevented from regenerating.

I’m not trying to implicate any players, I’m just frustrated that it makes getting the gems that much more difficult.


If they are plotted and mined out they wouldn’t even show anything in the hotspot map for diamond. I do know one area that’s plotted above and around the hotspot. But the hotspot itself isn’t plotted and can be mined. But good luck getting in :persevere:


The one visible in the center of the Atlas is actually all plotted, and the center section is mined. You can see that it’s been mined on the right. And just because they’ve mined a strip of it doesn’t mean they’ve gotten all of it, so it still shows up on the Atlas.


Well a strip isn’t mined out. :sweat_smile: and you’ve been inside to know that it’s completely plotted?

Cause I know the area I’m talking about has a strip all the way around it mined out but the hot spot itself isn’t plotted


Yep. I’m also aware the player who has plotted the majority of that did it to prevent others from using the public mine that used to be there. Apart from the piece that splits off of the main strip, it’s entirely plotted by that single individual.


I personally think it’s weird that they let us plot anywhere on public land & effect each other - it causes a lot of unnecessary grief & fights. Maybe we should only be able to plot on certain regions or something? I dunno.

I do know that all of their current marketing encourages people to be “king of the hill” and cordon off resources. Granted, there are multiple planets with similar resources, so you can probably find diamonds on another planet :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, this is about my only gripe myself - although there is still plenty left of course, it does make me say a few foul words when I run into these places where such huge areas of resources have been blocked off. Malu is definitely the worst from what I’ve seen. Getting these areas removed from the atlas would as suggested in another thread would be a huge help, then I’d know when mining where to avoid.


Next best planet is Serpensarindi, which being a T5 honestly hurts. I’m well aware plotting like that is completely allowed, although imo it does nothing but hurt the game, especially when they have GC and don’t ever go back to the mine.


Yeah, I prefer Serp because of this, plus, the mining goes quicker and some hotspots are so large and free of lava you can mindlessly go a long time through them. Somebody also did make a mine in one of my favorite areas not too long back, so even though that removes a bit of it, I can now warp right down there and do even better.


The exos have been very nice to me with Diamonds and Rubies.


The best thing about multiplayer games is the people.

The worst thing about multiplayer games is the people.


All of the above combined with a serious lack of consistent communication from the developers.

The community feels small, but I wish I knew for sure how healthy it was. I would rather be spoken to honestly about the game health and what they are doing to drive engagement. Regular, quality communication is absolutely crucial to community health and well-being.

I just don’t see that on the forums these days.


You forgot the coffers, even though they are not the notorious lootboxes from other games, the appearance of them as lootcrates alone is making many new players think the game is pay to win.


I feel dev team need to hire someone who knows the marketing well (In real life) .
Right now, they have a lot of great designer, creator, coder. But what they miss is the experience to run the MMO server game. They don’t know how new players feel and what’s the fact to attract new players join the game.
Right now they are creating the art not game for majority of players on market. The game is way too “unique”, it cause new players require to spend a lot of time to learn from third party source (youtube, forum, discord…etc) which not a good direction, and those extremely long crafting time make people who has job kind of impossible to stay in the game.

Also their promotion skill is terrible too. So far their website still looks like hell, and those video trailer clearly out-date and unreal. Right now i feel boundless become the fan made game which only target people who can enjoy the game.

Under these condition, i don’t really feel the pricing is that much important, because those thing i mention above affect new players more i believe. As i mention many times, right now its way too hard for new players, and way too easy for old players. Its way too “balance”.

  • Especially find a graphic and web designer to design a modern website (responsive website) only cost them around $1500 - $2500 CAD, its really not a huge amount of money for company like them. Same for the video trailer too.
    Its so hard to believe after half year since release, all their promotion aids still the same. Its really unbelievable.


I’ve talked to @James about this and he said it was fine for people to provide him a PM with location and a good explanation of the plotted areas, etc so he could look at it. Right now the developers do not feel this is a big problem because of lack of really seeing it happen to the point of locking down resources enough… (That isn’t an exact quote and just a generalization of some statements).

I think if the community can help provide good examples that the Developers might see the problems this is causing… but we really need to give good examples and show how this is kind of breaking things for us.


This won’t go anywhere, we have Mckrib and kol for decent sources of diamonds, and Serp is also there as a lesser source. The plotting and monopolizing of resources was much worse on Serp when there were no T6 planets. A lot of us were new and struggling to progress because everything was getting plotted or in regen from everyone hitting the gem wall. The response was it was plotting resources was part of the game. I would be shocked if something was done now. On a side note. I have lots of saved locations where you can get thousands of diamonds. If anyone needs a location, DM me.


I found 3 reasonably sized unplotted areas on Mcrib just the other week with not too much effort. Just go to the planet then return to sanctum, make sure you have a bunch of warp augments and a fully revealed atlas with the resource wanted. In sanctum hit B to show all settlements, look for any decent sized areas with no settlements and warp down to it then check the atlas. If there’s no resources within a comfortable distance to check then just rinse and repeat. Once you’ve found a good patch just put down a beacon and that way no one can fully box it in in the future.


What really annoys me is the silence… the chat system is not encouraging to communicate with, feels clunky.

Not to mention when the guild chat clearly does not sync up properly. ( I have 2 accounts, 1 on the main pc, and 1 on the laptop ) both chats are not always in sync or containing the same messages when viewing the guild chat. (actually not studied that part the last 2 patches, but prior to that it was happening) and also when it can take 1-6 minutes to get a message across the guild chat (or PM’s) just kills the conversation.

Shout is most likely the most used when a conversation actually is going on between more than 2, could we get a scaled up PLANET wide chat also?(with the same transmission speed of shout… rather than slow sync) I suppose can be hosted along with each planet rather than a central location. Since some towns are just large enough to not be reached with shout from 1 side to the other side of it.

Else GUI wise for chat I would love a tabbed system, a couple predefined tabs for etc guild chat, and some where the user can make their own filters for what to show in that chat page. and a always display chat box window. Because a lot of message are missed by not looking while it is still displayed as new, or not thinking about being on a certain filtering.



The shopping… I’ve been trying to find just a couple items for an hour now, not worth it to post about it on the forums since the total value is just a few hundred coins, I should’ve just gone and hunted a some mobs and I’d already be done with it.

It’s really cumbersome when you want to buy/sell just a couple basic ingredients. The shop stand/request basket system doesn’t work for basic resources, volumes are low and prices are all over the place. Having to set up shop for your few hunt drops is excessive, stressful to keep it stocked, and looking for a buyer for your resources isn’t great either. Everything’s too fragmented. For “real” shops that sell the refined things I see a point in a physical location.

Honestly I’d rather take a market overhaul over the farming update.