What turns you off playing Boundless?


I didn’t mind the $40.00 price tag but realize it may be too much for a lot of people. I’ve played 1200+ hours and loved every minute, so I feel I’ve gotten my monies worth…I do agree with @thestrategiclion that we need more group activities, the hunts are a blast but not all new players can go and may even feel too intimidated to join or feel they aren’t a high enough level. I know I felt this way for a long time, I didn’t want to join the hunts if I couldn’t bring anything to the table. I remember the Valentines event was pretty great and lots of people meeting up on Finata at the hub to exchange roses…tons of people at certain times of the day…we need a reason to interact with each other besides the hunts. I really have no complaints about the game and will keep playing even if nothing changes…I really love building, the exo worlds and the hunts…I play solo for the most part, but when events happen I love to join in the on the fun and now the hunts, I participated in my first hunt this weekend and had a blast, will be a regular thing for me from now on.


The only thing this game keep me staying is shared planets so I can showoff my massive themed buildings/ stuctures.
Currently Im building 2 massive ones, and meanwhile trying to farm oort as much as I can so everyone can visit it from anywhere when the build is completed. The game feel like chores to me now 1000 hrs spent already.
The time I finished my builds, its when I quit the game for good. too much grindy for me.


thats kind of like telling them to drop 40 dollars in a casino sure they could walk away with more or they could find they end up not likeing the game after the 2 hour refund window and be out the money.


Buying Boundless (= tangible value) really doesn’t compare to tossing your money away at a casino. I’ve purchased some games and decided I didn’t like them. I forget about it and move on - as is life.

I think that a demo planet/region/etc would be good. It takes awhile to really get the gist of an elaborate MMO like Boundless. That’s why I do prefer the F2P + optional subscription model for MMOs. BL has decided to go a different route, which is totally their prerogative. I do think that more content + more info about the current game would do wonders though.


If players are unwilling to spend $40 on the game, are they going to be willing to buy cubits and/or gleam club which is necessary to keep development going and the servers running? Boundless has to have a consistent cash flow in order to continue. Gleam club is $50 per year, will someone not even willing to spend the initial $40 be willing to spend more to continue playing? Are the players that are only willing to spend $20 on the game going to expect other players to pay for running the servers and continuing development?

Personally I am not found of the f2p optional subscription model. My experience is this brings in a lot of players with no intent other than to grief other players. Since it is free they are out nothing even if they do get banned.


Time. Because of it, I have to turn off boundless… (Sigh)


maybe but nothing also says they wont just spend the 40$ and say na not worth it and refund it or just uninstall and forget about the game a paywall des not mean they will become wales and games like fortnite,apex have proven that even with f2p games people will spend money

not saying boundless shod or needs to go f2p to bring people in but at the same time a cheeper price tag till we get the real 1.0 release may help.

has it stands right now there is no gameplay reason to give the devs any money outside of buying the game gleam club is pointless unless you have a lot of builds or dont want to deal with refueling and like countless people have sayed you will earn more cubits then you will ever need just playing.


Yes I’m fairly certain they would.

I don’t think F2P is the way to go even though it would be better than slamming 40.

I think renting out servers or better yet planets to players would be an amazing feature to generate money.

It’s really important to think about this. If 4 players buy the game for 10 bucks it’s better than 1 person buying the game for 40.

With 4 players you will have a higher chance of people buying MTX and it gives the game more exposure. An mmo with so few players is a dying mmo, this game is fairly new in terms of release, it should not be dying this quickly especially when it’s a really good game.


The oort stone grind being one, the unfriendliness of some of the ‘elite players’ is another.

A lot of the players are simply lovely and happy to help - in the time of Anvil so many people would rush to help if you needed advice or anything but now, it seems to be so rare to see that happen. Everyone tells you to go look online or in the forums as opposed to just saying ‘I dont know but x may’ or something like that.


Hey Anvil my 2nd place I lived. Still have a house or two there that I frequent often. I do miss how bustling it was. But there’s still people who will help out and offer advice/info @DKPuncherello @Orrian @JaceyLive @AeneaGames and myself are just a few


Oh I know for Orrian and Jacey - though I rarely see DK anymore!

Plus I know you help out too! Ive known you for a while Fire!


Ask me anything. I use no online info its all up here --> :exploding_head:

All I can offer is advice on what got me to where I am. I once was the guy opening portals sideways not knowing what was happening. Heck I built a whole hub sideways just last month.

They should go F2P and overload the shop with customized items. Make cubits harder to get ingame. This will save the game. You have to get your money somehow. Sales of the game is not how. 1st you must get people addicted. @james

Dont make it pay to win. Make it pay to look cool.


Making cubits harder to get in game will most likely drive more players away then everything else you mentioned attracts,

This statement conflicts with your above mentioned statement, Making cubits harder to get, which is required for plots, will make most people see the „pay to win“ situation for paying to but cubits for plots, even more „pay to win“, It is not a good idea to make your player base feel pressured to buy something out of the shop by making some aspect of the game harder to do, that I feel is just bad on all accounts other then greed.

They should overload the shop with nice items to alter how your character looks, but not at the cost of it being harder to get cubits via the normal way, They can just make the new items cost more cubits.


Maybe its time for out with the old in with the new.

Older players will have an advantage with pre existing plots. But those beacons have been burning out everywhere. I looted a mall last night. Cities will become smaller.

150 cubits per level. 300 with gleam club.

Make skins on blocks. You can craft for a period of time using cubits. More player paints, mask, pants.


If I understand this ambiguous statement correctly… And I hope I don’t

Even new players can get the feeling they are getting ripped off and/or pressured into buying from the cash shop. and this is just disrespectful to the players who spent a modest amount of money on the high tier backer packages. Or any older player really. The game would simply not be here if it was not for the older players.


They just be to slow progression. It is way to east to hit 50 and have access to everything.


I think anything that makes it harder for new players to join in will only mean less new players

Less new players = less customers = game dies faster

So half how much cubits you get unless you pay for gleam club? What could possibly go wrong?


Slow progression I do not feel will help the situation of getting new players in, You can have all the fancy things in the shop you want, in terms of cosmetics, but that doesn’t change the fact, the NPE is extremely lacking, the game is missing quite a bit of content, and cosmetics I feel can only go so far, if the base game play is not there, Both you and I understand the situation about boundless, but newer players might not, they are expecting a more polished game. Everyone I have tried to refer to this game has quit due to lack of content, and due to lack of variety, We only have a handful of mobs, for example.

So anything that makes the grind even longer, in a game that I feel is still in Beta, is not good. if the goal is to attract new players.




I started in beta after everyone stopped to wait for release. Finding my 1st iron was very rewarding. It took me weeks just to make my own warp to go to new planet. Very exciting when i did. But I will end my discussion now. Thank you everyone for your insight on my thoughts.