Gamma correction and colour saturation

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Here are too much opinions about is new lightning system better or worse.

I think it’s too complicated to make changeable lightning systems and actually it’s not necessary. But one thing is very important to be made.

It’s a big problem with gamma and colour saturation since the first big changes to the lightning model in 2015.

Could you add gamma correction switcher and hue saturation adjusting to the settings?

Sure this is the easiest way to make everyone happy.


Or just add.
Oldschool / newschool

Before the wipe? or everything we’ve seen in the last year?

This is a great idea because its keeping everyone happy.Put lighting control in our hands please.

That will be two too different visual styles, so I agree with Nevir:

Slight shift to old visual style could be a something like chronoglass as artificial device for look through.

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Well, but here’s another question about hue saturation. Some people can’t play on high-tiers worlds because the colours of environments is too intensive and toxic. Could it be adjustable?

Cool idea. Good to see you around, @Okkelinor


Sometimes i cant do the chiseling cuz some toxic cloulds around my eyes and i cant see anything) but if i change my position little bit then allright, thaths not look fairly. just another little coin from me)

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