What turns you off playing Boundless?


Maybe they are planning something large? If they haven’t done anything with it, you can still mine resources.

There’s nothing a player or guild could do about it.

I’m sure there’s a lot of Grovidas that isn’t plotted for miles. :woman_shrugging: There’s 50 planets.


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Not having the ability to queue-all or queue-x.

Especially since this would be such a tiny dev-change with a HUGE effect on the QoL of the game for so many people.

Same for being able to AOE repair coils. I understand the need to repair. That’s fine. But any end-game crafter will know the pain of having to repair all your coils daily. It just takes waaaay too much time.

In short: Less time on chores, more time for fun!


Really blows my mind people are saying repairing coils is a problem. I have over 1700 coils in my factory and it doesn’t take me more than 30 min to repair them all.

What turns me off from boundless are the people who just want the game to be easy mode.


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Just a reminder… this thread is not to discuss if someone is wrong for stating what turns them off playing. Please keep it civil and on topic.


I hate fixing coils so much. I even have a full set of every color spanner and still hate it. It makes me want to cry.


And I only have like 50 coils :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Friends up and quiting the community falling aprt. My favorite shops disappearing a block at a time. The constant grind to keep a max portal fuel of ort. Knowing I have to go hunting to get ort or walk my butt to the nearest portal hub. Hmm I really like putting resources into what I want I dont like crazy randomness. But I put up with it cause I gotta but it is a pain. Sorry for incorrect grammar just sleepy later fellow ortians


I agree and I Forge them to increase the fixing capabilities of them


PS4 had auto run, just click L3. :grin:


I would agree about crooked sellers. I’m a newbie, only been playing a few weeks and the difference in prices for certain items is ridiculous. As a newb I wasnt aware of going rates and paid nearly 700 coin for my first titanium hammer, then I found same item for half the money at a different mall. For a new player this made me feel like I’d been duped by the first seller, as he’d set up his shop on a starter planet knowing newbs wouldn’t know the going rate. Then there’s request baskets, the prices vary ridiculously. One place was buying spicy beans for 5c, as a newb I thought this was going rate. Then I visited Nova and found a basket paying 23c. Seems a pretty crooked system to me.


Yea it can be pretty crooked. That’s why when I was playing if I was buying at a lower price I put my reasoning on my sign. Like if I wasn’t in dire need of the item at the moment. But when I needed it I would raise my price back up. I’d get items sold to me at both times but obviously significantly more when I brought the price back up.


Or it can be like the player already quit, but shop still there.
This happen sometimes i think.


It doesn’t seem a fair assessment to call a person “crooked” because they want to offer a hammer at a higher price compared to another person. Price is a subjective term and we see people paying all ranges of prices for things in the real world. So why is someone bad because they think something is worth 700 coin?

It has always been the responsibility of the one buying an item to do price evaluation and decide if the hammer is at a price they want to buy. They have the choice to not buy it and move on. If someone charged you too much then don’t use them again.


He’s giving you view how he felt as a new player. This is a common new player complaint.

The discussion, I think, then turns to the titanium tools are overpowered for those low tier worlds and as such you’re paying for a premium tool for the planet. When you get else where, where the demand for that type of tool is no longer a need you see it’s value drop drastically.

It’s part of being a new player, not knowing the values, then finding out you over paid (subjective). For some people it just sits wrong. Though really, they got great use out of that item and more value than not having it to begin with.

Perhaps educating the new player that items are sold for wide variances depending on the planet they are on would lessen that ‘feeling’.


The way things are set up it hard to know what to charge for stuff. It takes a lot of time to run around and try to figure out prices. Does not help that half the shop portals you go through don’t even have a shop. I find it such a pain to try and figure out prices. The place you got that hammer might have been over pricing it on purpose but they might not have since it takes so much work to figure out pricing.


I agree and understand his feeling as a new player as I also felt the same from time to time even though I’ve already been playing this game for a long time. Probably just something to keep in mind to not feel bad, not all of us know the running prices of the item in the market and some sellers/buyers are just as clueless as some of us are since the prices changes quite fast. They just put their price on what they feel is right or based from the price of the few shops they’ve checked.

Now I’m afraid to open my own shop as I might be called a crook. Partly kidding :blush:


In any game that offers player based prices you will see this complaint. No matter what the complaints are, that still doesn’t mean the person is “crooked.” It adds no value to anything to label people like that and instead seems smarter to communicate in a way that shares how you felt without defining someone something that there is no proof in. In this case, they felt “cheated” maybe but that does not make a person a crook because they feel a tool is 700 coin.

I feel this could be a valid approach to solving the complaints for sure. Maybe something during the tutorial that says that prices are based on players setting them which means there could be a wide range in prices and new players should look around for a price before just purchasing.


Wow I sell all titinum for 100…No wonder I sell quick…


I see what you are saying but I appreciated the vague nature of his comments. He didn’t mention names of players or shops.

He’s a new player discussing his feelings unfiltered, which I kind of like.

The word “crooked” might be a lharsh and I know this is just a game but in real life, if I bought something for $700 and found it down the road for $300, I might call someone something worse than crooked.

I see both sides. Keep it civil, yes, but as a new player I enjoy hearing his thoughts and feelings based on his experiences.