Forging with wakeNbake (Lucent method video guide added)

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So after numerous requests and teaching loads of people individually I’ve decided to make a guide of it so that I can just link people to this thread. I will add to this over time with a few other methods and variations but for a starter I will share my basic method of forging gem tools with no defects (all going RNG well) and no quirks.

This method will work for 5 items at a time maximum and I may get generous and add my 9 items at a time method in the future.

I will be referring to a plain old diamond T6 durability hammer in this example. This requires the AOE boon to level 4, the Damage boon to level 8 and the remainder of your levels into the Durability boon.

Ingredients list

  • Corrupted Boon Compound 1
  • Defect Reversal Catalyst
  • 3 types of Gum (Special, Effect, Longevity)
  • Fate Paste 2
  • Protection Paste 2
  • Vigor Catalyst 2
  • Deconstruction Resin 3
  • Setting Resin

Phase 1 - Setting the Boons

This is the painful phase, the horrid RNG phase and can take anywhere from 1 - 40 attempts to get the desired boons.

  • Step 1: Special Gum. Corrupt Compound x1 (or x2 if the first misses). If you get an unwanted boon then deconstruct. If you get the correct boon then Vigor Catalyst 2.

  • Step 2: Effect gum. Corrupt Compound x1. If you get an unwanted boon then deconstruct. If you get the correct boon then Vigor Catalyst 2.

  • Step 3: Longevity Gum x2. Protection Paste then Fate Paste. Corrupt Compound x3. Vigor Catalyst. Again, if you get the wrong boon then deconstruct.

I use only 1 gum at a time just as a personal preference. Using 2 at a time will increase your chances of success marginally.

Phase 2 - Leveling the boons

I prioritize leveling the damage boon first, then the AOE boon and then whatever is remaining into the durability boon and I use the gums to “control” this. I use this order as the AOE and Damage levels are non negotiable and doing the AOE second minimizes any chance of reaching AOE level 5.

  • Step 1: Effect Gum. Protection Paste then Fate Paste. Corrupt Boon x3. Vigor Catalyst.

  • Step 2: repeat step 1 and you should now have level 8 damage (if all went well)

  • Step 3: repeat step 1 but use special gum instead. This should get you to AOE level 4… all going well.

  • Step 4: repeat step 1 but with Longevity Gum this time. Keep repeating until you run out of Vigor or Stability. Then apply Setting Resin instead of the Catalyst

Obviously this isn’t going to pan out exactly this way every time, you will need to make decisions at every step based on where your boon points have gone depending on how the RNG gods have favored you or not.

When leveling the boons you can apply gums more than once to increase the chance that the boon points will go where you want them to, so occasionally I will apply 2x a gum and other times I will apply 1x special and 1x effect to try and split the 3 lots of compound between the 2 boons. All of this is dependent on each situation of course. Just bear in mind that any extra gums you apply are costing you vigor that could be used for defect reversal instead and even 20 stacks of a gum is no guarantee.

Making the correct decisions is what will be the deciding factor between forging a hammer with level 4 or 5 durability and forging a hammer with level 9 or 10 durability. You will get better at making these decisions the more you forge.

Controlling defect points

The Defect Reversal Catalyst costs 200 vigor to use so it is expensive and must be used sparingly. A good rule of thumb is to basically use it whenever your defect bar is around 50%. Any higher than 50% and you are taking a big risk, but also RNG can be a fickle mistress and give you a defect with a bar only 5-10% full.

Always apply your defect reversal AFTER you have done the vigor catalyst. Even if you have to cut your rotation short and apply only 2 compounds.

If at any time you get a bad defect then I’m afraid I’m going to have to recommend that you deconstruct. BUT some defects have little or no effect on the quality of the hammer, ie critical chance or critical damage have no effect on the hammers ability to one shot rocks. An energy defect isn’t bad and even a lower durability defect can be acceptable. Obviously a damage defect is bad, and an action speed defect will hurt too.

Again, with practice, you will learn how many times you can use this ingredient throughout the forging process and eventually defects should become a rarity.


If people appreciate this I will add more variations and techniques in the future.

But this is a cost effective method that gets high end results, it can be applied to any gem tool or weapon just by choosing the appropriate gums and it has served me well for the longest time.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have and please do post screenshots of any results you wish to share good or bad.


I recorded myself doing a couple of forges for a friend to watch… so I figure why not share with all even if I do hate hearing myself talk.

Apologies for the voice cutting in and out a little, I’m no pro at this!

Gem tools, 9 at a time

Simple totem forging (AOE solidifier)


Perfect Lucent Forging Method

NOTE - Skip to the end of this post to see a video tutorial


It has been months since I forged one of these so I hope I have got this right. I take no responsibility for any costs incurred if I have made mistakes. If you or I identify any mistakes then I will correct them.

This is not for the faint hearted.

This forge takes approximately 300 rounds to do 1 item at a time.

This is not cheap, it uses around 4 or 5 road runner feathers per item forged as well as a load of other ingredients coming out at an guesstimated cost of 40,000ish coins.

This is not risk free, I operate it on a knife edge to complete this forge in a minimum number of rounds and with the minimum number of ingredients used. You may be able to find more optimizations (most likely) and I challenge you to do this in under 287 rounds (I think this was my best result, I will provide a screenshot of it when I get home to my PC).

I did not come up with the really clever part of this method, it is based on a technique (vigor stacking) devised by a gentleman named Crete (I think) and a video of his that I came across showing how to forge max level hammers. I did formulate the rest of it with lots of theory crafting and experimentation (I’m a madman and have too much free time on my hands).

I will be using a Lucent Grapple in this example as it is the easiest to explain, however it can also be applied to slingbows and with some modiications also to hammers, etc. The boons i will be targetting are Range, Projectile Speed and Reel Speed.

Please don’t ask me to forge you any of these as I simply do not enjoy this form of forging, it was fun to figure out the method, but it just isn’t fun for me.

Thankyou to @Mayumichi for creating The Forge Simulator which allowed me to test out theories until I got this right.


  • Corrupting Boon Compound 2
  • Defect Removal Solvent 2
  • 2x Gums (Effect, Lightness)
  • Vigor Catalyst 2
  • Protection Paste 2
  • Stabilization Paste 2
  • Invigoration Paste 1
  • Deconstruction Resin 3
  • Setting Resin

Phase 1: Acquiring your first boon

Yay, the fun part of getting boons! To make this even more fun I am going to do this gum free because who doesn’t love complete and utter RNG with no control whatsoever right? BUT, this is a reasonable thing to do on a grapple as there are only 7 possible boons, this is an absolute nightmare on a slingbow which has 16.

So simply start throwing your Boon Compound at the forge until you get the Long Range boon. If you get an unwanted boon then use your Deconstruct. If this takes you more than 3 or 4 compounds to get the boon then you have used too much stability so deconstruct.

Phase 2 - Vigor/Stability Stacking

Now the clever part, stacking vigor and converting vigor back to stability.

The Vigor Stack:

  • Protection Paste x1
  • Stabilization Paste x3
  • Protection Paste x3
  • Invigoration Paste x 10
  • Vigor Catalyst (BOOM, you have just converted 150 - 160 stability into 1000 vigor)

The Stability Stack:

  • Protection Paste x1
  • Stabilization Paste x4
  • Either gum x 17 (OUCH! You just converted about 1900 vigor into about 700 stability)

So clearly we are going to minimize the stability stacks as they are so inefficient.

  • Step 1 - Stack Vigor 3 times

  • Step 2 - Stack stability 1 time (use 9 effect, 8 longevity or vice versa)

I choose to stop stacking at this point and acquire my other 2 boons, this is the earliest I can do it unfortunately but hey, at least it’s not at round 200+ I guess.

Phase 3 - Acquiring the other boons

  • Step 1 - Pray to RNGesus. (With 18 effect gums on a bow I have recieved the Light Source boon… not just once but twice this has happened and I have only bothered to forge 4 or 5 lucent bows)

  • Step 2 - Gums still active from the Stability Stack. Apply Protection x1, Stabilization x3, Protection x3 (Just like a vigor stack, your compounds will now cost 0 stability)

  • Step 3 - Apply Corrupt Compound up to 10x. Deconstruct if you get the wrong boons Vigor Catalyst otherwise. STOP if you get to 1000 vigor as you need a minimum of 900 Vigor and 160(320) Stability to start stacking vigor again and also be able to stack stability again if required.

If you have been a well behaved boy or girl this year then RNGSanta has provided you with the boons you wanted and you have almost guaranteed your forging success at this point…. Assuming you don’t misclick just one time from here on out!

Phase 4 - Finish stacking

Now you need to stack enough vigor and stability to finish the process off. Remember that it costs 900 Vigor and 160 Stability to start a vigor stack and another 160 Stability to start a Stability Stack. To apply 10x compounds and Vigor Catalyst will come at a total cost of 2100 Vigor and 160 Stability but you will return a load of this Vigor of course.

So! Stack Vigor until all your invigoration paste is gone and you will need to do 1 more stability stack also at some point in between.

I can do this in 9 vigor stacks total and 1 and a halfish stability stacks when all goes well, this is your call to make if you wish to save a few components.

Phase 5 - MAXING those boons

  • Protection Paste x1
  • Stabilization Paste x3
  • Protection Paste x3
  • Corrupt Compound x 10
  • Vigor Catalyst.

Rinse, repeat until all boons are max level.

Phase 6 - But WTF defects!?!

No problem, I have a ridiculously expensive solution for you!!

Spam Defect Removal until they are all gone.

This takes anywhere up to 20+ solvents (sometimes as few as 17) so you will want to reach this phase with at least 4000+ vigor remaining and hopefully a lot more.

Phase 6 - Pat yourself on the back and shut down all your portals because now you can simply grapple from planet to planet.

I personally have found that the range of a Rift grapple is 98% of the time completely unnecessary. Increased projectile and reel speed is far more useful to me so my favourite is the Umbris Grapple but I have yet to spend much time playing with the Blink (@SilverSunn thankyou for the gift!!)

Thankyou @Jiivita for the following video!


I have a friend who wants to improve his forging but he has trouble with videos and readmes. Can I send him your way? It’s lilbit he has a shop at my mall.

Yep sure if you like. I don’t mind helping out at all.

I thought the gum was just for selecting boons, did not know they decide what boon the point was going into.
Thought that was random.


Man it’s the last time we talk on discord for hours…wake up and it’s another novel from wake…hahaha Good job man. You know I love you…hahahaha

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Lucent method added (draft). Hopefully error free… no guarantees though as it is 4am at work and the wifi blocks gaming sites so I have had to type this on PC, to phone, to forums.


Just added a couple of terribly amateur and poorly edited videos of some more forging I did for a friend. Sharing so that others may get something out of it too.


Can I get a PM to ur guide? Not the li Lucent part though. Just gem hammers and tools and such my friend is gonna start forging and she needs a good spot to learn. Ty in advance

What’s the maximum efficiency for forging with each lucent gem? I haven’t made any of those items yet, but I want to play around in the simulator accurately.

42% for Lucents.

Ouch :frowning:

Do you know of anywhere that has a list of all the efficiencies? I searched a bit but couldn’t find anything. It’d be handy for playing in the simulator when I’m unable to get on the testing server.

Not that I’m aware of sorry. But (off the top of my head), all are 200% except sapphire/ruby at 197%, amethyst/topaz at 142%, totems at 65%.

Not in game so I cant be 100% on those numbers, so maybe someone can correct me, but should be close enough.


Awesome! Thanks a bunch man. That 42% efficiency really hurts. I was trying to figure out what the trouble in forging lucents was, but a 200% effectiveness makes it much easier to max out those boons lol.

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Haha yes it sure does, hence the need for such “creative” methods of forging them.

Efficiency is different on some stuff like chisels and maybe grapples. I thought it’d be simple to add the presets to the simulator but it turned out to be a bit more complicated than just 3 different numbers for the gems :frowning:

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Yeah I think the only different ones will be chisels and spanners which are all 200%?

Maybe you could just have it as an informational table either on the simulator screen or as a link to click on? It would be handy as I know the first time I used the simulator was while I was at work and I couldn’t for the life of me remember the exact effectiveness of lucents at the time.

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To save on time and possibly resources should the deconstruction resin not proc, couldn’t you set the other 2 “guaranteed” boons after you RNG the long range boon at the start? In the simulator, with good rolls, I can get the reel speed and projectile speed boons with around 1200 vigour still, and then start the stacking. This way, you don’t have to spend the time stacking vigour to roll a wrong boon and have to deconstruct, and if the deconstruct fails you don’t lose all that paste. I’m at work so I can’t test this on the test server, but you said you need a minimum of 900 vigour to start stacking, so I think this should work. What do you think? Or is there another problem with this I haven’t seen yet? So far the only troubles I have are bad rolls not maxing out range, and the durability defect, but if I pepper in some removal solvent during the process, I can finish with a stamina defect instead with good rolls, which doesn’t upset me too bad.

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