What turns you off playing Boundless?

Assuming someone is being a malicious, because you found the item being sold at a different price elsewhere, does not make them devious.

A. The seller might be a super casual player that doesn’t have a good idea of what the average market price of an item is.

B. The seller might have something come up irl and aren’t able to adjust their prices as often as others.

C. Sellers have no way right now to know what the average selling price of an item on their planet, or in the universe is.

**This is not “players being malicious”. **
This is the game not providing enough data/tools for players to use.
Sellers cannot get a good feel for average prices…buyers cannot get a good feel for what is considered high or low.

I’m sure no one goes to the trouble to build a shop, craft items, etc…just to have items sit and not sell - or to be mean to buyers by “overcharging” them. I’m sure they’d all like to sell items to shoppers at fair prices so both parties get what they want.


This indeed… Also, the place where you bought it had stock - which is not nothing. Early on I made friends with a few shopkeepers around me and got to know their prices and reasonings behind it. They stocked stuff I used but couldnt be bothered making for myself, so that alone was worth the difference in price for me.

Taking a titanium axe for example - worst case I can whack 1500 t1-t3 trunks with it as is, and get around 300+ sap from it. My sap has a value somewhere above 4c (based on syrup, derived from berry prices) so on that alone I’m already happy with my value add.

Don’t get me wrong, if the guy next door is stocked at 100 ( :wink: ) I’m not going back to shop 1, but I think the scorn of shoppers should be enough punishment for someone trying to sell a commonly available item at exorbitant prices. If you cant find a price to compare it to, then that’s probably why they are selling at their price :slight_smile:

Back on topic - I get creativity blocked, then dunno what I want to do next, then fall asleep while mining blindly and bash into a lava pool. I know the maintenance side or extended crafting chains can be a pain, but if I dont have something I NEED to do I often lose drive and have to amuse myself with something else till inspiration hits.

You left the “in real life” part out of the quote. I am saying I can understand how he feels

A- Agree
B- Agree
C - Agree

That is me. I do not have a shop but when I get too much of some things I put a few stands out and try and get rid of it (often for free). I have a feeling I price things too cheap, but I have really no way of knowing

I still find little wrong with the original posters remarks. He is a new player… I want to hear his feelings and thoughts based on experiences. As I said, I appreciated the vagueness of his remarks, He could of made it even vaguer by replacing “hammer” with “item” (but now I am just being too picky).

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But if we had an increase in players, wouldn’t new planets auto generate freeing up the capacity? Just curious really.

Yes exactly. But hubs would still be slammed and exos would be slammed.

They had to limit the amount of people on a planet at one point because the peak players on hubs was so large (at least that’s how I remember it, I might be wrong), and having all these people queuing to go through planets (via hubs) and have to stand in a line waiting to get to the next portal open. It was a huge reason many early players quit.

With large amounts of active players, hubs get congested it seems like. I could be really wrong about this but that’s certainly how I remember earlier days being.

I just felt it was crooked because it appeared to be specifically targeting new players and priced at nearly twice the going rate. And I agree as we progress we learn the values and which shops are good, but as a new player I wasn’t aware of the vast choice and as I said I thought the price was the going rate. Its just my opinion.


Where you at :grin:

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Maybe the term crooked wasn’t appropriate, however I purposely didn’t mention the shop or seller as to not offend anyone or there business. I just felt the experience could tarnish a new players views on the game and community, which would be a shame as the game is awesome and the community is very welcoming, generous and helpful. But that wasn’t my first impression and first impressions can often drive new players away.


I am in Adler… I have cheap beginner stuff. Sorry not iron. Portal at hunt Hive called dirty mayo…cheap gem tools ar ps hub gyosha bottom floor…heaps of shops there it’s like a shopping mall now but better…also cheap gem shop in the illumanaughty mall called the death penalty…that’s a good start…I have more but that will do u…lol


Thanks dude

Make sure to check items wear and if they have bad effects like bleeding edge got fooled a few times that way

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The continuing additions that require forged tools in order to enjoy the game. With farming we need forged tools to collect water and lava for farming certain crops or building. We now need a forged chisel in order to create the shapes. I guess the forge is going to become the required central machine in the game.


Agreed, the last Boundless video I made was about this very thing. I logged over 3500 hrs in this game. Im not sure what took me so long to realize how boring it was traveling to so many diffrent planets seeing identical life forms at every one. But when I finally did, I just couldnt really enjoy the game anymore. Everywhere I go I see the same creatures. From planet to planet species should varry greatly. Whats the point of having so many planets but all life on every planet is the exact same as every planet youve ever traveled to?
If they ever improve creatures & maybe give us somthing intresting to do with them, pets / battles / MiningPals / RoadrunnerCatchers / FarmFriends , whatever useful things they could think to have pets be used for.
I would start playing again, maybe.
I would want to be able to find creatures & raise them to be stronger & better at what they do.
Then sell them. A system like that in boundless would bring me endless joy.

If Exos are supposed to spawn randomly then why do they always appear after I have either just gone to bed or just before I have to go to work. I have only ever managed to get to one in time to get a little bit of resin purely by luck and that was when multiple Exos were released at roughly the same time and it happened to be a bank holiday weekend. I’m getting tired of only getting to them after they’ve been cleared out just to hunt around for little bits of scraps.


What turns me off of this game is a lack of information provided in-game for new players and veteran players alike. Its hard tip gwt into a game that doesn’t provide much help when you’re first starting out.
Great game and really loving playing it.


went to visit my brother and i showed him boundless on ps4 the experience was not very good first off all the price was instant scare for him then the next thing he looked at was the cinematic trailer witch does not show the game at all
he did check out @bucfanpaka stream for a while but unfortianally you kept falling off a rock and die :joy: we def need more ps4 streamers bucfanpaka you doing an awesome job if only someone else would do same he would have had the change to see diferent activitys at once i think stream on ps4 is really helpfull
just 40euro and the trailer explains nothing think prise is ok but cinematic trailer i dont like i prefer ingame video’s everyday off the year

just sharing experience
need figure out a way to make my brother buy the game cuase i know this game is something he would play day and night once started
i see what people mean with first impression is important took only 5sec to move on for him all he saw was price and cinematic trailer he doesnt have clue what game is our does

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Well, while that little clip I put up IS indicative of what I do on exos at times (dying over and over), I’d really have to point you to other members here for a more fair video experience. :rofl: Jiivita, Vex, DonBab, and others have some really great stuff for newcomers and those interested. :slight_smile: Vex’s fan-made trailer would be a good one to show him-

That is actually what I do on my Twitter - pointing people to their videos - and have found it works well. I don’t stream but I share screenshots and other bits of info and short clips like that onto my feed. When someone shows interest, then I point them to our members who do the videos and to here and the official Boundless Twitter for more info. I am seeing that Twitter is GREAT for catching the interest of people who haven’t heard of it. Like in my case, a lot of my following is No Man’s Sky fans, a group that is good to plug Boundless to. I think that is key, getting it onto the radar of fanbases that may be predisposed to liking it.


I was into it heavily back at PS4 launch, just getting back into it again. I love these types of games, but normally I’m a lone wolf.

I dislike the idea of not being able to get every skill onto one character.

i dislike the the lack of furnishings and decorations…

and clothes… we need outfits, clothing, you know, tunics, togas, sack cloth pants for me and my hillbilly brethren😂… right now it looks like everyone is running around in diapers🤭.

Some lore would be neato(could possibly tie into decorations i.e books, bookshelves(libraries😍)



Pets. Animals for the farm(but locked into like a sorta farm animal skill)


More variety for music… i’ve been listening to the same track forever now, makes a guy drowsy after a bit.

I know we have grapples but what about elevators powered by spark?

The character in Sanctum, why not make it like a sort of Oracle or something. Like the librarian dude in the movie Ready Player One.

a pvp mechanic (not for me, i’m drawn to pve) where you buy the skill for dueling.

I figure that if others want to build together, there should be a request or invite… it grinds on me logging off as the lead on my quiet space, and logging on to find that someone built close enough to steal my title… this right here is what made me quit the last time, i can play with others but I like doing my own thing…


Definitely seems to be missing a lot still, not enough content I guess but it has been getting better. Still don’t like having a bunch of characters that specialize in one skill. Would like more weapons and armor and increased durability on items of importance. Forging was also rough because the ingredients to forge the best items in the game were kinda ridiculous to get. I haven’t played in a couple months though, but doesn’t seem like there has been much updates other than farming and liquids. I will come back after a while and see what has changed, but so many other games are holding my interest at the moment.


With the latest update, developers removed competition from sellers. I don’t understand why this update was. For newbies? Well, yes, maybe it made their life easier. But we now have serious subsidence in the socio-economic relations of the players. Freedom of choice is lost. Players no longer explore stores in search of the right product, just google and go.

The game should entice with mechanics, and not be simplified. I like to build, so I have to go on all these hunts and craft tons of materials(not happy, but ok). But my friends are less interested in this. The hunts are monotonous, the mobs are the same, as such there are no interesting boss mobs and planets literally burn your eyes out and many other things. Maybe you should already find a 3D character designer? Maybe you should think more about what the players do in the game past the extraction of resources for a more successful extraction of resources?

I’m here, but my friends are gone.

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