What turns you off playing Boundless?


What are you talking about…scratching my head.
What crooked sellers…I don’t get it. U put a price on what u want to sell…if they like what they see. They buy…how can it be crooked.i am interested what u mean…not to change it mind


I meant the whole economy in this game isn’t working as it should. Sometimes my use of the English languages isn’t accurate. :smiley:


cuz its a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom the game relies so heavily on the economy but then puts all the work on the playerbase to make the economy work so you end up with a crooked system that the vast majority don’t want to participate in making it even worse for the people that do.


I rely 0 % on the economy and have played since PS release tho~
You can get all mats you want if you put in the effort, without any help from others.


yea i never said the player relies on the economy.

the game in my opinion and what prevents me from coming back is being built in a way to keep trying to push newer players to use the shop system by arbitrarily makeing things needless complicated or expensive…look at the last update and the current one in testing. farming to get water and lava you don’t collect it with a bucket no that would make sense. you need to forge a boon on a tool to magicly pick up the water (even more odd if you do it to a hammer or chisel)

and the lattice frames update again rather then just make a new type of chisel so that mid game players can access the content its another end-game forge thing so if someone wanted to access that content they would need to wait and hope they can understand the forge(and have the time to farm the the mats to try and fail donzens of times cuz rng is everything in boundless) or just buy it with coin they dont have.


If you or any other player need help with some stuff there is a lot of very helpful and friendly endgamers around to help out if you want to access content early.
At the end of the day the game is a block builder, if you could simply acess everything right of the bat it would be pretty boring imo. And if you want to jump its a simple matter of asking nicely ^^

but, we do need a shop list of some kind its impossible to find anything good priced without a tool to acess all shops and locations they are at.


I think his overall point is the way the game is currently set up , it’s only ever going to have a small player base. If that’s the case we will never see the thousands of planets in the sky that the developers told us we’d see .


Ah I understand, yes the game is currently set up to be on a slow burn. But I think this has to do with the “game plan” so it is intentional, I ll just wait and see how it goes from here.


Only a couple of things on my wish list for this game, otherwise I absolutely adore it. 1630 hours and still can hardly wait to log on everyday.

  1. It turns me off when I repeatedly try for resin and find ZERO.

  2. Wish there were a couple more community events in addition to group hunts. Maybe a fall community event with exchanging pumpkins or special fall leaves…maybe changing of the seasons celebration. Really enjoyed the Valentine Special Event, snowball meteor event, Spooky Seeds…great fun and brought the community together.

  3. Wish we had the option for Auto Run.

Thank you to the devs, you are doing an amazing job…keep on rockin! :blush::metal:


Double tap walk key twice and hold :smiley:


Wish there was a way to double tap not hold…my sister has a severe shoulder injury and it hurts like ___ for her to hold the key down and run, so she can’t play as often…maybe just a few hours on the weekend. :disappointed_relieved::neutral_face:


yea, to many of us though a slow burn means a gradual increase in numbers over time. I don’t think we’ve averaged over 300 online users for a month in a very long time. I think that’s what might turn some of us off from time to time. The devs havent communicated what slow burn means so many of us interpret it based off games we have played in years past.

Which ties back in to the economy. This game needs a certain base population for the economy to thrive well, where it’s going in and coming out in a well oiled machine. To know what that is they’d need an economist on their team. It’s important to design it right if the player economy is going to be a huge feature point in the game. For people the economy works well for (ive got millions myself and more in just raw assets if I ever chose to sale them), it’s hard to understand there being a complaint here at all but it’s brought up often enough by new people in reviews that its a clear problem (being able to find things).

Which ties back in to @Kirinvar 's earlier post, there needs to be some sort of regional/planetary way to see what items are for sale and in what quantitiy. It doesnt have to list the price so as not to create price wars. Just the ability to know what and how much of an item is sold on a planet would be a great start point.


Dont know if this may help.

Sticky Keys is a Microsoft Windows accessibility feature that causes modifier keys to remain active, even after they have been pressed and released, making it easier to do keyboard shortcuts.



I understand your frustration but investing into infrastructure at this point would not be good. You have to think that if you pull a playerbase in you need to pay for running costs, upgrade the servers or buy a more expansive package from your provider. If your game is not there yet, then this can be suicide.

As I said I do not know what the plan is or if there is a plan but I enjoy the game a lot and I will keep enjoying it until the servers shut down :slight_smile:


Yea no I have said repeatedly they’re not ready to do a new player experience to pull in more players until they get more things added, fleshed out, fixed, etc

How often do we see complaints about servers dying or lag complaints? And that’s for a small amount of players. Imagine if we added 10000 people to this game right now?

It’s a cycle the games in. Got to keep people so fix those complaints. So the bad reviews stop. A lot of us have been here for a year or more. We clearly enjoy the game but we have to also be able to see the problems others see so we can help correct them if they are valid and continue helping this game to grow.

That right there turns me off sometimes but I’ll chill for a week and get back to playing again.


Thanks so much @Ratchel…I will pass this along to her and see if it will help! :ok_hand::+1:


Get her a controller, the game works well with it and holding the left stick forward is much easier than holding a key on the keyboard…


Just don’t have a shop…don’t participate in it…I see it as a building game…not a shopping game…But I do see what your saying…But if I didn’t want too buy or sell anything I could do easy…just go get everything…But I can understand your frustration…


Yep exactly what he said. Finding and gathering the materials required for your own personal needs is very do-able and personally something I found gave me a sense of satisfaction.

Not until you do wish to participate in the economy do you really need to start relying on others to buy your stuff or sell you the things you need unless you plan on playing the game full time to gather and craft it all yourself.


[P-]S----- A huge area north/NE of the Grovidias Te hub is now unusable due to a single player plotting up literally everything, and doing nothing at all with it. This was an active area for resources and meteors. It is now ‘unbreakable.’ Hundreds of plots surrounding existing users as well as non-active. Devs did nothing, and Guild seems ok with it.
With that allowed, your small community can keep itself. There is no need for a “new player experience.” You are the reason we don’t keep playing. 150 hours and out.