Free small private world for each player

Even only an 1 region size planet would really help, please?
I believe many players want a small private space to store their mats, and can be decorated, not visiable by anyone else - think of it as a personal hidden hatch that does not require fuel to maintain every 4/8/16 weeks.
Cmon… every FREE TO PLAY online sandbox games out there has FREE private space for each user.


Next update will bring private worlds.

Let’s be precise in terms we use to avoid confusion.

Private worlds in Boundless mean both creative and sovereign worlds we already have in game and they must be paid for periodically. Both types of private worlds require internet connection and both are part of one online experience (universe), although sovereign worlds follow the rules of the universe, while creative worlds don’t (and thus function as playgrounds that can be visited but cannot share its content with the rest of the universe).

I am not sure whether @ailes123 means that this type of worlds could be available for free with limit of numbers (just one such world per user) and size (smaller than the current smallest size available).

I am sure @ardele referred to next big update, and those are not private worlds - these are offline worlds/universes.

Do you have to own it? There’s a few private worlds out there you could probably work on. Try @ellyphant

Why would it help is the question. Surely with plots and the right planet this can practically be achieved anyway. You might not get a region to yourself on some planets but you can go to places like trung plot a few spaces and not really need to worry about an encroaching neighbour.

There must be a reason you really want this that we might be able to help with


I cant speak for OP, but if I had to guess having people build “near you” (that is, within render distance) can sometimes be an eyesore when your intention was to build with noone else nearby,

In the case of myself, I solve the issue by plotting a large area on a high tier world, however I can understand why this solution isn’t practical for everyone.

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Yup, there are a few public private worlds out there - I have one on creative (Janus) and there are some on survival out there e.g. Melancholia.

If you want a world absolutely to yourself, I have a couple of planets I’m not planning to build on that I’ll nevertheless keep for quite a while (1 year) but I can’t promise to maintain them forever.


There are a few of us on Melancholia, but it’s a 4.5 km planet and we’re mostly clustered around the portal. Plenty of room on the planet.

P.s. thanks for the mention @ellyphant


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Updated for more details

I mean this would be interesting, but to be able to store your mats, it’d have to be online. Figure 10,000 accounts used in the past year, divide by 50, that’s the storage space equivalent of 200 worlds.

Offline creative mode could work though for sure. But I think that’d keep people out of the public worlds.

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Not quite what you are after but for me, the reclaim storage via beacon has proved a fantastic asset in storing and accessing mats. Using the search function for colour or type is very quick.
Currently have a reclaim with roughly 17 million items and can quickly browse to exactly what I want.
Beacon has to be fuelled to access but if neglected can held in limbo for the players future return.
Maybe a suggestion to fit your needs could be a special beacon, one per user, which was limited to several plots only…making it private would be up to you.
an instanced matrix style way to browse reclaim items would be quite cool

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@ailes123 Don’t you have enough plots to plot an entire Public planet to yourself by now :wink: