What turns you off playing Boundless?


What is the difference between going to another planet to get resources or going to another dimension? Netherwart was a real pain to find the first time.


what turns me off at the moment is the POOR performance from the USW servers this week… 3rd day this week I am getting unplayable connections. I don’t like complaining because I know the Devs put in ALOT of work and I thank them but this server issue is a bit much… Its not from my end from what I have checked… my thing is maybe the server(s) need a good reboot.


because there are no new mobs on a different planet… hello? did you actually read my post? literally programmed into the game is 4 classes, one for each mob and when you go to different planets the classes are just tweaked. there are only 4 mobs for the entire game. 4… four mobs. Just… 4. Umm… 4.
Aaand? Minecraft has a boss mob… with and without mods Minecraft has a TON of mobs… SO much variation and infinite worlds. To craft a 2nd tier machine I have to hope I can get to lvl 5 or 6 planet to get some amount of gold when I can’t even survive one hit from a tentacle mob.
I love the game I just want it to be better.
I post so that it’s known. If a fanboi wants to cover up the not-so-great parts of the game then he should also look forward to watching it go away as those things that I mention are things that will turn people off. I’m a 46 year old who has played online games since 1995… I have some experience and have played tens-of thousands of hours of games in my life. I don’t state this or that lightly. It’s something I think should be considered.
Try to be objective so that the game benefits.
I’m not tryin to ■■■■ on the game. I wanna see it succeed.


I don’t understand this “poor conection” stuff I think y’all need to install to an SSD drive, upgrade some piece of hardware in your machine or consider your ISP quality honestly. it’s got to be your pc if everyone doesn’t experience what you’re complaining about. No doubt whatsoever from my perspective.


not my pc thats 100% sure… 2x 1tb samsung pro m.2’s 32gb ram and an i7 8700k and 1GB internet speeds and they are fine as well… It has been fine during the day… just hitting the evening for the 3rd time this week that this has happened… and its only the USW planets…


It is routing issues between your home and the server, which are under neither of our controls, but is controlled by ISPs. Using a VPN generally provides much better connection quality to further away servers as the VPN makes a business out of providing good quality routing whilst ISPs generally just go for whatever is cheapest for them (which causes problems at large distances; particularly across continents).

Using proxy servers (whether yourself like with VPNs or from our side) can also give benefits for routing quality, but is not something we’re directly looking at for the moment as it increases bandwidth costs quite a bit (not an expert here…).

Most games dont involve playing on servers at large geographical distances away, so most games just never hit these issues at all…


it’s you and your setup or isp bro. otherwise, objectively speaking, logically, since not everyone experiences what you do… it’s gotta be your stuff.
Nice pc btw. :wink: goodluck


could be my ISP but when I do a speed test I got 400mb download and 150mb upload but I guess its them connecting to whatever server…


internet speed tests will by default connect to whatever server nearby they have listed with the shortest ping. you have to do a test to the region where the game server is actually hosted (ideally doing a traceroute/ping to the actual gameserver itself, eg: gs-live-usw1.playboundless.com


And Boundless will get better. Guess you didn’t play Minecraft before there was a Nether, End, or Wither. Minecraft was very bare for a long time.

The devs have lots of planned features, including other enemy mobs. But you might need to read more of the forums to catch that.


example about mining… maybe it’s just to inspire using players’ shops but I’m lvl 23 with iron tools still on Besevrona trying to mine gold at lvls 15 to 20… In over an hour I haven’t found one piece of gold and I’m using an atlas…
that’s a massive amount of time to expect someone to play a game where all you’re doing is holding your left mouse button down to break fake rock for a bunch of iron and some coal when you’re looking for gold and using the only tool that helps you… which doesn’t tell you the depth at which the gold is either… ya just hope it’s like Minecraft and dig really deep in the highlighted areas which is all over the globe only to find that it really doesn’t matter since like I said, you can mine for over an hour with the atlas and still not find even one of what you’re looking for.
I’d have found 3 or 4 diamond in Minecraft by now…
It was about perfect for the time spent.

This is just too much. Make the atlas more accurate or spawn rare gems more or something I dunno but as it is I have had to put 8 points into just being able to get to different planets to mine this stuff only to be able to mine and spend far too long doing so for nothing. It’s a time sync that’s not fun.


I played Minecraft before it was released… this game isn’t as popular as Minecraft was when it was in its infancy… it’s more precarious and if this stuff isn’t reported it’s not helping.
WTF is your problem with me giving my opinion?
It’s my opinion. And it’s justified.
Whole cities are abandoned and portals are disabled already…
But hey, you let me know how my opinions are imprudent or irrational cuz I’m missing something… I mean, besides all of the people who built the ghost cities and dead portals I see so often. :wink:
I just want this game to succeed because I think its potential is twice Minecraft’s.


Hello everyone, I’m Coral and I have been managing Etherian Woods in Biitula. I have stopped playing for two weeks and I’m here to relief myself of voices that bubbling inside me. Perhaps I did it as a form of self-therapy to get this feeling off my chest.

First off, I love Boundless. It’s truly a game where community can come together and work on projects in an interconnected worlds. I have not jumped on other games for months ever since it was officially came out of beta. It’s an amazing feeling to come in to the game and to have tons of things to do. In Etherian Woods, we have builds that are individual project as well as community project. Everybody is welcome to visit our builds and it makes me feel a sense of pride whenever we heard praise about our settlement.

However, we have a member that refused to work with us. He claimed that we disrepect him, and his contribution had gone unappreciated. As a result, he decided to harm the settlement by not releasing reserved plots to new settlers and abandoned one of the most important aspect of the settlement, the Etherian Market Plaza. All of the portal in the Etherian Market Plaza is closed because he hadn’t refuel it and I can’t reopen the portals there without engineering permission.

Everybody who has ever managed a large settlement probably has encountered something like this. The most recent one is probably Leyden Market. I want to remind everyone that Boundless is a community focus game to many of its players. Whenever incidents like these happen due to players turn their back on their own settlement and community, it affect the gameplay experience because the settlement gameplay is so interconnected to every players involved. It halt settlement progress when players refuse to work with the rest of the community.

In our case in particular, as far as I know, there is only one incident that upset him greatly before he decided to ignore us. That incident happens during the Guild feature release. It involved him creating the guild all by himself. Our guild leader was upset and he has every right to be. So, they had an argument and it was resolved by disbanding the guild he made and remaking the same guild. We had a ceremony for our guild creation. I believe this is the way should be done because everyone is present, we witnessed the guild creation together in our newly built Guildhall meeting room and we celebrated together.

I confronted him personally about his refusal to release plot to new settlers. He claimed that we have disrespected him even after all of his contribution to this settlement. Look, everyone here contributed to the settlement. None of us had asked for respect or any returns. we all contributed because, I’m assuming, we enjoy doing it. The result is a better equipped settlement where it is easier for everyone to easily access every aspect of the game.

I acknowledge that the guild creation incident upset him. However, it is not enough reason to harm the entire settlement and its community. Members can have arguments. I would say it’s inevitable for the long period co-operation aspect of the game. However, that doesn’t mean your contribution give you the priviledge to be held in high regard or be given a leeway in any argument. It’s obvious to me that he contributed to the community expecting a return in the form of recognition - “respect” and “contribution recognition” as he request it. When you have one member who put his own self-entitlement first and above others, he truly don’t care about the well-being of the settlement. In his last word, “I will stop doing those things when I see others getting treated better for the same tasks I’ve done.” Many of us has no clue as to what form of treatment he requested for everyone.

The irony is, due of the way he treated the settlement, I don’t see myself giving any respect to him any time soon. I personally felt betrayed by his action. I trusted him to managed the market plaza, I trusted him to reserved plots around the settlement for new members and prevent plot abuse. Now, we have a dead market. He decided to hold grudges by holding on these important plots and not refueling those portal. Our market is unpopular as it is, and now the whole market zone would be dead, only kept partially alive by shop owners who have portals to hubs.

Edit: And our new member who was a free access player who recently bought the game. He was so eager to build his planned mansion but he can’t because this person refused to “waste his time” unplotting reserved plot. Gosh, I’m so ashamed that our settlement ruined his gameplay experience. However, he is such a nice guy, he remained friendly to us and decided to stay in his temporary house.

I am taking long break from the game. I’ll be regularly do my weekly beacon check and refueling town portals. However, I could only truly return to the game in given time after I have mend emotionally.


FML where is the “cry” react button. Hope to see another Etherian-style town again, Coral.


What puts me off playing is when you accidentally drop a stack of atlases with gems in them and then can’t pick them up but along come a couple of players and they jump into their inventory. Just spent a 1000c on a completed atlas for MalariaMcrib and was trying to take the gem out of my incomplete one but accidentally dropped all of them (I think i pressed shift instead of X) … I then did a world shout to see if the two players that just passed would look to see if they had them and perhaps let me have them back … not one single response.


I often miss messages…not a great system.
Hopefully one of them will read this and realise that’s why they have an atlas in their inventory :stuck_out_tongue:


I think i’m more P1ss3d with myself for dropping them in the first place, Iv’e only just started using the shift key to move inventory so it was a stupid mistake … plus not being able to pick them up again when the shift key is used but if you drag something out of the inventory to get rid of it just jumps straight back in.


I’m on ps4 and not sure if it is the same, but when this happens to me I take the objects dropped out with grapples


I’ll have to give that a go to see if it works on PC just in-case it happens again.


Hey man I really understand ur feeling…but seriously go buy a aoe hammer…if u cannot afford it go get inky leaves and sell them. Once u get a hammer its so simple I can get over 900 gems in a hour easy…just be patient and make sure ur at the right depths…it can be so frustrating when starting out…