What turns you off playing Boundless?


When you fall in the water and you’ll know you can go make a cup of tea (only slightly exgerated) before your toon bobs back up to the surface.
I dont mind the slower swim speed once at the surface too much but that initial ‘realistic’ submerge action really does seem to take forever


The game playability has gone down the tolit…last couple of weeks I cannot play all the time due to connection issues…all ways lagging…why are you guy releasing new planets for. When no one is playing anymore. I have noticed everywhere has gone dead…and we struggle to play because of server issues on your end…stop going to fast for new planets and new stuff when u already got real game issues . Everyine that plays loves the game. So why is no one playing…fix your old ongoing issues please…why expand planets when u already dont have good enough servers as it is


As has been stated numerous times (often many times a week) , the vast majority of connection issues are not within the control of the devs. You may have good internet in your home but if your isp, or any long haul carrier you hop through, uses suboptimal routing paths you will experience issues. The devs have zero control over how you are routed to the servers.

From a troubleshooting standpoint when dealing with networking issues the simple question is this:

Are all customers connecting to said device having the same issue?

If yes, than the device is the problem.

If no, than the device is not the problem.


Also, and it sounds silly I know, but make sure you’re on Ethernet if you can. I’ve only had about one instance of lagging out. It might be the planet you’re on too, but I typically end up seeing a good number of people regularly. Alder, Finata, Bittula. That’s where I end up seeing most people.


Lol. I have high speed internet…and it’s definitely not the issue…stop passing the buck


As stated above the devs have zero control on how your isp routes traffic. If others are able to access the same ends device with no issues then the problem lies somewhere in how your packets are being routed. That is not “passing the buck”, that is simply the truth.


I can play any other online game and never have issue at anytime this is the only game that has connection issues. It’s ok if u feel its my end. It still drives many away from the game and eventually me also


What turns me off boundless is:

  1. The lack off things to do.
  2. Connections lag.
  3. Death penalty.
  4. Forging process.
  5. Length off time it takes to craft items.

I’m a lone player with in the boundless community and that is my choice.
I find the game a pleasure to play and I play it a lot despite my better half telling me off for playing for to long :grimacing:

I have finally built and finished my base after playing the game for about one and a half years.
I was just about to quit the game from lack off things to do and then I heard about the farming update and decided to build a big farm , witch I have now finished.
I fear if the update doesn’t come soon then I maybe force to quit from lack of interest for the game.

On a more serious note after you have a base and all your machines and you don’t want to setup shop this game has nothing more to offer you. It’s sad really because this game has the potential to be a winner.
Honestly YOU need to start coming up with more things to do and stop introducing short pointless events


this can be done in one take from the beacon control, so that’s a bit weak excuse.


You should have seen the dumbfounded look I have when I saw that text. It’s what make me so angry in the first place. I have been waiting on him to get over whatever was going on with him until that bullshit. He’s not explaining himself properly in the confrontation that follows, and we never ever had a fight before. It’s like he’s gone 180 and everything we worked on before means nothing to him.

Oh gosh, I still can’t get over this. I need help.


Why dosen’t shielding broth give you the well fed buff? I’m kind of wondering what the point of making higher quality food is when I have to eat every three minutes to maintain health regen. Have the devs actually played a character who has energy epics? I have to ask if all the people making creative decisions actually play your game.


Hi all,

I started during the free weekend roughly 2 months ago ?
I like the game very much, all this portals, traveling to planets, meteorites, chiseling, the beacon system, all was not easy to understand, but is nice idea at the end.

In these points I felt like stuck:

  1. The progress gets really slow and grindy when you get iron tools. I had to search some hints how to progress further = Volume Crafting.
  2. Silver or Gold tools do not really bring improvement. Improvement is brought purely by skills between levels 20-35.
  3. Man really need the “volume crafting” to move on. Meanwhile mining on higher tier planets is a painful torture of slowness.
  4. The community is nice, but beginners are not really helpful in any way.
  5. To progress, one needs pretty early Alts to split skills (Works for me with three so far: Hunter+Miner+Crafter). Relying on Trading for newcomer is not possible
  6. Guide through the game mechanics could be better

Now I am around level 37 with titanium tools and things seem to be getting better.
However I expect the same “stagnation in progress” because:

  • My toon has more or less all needed points for mining power and speed
  • To craft Diamond tools, “Leather” is needed, for Leather man needs 500 Power in a Machine and for that actually another gem is needed, so its not achievable until I will be able to gather that gems on T5/T6 planets.
    So easiest way is to stay on low tier planets, farm stone and mass craft my levels higher to get protections and resistances for T6 or simply trade it… maybe I invest here, seems to be the easiest way to speedup the progression :wink:

---- [Edit Two Months Later] ----
Two months later, my main three characters hit level 50, I can tell the following progress from Titanium was quite fast, especially due to the fact that I bought all the needed Coils and made Centraforging dedicated character. AOE Hammer make such a huge difference that I can get 200+ gems in 30 minutes, Farming Olivine Fragments; Exotic Yams, etc. on T5 planets from Sand/Mud suddenly makes sense. Gathering Bark or Shimmering Orbs - easy.

I am now missing just more end content, more group events and some “oort-line shop finding system” :wink:


At this point. Owning the game.


Hi, just wanted to comment that it is possible to get gems without a gem tool.

When working my way through I got my first mass craft of diamonds using an unforged titanium hammer.

I can see the issue with doing that now, as the forged gem tools are so heavily pushed by forge shop owners that it seems like the only way.

But with an atlas and a titanium hammer you can mine t5 diamonds well enough to get you a mass craft stack!


I started getting diamonds on Serp with stone chisels and plain iron hammers. Yeah, it took awhile. :rofl:

Actually, on T5s, from what I can tell from testing, if the price point is low enough on a titanium 3X3 it is more profitable and almost as quick with my build to go that way. Definitely with the cheap ones Aenea used to sell I was turning a better profit on the products of each than with a 9k+ gem one, though I’m using gem ones much more these days.


Ah, yeah!

Takes me back :cry:


That’s how I got all the materials for my first set of advanced power coils …Initially it was just iron with 5-6 hits per rock then later on I found out about the chisel technique :grin:


Actually, I tried and it works better than expected with titanium hammer on T6, but never thought of the chiseling method, that would save me a hell of running around gathering sap, fibrous leaves and making tons of hammers for the higher tier planets :smiley:

So I can tell I shall be by now able to get anything and with chisels even save hammers on higher tier planets (My first T6 mining: 230 Topaz = 8 basic Titanium Hammers with all full stats and Epic Durability - ouch)

With titanium :hammer_and_pick:, all the :earth_americas: are :cake: :wink:


Almost like an ex spouse you are trying to keep happy. So much work but a divorce is still in sight. Having been a person who has never experienced such feeling, this is pretty damn close


As someone who started on the free weekend and is now almost lvl 50. I feel like there tons of players ahead of me and no one behind me. So many places seem dead and are becoming more dead.