What turns you off playing Boundless?


*Statement Redacted


They do? Haven’t seen that one yet. Also first I’ve heard anyone say that.


If you could give an example, we’d understand what you mean. As far as I know, I haven’t seen that either.


What is annoying recently and it’s a long term issue. Now u 'released exo planets connection issues have gone through the roof. We we hunting on delta and hunt was going awesome and all of a sudden major glitching and rubber banding has hit everyone. Then to find out that two exo planets appeared…every time exo hang around these issues become greater.at that time only a 145 players were online. I would hate to see if you had a couple of thousand like the game should. Well thats a marketing issue. Something totally different. I think your servers are running at max potential. Your update notes said u were working on connection issues. I really wish you either fix your servers or tidy up ur coding. Yes it was a ramble but its starting to feel empty in boundless. Might be my imagination but that is concerning when that is the reason I play this game to build online friendships.


Lol…it is my thoughts as description of title…it’s not for others to jump in defending…if it’s wrong they will toss it away and move on…not for everyone to form there own opinion on…it’s my feeling not anyone else. And i dont push those thoughts on any other forum but here where they belong…so maybe people don’t need too defend the game. I love the game also these are just my feeling lately and seriously who asks please explain when ur not a dev…it’s a forum for devs to read…I am not insulting anyone at all …just my feeling lately…that is all it is.


I just read your feelings here and its refreshing to read an honest report on how you personaly feel about this game.I like boundless just dont enjoy the forging so i dont bother with that.Apart from that its all fabulous.


Can we have more problems to put me off playing Boundless please.

To be honest, I’m playing this game far too much, neglecting a large library of game, consoles and real life.
There are some things that irritate me (looking at you, coils-that-need-mending) and occasionally annoy me (somethings I can’t quite remember but definitely crop up time to time) but nothing that stops me playing.

I should go get some exercise and fresh air so please stop fixing things and create some actual, genuine issues that will cause me to stop playing.

Thank you.

Right. Back to building some huge new base.

(ps. Don’t worry, I actually do get quite a bit of fresh and exercise, even find time to occasionally wash…)


This, so much this. :joy: I’ve found myself somewhat glad for recent rainy weekends as then I don’t feel too guilty for vegging out with Boundless rather than going into the great outdoors. :wink: Also looking at laptops that can run it, need a new computer anyways but really just want an excuse to play it more since I’m just a PS4 player right now.


Does going to work count as fresh air and exercise?


Ok, yeah, that’s actually what I meant…I do walk to work and back…incidental fresh air and exercise :grin:
If I ever win the lottery, I’m doomed!


Iplay boundless on this:


I’m usually running some reduced graphics setting but it’s playable. It’s been called a “VHS Tape” by some friends though lol.

I’ve met at least two people playing on nvidia shields.


Haha, good to know, thanks! :slight_smile: I’ve seen some refurbed laptops on eBay in the $250-450 or so range that appear to meet the requirements, the graphics card being the only big question I suppose, as I have no clue what the equivalents would be. A somewhat small laptop would be ideal, some other Steam games I’d play too, but nothing fancy.


ive played the game on pretty old desktop pc’s and laptops if ya can ignore top graphic’s i dont think ya even need a new one :smiley:


Welp…here’s an odd one I didn’t expect:

One Jump Ahead quirk on your grapple will automatically retrieve the grapple if it occurs when fully reeled in. I died pointlessly from running out of energy when that happened. (Was a nice big 4/5 hp SPLAT when I hit the ground)

Not that the death penalty is as punishing as it used to be to me, but that quirk is rather evil in hindsight and will never be on a grapple of mine again.


I can tell you my work experience becomes much worse just dreaming of Boundless all day… :expressionless:


Just because it has been stated a lot doesnt mean it is true. The vast majority of those issues are connected to the server/client design. I spent a lot of time trying to pin them down before i quit playing (that being one of the reasons for stopping), and i always got the same (lame) “its on your end” reply. I did some of the Tests directly from internet backbones, different providers, systems and countries. It is on their side, full stop.


The constant trolling or stealing from people without any action taken for a while. If community driven game why can’t the community take action? Why are we handcuffed even if trolled? Why can’t we have game moderators 2-3 per time zone? I’m not up or I’m working 4am my time (dev 8am) till 6 pm my time (10pm dev time). It’s hopscotch communication


You can. But you can’t do it publicly here on the forums. That has potential to lead to bigger problems.

Money, mostly.

I respect that you’re frustrated, I’m sorry you had a bad experience.


Oh I haven’t yet. I’m very happy with the game. But honest question do you get paid to moderate the forums?


Nah. No pay or compensation of any sort.