What turns you off playing Boundless?


So couldn’t someone who likes/loves the game also do it for free? Kinda middle man that see listens reports back when devs aren’t on or won’t be for hours?


I offered as much. The reasoning is quite logical though. A mod would have access to sensitive data, IP address, email, etc. You would not want that sort of information in the hands of people with literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Yeah that’s very true. Could make situations even worse than need to be. Could also have “overseers” that can be pmd in game to check out situation and screenshot things. No code or access needed just love of the game. A buffer of sorts in each zones to relay info to devs directly more quickly/easily


That’s something to consider.


The dev team and customer service pushes me away from this game. As the game has grown so has the player base this has also caused a great deal of issues for players vs players, the inability to handle these issues properly bothers me and favoritism seems apperent with the so call “resolution”. I don’t know if is whoever is paying more or whoever yells louder.

I had issues in this game and it has handle poorly, no sense of urgency, no follow up, 0 customer service skills. Now I can let that go, maybe it was a fluke on my situation and someone dropped the ball on handling my case but when I hear it happen again and again to other folks it makes me feel as though this is the team and this is how they handle things. Poorly and bias. Now although this is not enough to make me quit the game it does make me not want to support the team in any way. If a customer service representative wants to contact with a survey or would like to contact me feel free, these are my thoughts and opinions as a customer which I am entitled to some may not agree and you’re entitled to your opinion.
Thank you.


Actually @Havok40k gets paid by being around all of us lovely people… especially the trolls!


I know some lovely trolls. #notalltrolls


Favouritism? Really? Lol.


Not sure about what game you are talking but it can’t possibly be Boundless! Player count is still steadily dropping…

Sadly… Wish I knew what could be done about it!


So more money in to Wonderstruck’s coffers could help a bit then, is what I’m understanding here .


Maybe they’ll re-brand the game under a new-new name again? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


To add titans dude! Titans. :smiley:
And group activities, not shops, activities, that’s something an MMO has to keep people on. Not ways to make money, if you need money you get a job in real life, but in here… you want to have fun, meet people and maybe do something with them to eventually bond and make friends. But, so far, I don’t see that many avenues for this.
Quests (not achievements, those are for single player), Raids, Dungeons, stuff where you need more people for them and than, ways to group together, with strangers like a dungeon/raid finder, to not need a discord server to organized an event… but… ow well… maybe… in a far far future, in a hole different galaxy.


I think what this game needs is a WAY cheaper price tag to generate a influx of new players. It’s impossible to convince my friends that 40 Euros is worth it.


Aye, endgame and group activities are a huge need. I have been beating this horse for 6 months tho so…

Unrelated, but on topic: combat mechanics that don’t suck. The combat in this game is janky as all heck… abilities and deeper character progression would probably help this somewhat too


Well creatures that actually have a personality would help too.


I doubt that is really matter.
Currently 90% of new players quit in 1 month.
Some may hold up to 2 month. only 10% of them stay till end game and host new community…etc.
They need to find out what cause new players quit in such short time.
The best example is they did provide the free weekend at steam, and the population did grow up large number.
(during the free weekend) After those 2 days, the population drop to the old number. It means the new players test the water already, but they don’t like it so they didn’t choose to join.

This game always has new players join, but really a few of them stay till the end game level.
This why the current player base keep decreasing (old players leave, new players can’t stay).:sob:


I actually chatted with numerous people that were here for the free weekend, gave them some items, showed them some useful places like portal hubs. The majority of the players I talked to said they loved the game and would love to keep playing, but couldn’t/wouldn’t spend $40 to buy it. I personally don’t have an issue with the price, but it seems like it’s a deal-breaker for a lot of folks.


I may agree with you about that $40 is too expansive.
but the problem i see is people who willing to pay $40 for this game, they quit way too fast.


its a combo of both you are paying almost AAA pricetag for a game still in early access (content wise) why pay 40$ for boundless when you can drop a extra 10$ on no mans sky


Tell those friends that some find the game so good they racked up 4000+ hours already for that 40 euros investment!

That’s 1 eurocent per hour of fun!

And will a price drop indeed make sure that WS will get enough income in the long run? If not then no matter how many players there are the game will shut down…